9/27 Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot 2015

Whose your daddy? I hope it’s not this guy!

Pope Francis Turkey

Pope Francis Turkey 

Is anyone else feeling sick to their stomach’s yet? I think I’m gonna puke. I have Popepidemic, I think. It’s more deadly than Ebola as it will send your soul to hell. Furthermore, you will suffer from deranged feelings, dis-illusionment and downright lying doctrine. Hypocrisy and  Idolatry also go hand in hand with this DISEASE. A Plague.

So far I’ve seen this guy pray to idols, support Communism, tell people to help the poor (when they are the richest SOB’s on the planet)  So why all the TV coverage? Cause the Jesuits  own the fricking television networks that’s why.

Now he’s dressed up like a shamrock in green at Madison Square Garden in NYC. And what’s with John Boehner crying? Did they run his sorry ass out? He’s another shill. Ya gotta ask yourself what’s going on while the TV is blasting this shit all out at us. They are obviously hiding something else that’s going on.

Yahushuwah specifically said not to call ANYONE “FATHER” as there is only  ONE FATHER

and that is YaHuWaH.

And now here’s Francis  saying “PEACE<PEACE>PEACE” and we know what YaH said about that one…

“Look up for your redemption draweth nigh”.

He’s also talking about seeing a great light. Well his light is LUCIFER. Not YaHuWaH.

He’s all about accepting others…Gays, Commies, Muslims, Murderers, Abortionists, Sexual Perverts, etc…Just LOVE everybody…PC ad nauseum.

Too bad YaH never said that…If they are enemies of YaH guess what…

You don’t accept them! You’re not supposed to even eat with them!  YaHushuWaH ate with sinners, but he never absorbed their “Sin”. He was not “one of the boys”.  Not until His crucifixion, that is. Then he covered and made atonement for all SIN with His pure BLOOD once and for all.

Yom Kippur is an eternal  remembrance of this Act of Atonement. AT- ONE- MENT. An act that joins those of us who apply this act of sacrifice into our own lives, accepting the redemption he provided in His own person. For that, we who belong to him, become part of HIS Flock. He was the first fruits- but we are to follow in His footsteps. We are the Next fruits…

He leads the WAY and we are to FOLLOW.


Our one and Only Heavenly Father






Sept 22-23rd Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Tues. 9/22 and runs though sundown on Weds. 9/23.

It is a no work day and day of fasting.

9/18/15- Rapture, Tsunami’s and Comets… Oh My!


Well here we have it… Everything from THE RAPTURE, Blood Moons signaling THE TRIBULATION, and a Hidden COMET due to strike all this month…We also have the Nuking of the New Madrid Fault , Jade Helm foreign occupation of the USA and Marshall Law being implemented …FEMA camp outs!

What a bunch of horseshit!!

First off, your NOT GONNA KNOW when that stuff happens. It’s gonna be a SURPRISE!!  (compliments of YaHuWaH). And furthermore, there IS NO RAPTURE and there is NO CHURCH. The in-gathering of the remaining Elect (ECCLESIA) on this planet will occur at the LAST TRUMP..after the sixth TRUMPET sounds. At the End of the Tribulation along with the 2nd?(NOT) coming of the Messiah.

And we even have DONALD “TRUMP” fitting in to this Illuminati agenda as well. The GOOD COP blowing his horn.

The Elites are scripting once again and trying to play God. You would think that if YaHuWaH was gonna let the shit fly that he would first off tell his Elect specifically, and not some heathen who doesn’t have a clue. Or some Mason. Or some Politician, or some Radio Host, or other sensationalist.

When I get the Word …I’ll fill you in and I haven’t gotten it…YET…

It’s all just FEAR MONGERING as far as I can tell so far. We haven’t seen the TWO WITNESSES get killed yet either- but that could come next year.

The Pope’s here too.. (Petros Romanos, as  he was supposed to be called ..) Peter the Roman. That one never played out either. I still say the Black Pope is the Black Guy. Peter Turkson. He’s just not the schill in the limelight. That role is being played by this clown we see visiting the US- actor Jonathan Pryce.

And then we missed Nibiru!! Where’d that one go?? I looked for that sucker for two years and never did see anything. Another HOAX. I wonder how many people followed Patty Brassard’s advice and buried there RV’s in their yard under a pile of dirt? I bet they are PISSED!!!

YaHuWaH’s not gonna dabble around with FEAR mongering. That’s the Illuminati game plan to cull the masses. You’ve seen the Illuminati Card Game…When YaHuWaH, however,  does do something , you’ll never know what hit ya. It will be that fast and final. If it’s your time and number that’s up…that’s that. PERIOD. FE  NE.

YaHuWaH doesn’t come to destroy us, however,  but to give us LIFE. You have a choice. THE TRUTH or a LIE.

Ask Him for yourself what’s TRUE. YaH says if we SEEK HIM with our whole heart we shall FIND HIM.

And HE Is the TRUTH, THE WAY, and THE LIFE. Three for the price of one.. What a deal!!

Quit looking for disasters to happen. Start talking to the Creator. He’ll give you the head’s up when the time is right. He’s not gonna trash his progeny…

He’s a GOOD FATHER and He takes care of HIS OWN…. Are you one of HIS??


Happy Yom Teruah! Sing Praises to YaHuWaH!

Yom Teruah – This weekend -Sept 13-15th

It’s good to see Messenger of the Name is back!

Job Chap 1. (Yub ), The Jubilee (Yubel) Nun, & Sheba.

paleohebrew alphabet

paleohebrew alphabet

The book of Job is a mathematical enigma. The whole bible, is for that matter. The Hebrew language, in which it was written, was and is a divine mathematical blueprint. Now I want to discuss Job Chapter 1 from a divine mathematical prospective. Job was not written by Moses first off. It was written BEFORE Moses even came on the scene. Job came from UZ and was a MAGI or high priest and an Aramean. UZ was the first son of Shem (Noah’s son) . This UZ had a son named Aram.  Aram’s first son was also named UZ.  The first fruits which are holy unto YaHuWaH. Job was also a first fruit of UZ. The seventh generation.  He was an incarnation of YaHushuWaH just as Melchizedek was in Abram’s day. He was a perfect incarnated God-man who eschewed or denounced and avoided evil.

God has walked among us on numerous occasions just as Satan does also. (Job 1:7) I think it’s safe to say that before it’s all over God as Man will have appeared on Earth (Terra) seven times. (Seven being the number of perfection).

Job had 7 “sons” and each son had his own “day”. These sons were representative of the 7 planets which were known at the time and considered “lords” over our solar system and our part of the celestial creation. Possibly this is where the ideas of the “Baals” came from. The three daughters, (Venus) visited the 7 sons each “day” as they represent the Dawn, Noon (Nun)  and Eve for each “day”. This was Lucifer’s role as he takes on the female aspect of DAWN, and EVE. (The noon or NUN was a new one on me though!) This is where the trinity idea comes from. (The wrong – “diety”). These 7 “sons” appear before God along with Satan (Venus) to present themselves. The text says the “sons” were later killed by the walls of the “Houses” falling on them. The “house” refers to the Constellation along the ecliptic at the time. Probably the BEAR. The Mazzaroth. When Satan warred in the heavens and was cast out of heaven, he messed up the whole planetary alignment. Something dramatic happened in our solar system. We talked about this in a prior post about the sign of the Bear (Venus) falling below the ecliptic. It could have been a pole shift, asteroid,  or something else- but it caused these “beings” to lose their “souls” to Lucifer. Job’s daughters are not included in the dead here. They are SATAN in three aspects.They are transitional beings. They transition to become the three “friends” of Job. We discussed this in another post as well. They are all female. These are all celestial beings being discussed here. Job, being the Creator in human form, has birthed these divine “children” but something had run amok with the planets. Job felt it necessary to act as mediator for these created beings on a daily basis. It wasn’t enough, however, as the “fall” happens anyway do to their free will.

Job also has 3000 camels. Really? The camel is a code for the letter gimmel or G. The camel’s foot. The camel was a beast of burden and could go days without water. This animal was crucial for crossing a desert. (the milky way?) The little “gods”.

Same with the 500 yoke of oxen. The ox is the aleph or letter A in the hebrew alphabet. The word says not to muzzle the ox that treads out the corn. The ox supplies the brute force in churning up the fallow ground to give the “seeds” (DNA)  the aeration they needs to grow.

He also had 7000 “sheep” which get killed as the sheep are not with their Good Shepard, Job. They are under someone else’s watch and are not under the care and protection of their master.  The shepard’s staff is the lamed or letter L.  The goad. They have been led astray.

Then we have the equal parts she- asses at 500 to balance the 500 oxen. The she-ass was more docile than the male. Here we see them just grazing while the ox are doing all the work. They also were beasts of burden but used more for carrying goods and people. They carried baskets for the most part laden with food and goods. The letter is T.

The Sabean’s attack on Job’s livestock is actually an attack by Sheba. She also plays the part of Job’s wife. The one he DIVORCES. (Job’s second wife is DINAH) . If you read the hebrew text it is a female once again doing the attacking. When the Queen of Sheba gives her gifts to king Soloman she gets them from stealing from Job.  Sheba is not from earth. This is a reference to the Queen of Heaven. Once again we have the female adversary to YaHuWaH. (He has divorced himself from her ). This would be Ishtar. (Ashtar Command) which is a different solar system all together from ours. The snake queens….From the southern hemisphere below the ecliptic.

This is discussing an all out war in the heavens and Job is standing in the gap for humanity –

as MEDIATOR in another prior AGE. History is cyclical you see….

G,A,L,T  What is that??

GALT= An expression for undergoing a voluntary financial strike or decrease in income. An individual might choose to do this in order to protest the amount of money going to the government, or to protest what they feel are unfair taxes (if they earn less, they will be taxed less, therefore hurting the government). The term is taken from a character in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”; the main character John Galt leads a movement where the wealthiest individuals leave their jobs for low-paying jobs in order to protest the socialist economy.

And you don’t think the Illuminati don’t know what’s going on??

Job chose to lose his “stuff”  to prove a point. God himself was staging a protest in the universe. The Job-el  or Jubilee commemorates this event every 50 years. This is just one small glimpse into the complexity and awesomeness of our Elohim. The maker of heaven and earth. The Lord of HOSTS. The Lord of the Host of Heaven. YaHuWaH.

7 firstborn  x 7 ages

+ 1.

The 1….. um…that’s  Job.

The Gospel and Star of Judas Iscariot

We touched on the importance of the Orion Constellation in another one of my posts and how the Mazzaroth is a map which explains the inter-connected nature of the universe and what has and is to happen here on the earth. The fact that whole lines were left out from the text of this gospel shows that once again the powers that be don’t want the public at large to know what is going on. They want to keep us in the dark.

7/23- Bohemian Grove Insider Info

7/19/15- Going it Alone with YaHuWaH

God will carry You

I want to talk a bit now about your “Relationship” with God. It’s very cliché these days to talk about your “personal relationship” with God, getting “saved”, being “delivered”, coming out of Babylon, etc… Now let me make this perfectly clear… Your “relationship” is not going to be the same as my “relationship”… We are two different beings, each unique, and each serving a different purpose in God’s design and scheme of things. He has a plan for you, and your place in HIM that is very different than someone else’s.  The Church’s , however, want you to FIT IN, be a part of their GROUP, support their Ministries, (which you are NOT a part of) and support them and their vision, financially.

Well I’m here to tell you that God is not a Groupie. Get out and go it alone with YaHuWaH.

Sure it’s tough…Sure you will feel isolated. But whatever, you give up for YaH , He will meet you and fill that gap..You may FEEL utterly alone at first, but let me tell you–HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!

A primary relationship is between TWO people. Three is a crowd-remember?

The prophets of times past were LONERS…They answered to know one except YaHuWaH. They didn’t take classes, go to bible school, join the Mission field, buy a library of books, sing in the choir, go to church every Sunday, etc..

Now YaHushWaH did FEED the hungary, but only while they were listening to HIM!! He didn’t go around feeding people indiscriminately who didn’t give a damn about what HE had to say…He also didn’t lay hands on just anybody, and HEAL everybody. He knew beforehand whom he was going to HEAL, because he has known “His Children” from the Foundation of the World. The ones who will RESPOND to Him. The ones who “Hear HIS VOICE”.

Now mind you, HIS VOICE is not of this world!

It has nothing to do with this World because this world belongs to SATAN.  When he says to come out of this World he means that —

DON”T FIT IN to this SYSTEM! It is NOT of GOD. It is NOT of YaHuWaH!

Mammon, SIN, BEL, (and the Entire Ha Satan collective) rule this “REALITY”.  Pretty much all of the social, political, industrial, & educational, systems are ALL CORRUPTED. We aren’t supposed to participate!!

That doesn’t mean though, that we stick our head in the sand and don’t EXPOSE THEM and call them out.

A little light in a DARK place (ever been in a totally dark cave?) becomes the focal point of the whole SPACE!!  Why do you think they target us!! Because when we speak, those demons take note… The FOCUS immediately goes to the LIGHT, or in this case the “Enlightened Person”. (And I’m not talking about the Illuminati here either).

The Illuminati are those people who have taken advantage of what LIGHT they can confiscate from and suck off of the TRUE CHILDREN of YAH, so they can exploit it and manipulate it to their advantage, screwing us out of our rightful inheritance. They also use demonic powers that have superior knowledge about physics, chemistry, alchemy, etc… to do their bidding in exchange for more soul energy, (nephash) which contains the creative life force of YaHuWaH.

So in a sense, they are PARASITES par excellence! They can’t EXIST without the True Believer. They are Lifeless beings because they do not belong to the One who GIVES LIFE. They are Vampires…Walking Dead People…

So how do you know which category you belong to? Well if you are listening to this post, you are most likely one of YaH’s kids. Oh, I get Satanists that listen too mind you, but they just try to give me a hard time and refute what I have to say. At least they are engaged- which is a lot more than I can say about a lot of so called “Christians” who are perfectly content to go to church and fill pews every week and have NO RELATIONSHIP at all with YaHuWaH and who don’t even know His Divine Name.

Time is winding down now, and all hell is starting to break loose around the planet… It is vital that you know where you stand with YaH. You think your pastor is gonna protect you from what’s to come?? They’ll lock those Church doors so fast when the shit hits the fan, that you’ll never know what hit you!! It’s time to get in the BOOK and hear from the Master of the Universe, directly for yourself. Take one step towards doing that and YaHuWaH will pick you up and carry you the Rest of the Way!

After all—




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