2/4/16- The Concubine and the Virgin

2/1/16-Concubinage- what is that?

Madame de Pompadour

Madame du Pompadour

The bible talks a lot in the “Old Testament” about concubines. Now I always thought that meant that the women were just for sex and nothing more. Like prostitutes. Well I had a rude awakening about that. The word can also include males. Young males-(called concubinus), so this wasn’t just about taking women for a harem. It was a Roman tradition also to take mistresses or lovers and it was not considered derogatory at all. These relationships were considered secondary, however, to a wife, and the two did not live under the same roof. For whatever reason, be it a legal or socioeconomic variance which would not allow for a “marriage”,  these relationships which we now call “co-habitation” or having a mistress or lover were quite commonplace throughout history.

Levitical Law took it a step farther- allowing the concubine to live under the same roof as the “wife”. The children could also inherit property. The concubine was seen though as a secondary relationship than the wife/husband relationship. Furthermore, you couldn’t take a married woman or that would fall under adultery punishable by being stoned to death. The man, however, could be married.

Of course there are and were various extremes all the way from involuntary concubinage (sexual slavery or trafficking) to arranged social liasons (placage in New Orleans for example). A lot of times it was seen as a form of wealth to have many mistresses or concubines. Look at Soloman for example. He had 300 concubines. Sometimes the women and or her children could inherit property and other times it was not allowed. It was not considered prostitution as the mistress would only be bound to one man- sometimes for many years. Then she could move on to another man. Thomas Jefferson was said to have had his concubine/ mistress for 38 years and had 5 children with her. (Sally Hemmings). Since interracial marriage wasn’t accepted they never  married.

Now a days we call it co-habitation, having a mistress, or a lover. It has been common place all down through the ages and is allowed in the Torah. It is not a “sin”. That concept came along with the teaching of Paul the false apostle.  ( A hippocrite who had a male lover, Timothy ).  Abraham had Ishmael through Sarah’s handmaid Haggar,  Jacob had two wives and two handmaids to father the 12 tribes of Israel, etc.. Having a lot of children was seen as a noble thing for the man, providing he could afford them. That’s why usually the wealthy only did it. There were no “dead beat dads” back in the day. It was a man’s duty to provide for his women and children. The man would be shamed publically, otherwise.

Well, I want to talk next about a particular concubine in the bible that you probably have never heard of as she is nameless. We’ll discuss her and what happens to her in our next lesson. It’s NOT a pretty story and it’s been swept under the rug. In fact it caused a WAR and the expulsion of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Guess which tribe?

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1/17/16- Black Goo, Black magic, Deep Water Horizon,and the Kabbah

Morgellan’s, Smart Dust, and You…

12/27/15- Aren’t you glad that’s over??

Hillary Clinton

I don’t know about you , but I’m pretty much exhausted from the whole Christmas BS. I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t had any time to write and keep up. It sucks because I really like writing to you and hearing from Yahuwah, but when I get busy just trying to pay bills and keep ahead, my relationship with Yahuwah suffers as well.

I also bought a fixer upper house and I’ll be working on this for the next 10 years at the rate I’m going. A house is important to Yahuwah and I always wanted a place to call home. I’m getting too old now to be running all over the country and I’d like to settle in for once. It’s my new artistic project but it’s very time consuming and laborious.

The weather’s been pretty crappy also and I’m working out of town having to drive in it. I’ll go out in the morning and my car is like a block of ice.. Thank Yahuwah for de- icer! I talked to my sister in SC and it was 77 there yesterday. WTF?? It’s December for crying out loud. I think the poles have shifted. Tornados in the winter too … Come on… Really?? The weather is all screwed up everywhere but the experts aren’t gonna tell you what’s really going on..

Then we have Hollywood releasing the new Star Wars Movie and raking in Millions..I refuse to give them a fucking dime.. No telling where that money is going. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going anywhere good..

And lastly, I love watching the Donald Trump Show..It’s a blast that this guy says what the hell everybody else is afraid to. Ban the Muslims from the USA?        Awesome…

Putin even likes him and said he’d make a great president. If I were gonna vote I’d vote for “The Donald”. I hate that witch Hillary Clinton. He says she got slonged by Obama..

That’s HILLAR-Y- ous!!

That witch probably wished she could get slonged by Obama . Too bad Obama is a fag …She’s a nasty rapist whore… Ask any SRA’s that have been raped by that bitch…Trump knows the score and so does Putin. They know what she is…That’s why he called her out for her “bathroom”  fuck break…

Well 2016 is just around the corner now. It sure isn’t gonna be getting any better from here on out despite what Trump says… I’m gonna go with what Yahuwah says and start preparing for meltdown. I got me some land now, so come spring it’s gonna be planting time..A few chickens, a watchdog,  and maybe a couple of goats and  a shotgun and I’ll be good to go!

See ya next year!


We’ll see….


The World That Was…Pre- Genesis

What the bible really says about creation and how old the Earth really is. Genesis 1 is the RE-creation of the Earth… It was destroyed before Gen 1 when Satan actually ruled here on Earth. We do not use the pagan Greek name  “Jesus” either , but rather the Messiah’s true name -YaHushuWaH.

11/29-The Rainbow of YHWH

rainbowWe got talking about this the other night and I wanted to expound on what exactly and who (yes who!) the rainbow is made up of. They are the seven ARCHeons  or Arch “Angels” (bene Elohim) of the Most High YaHuWaH.

We see them in the book of Job being called the “sons of God”. Chemual was there also in this scene (Satan). They each had a “day” assigned to them making up YaHuWaH’s week. Our Pagan names for the days of the week is just being used here as a reference so we all know what is being talked about.

Sunday- Michael- Blue  ( 1st day of the week) -The Sun

Monday- Jophiel- Yellow  (2nd day of the week) -Mercury

Tuesday- Chamuel- Pink  (3rd day of the week) This is why the Satanists love Pink and have an artist name “Pink”. Pink was taken out of the rainbow.  We now have Orange , i.e Halloween-  Venus. Being the number “3” this is where the trinity doctrine comes in as well as the use of triangulation. pyramids, orange pumpkins, etc…

Wednesday-Gabriel- White (4th day of the week) -Moon

Thursday-Raphael- Green (5th day of the week)- Earth

Friday- Uriel- Red (6th day of the week)-Mars

Saturday-Zadkiel- Purple (7th day of the week)-Jupiter. There is no Indigo by the way. Indigo is black and is the absence of light. All this talk about Indigo children is a  whole other lesson. These are the children of darkness- not light.

The other “Planets” are byproducts  of other cataclysmic solar events that occurred during the celestial wars that ensued  after the initial creation.These were referred to as the Titans vs the Olympians wars in Greek Mythology. There also was a scrambling and mixing up of the days after this. Ex. Friday became Venus, Thurs  became Jupiter, Tues became Mars, Weds. became Mercury, Monday became the moon, etc…

The 7 Archeons also each represent a “note” on the musical scale so they have different Harmonics and frequencies as well…Some cabbalists say they also influence the 7 Chakras in the human body, hence different  frequencies can be used to heal different parts of the body.

They can be seen in the Book of Revelation being held in the right hand of Yahushuwah who holds the 7 “stars” (light beings). They represent the 7  Chazan as well over the 7 “churches”. Together they surround the throne of YWHW along with other celestial beings such as the Seraphim and Cherabim.










Your Thankful for What?? Pagan Thanksgiving Rites


Pagan Horn of Plenty,     Abudantia,  & baby ZEUS. Pagan Horn of Plenty, Abudantia, & baby ZEUS.

YaHuWaH is fed up with the United States. It is an ABOMINATION to him.

The Idolatry, Hedonism, Materialism, Paganism, Socialism, Secularism, Patriotism, Gluttony ..

.It’s enough to make you want to puke…

The citizens haven’t even got a fucking clue about what Thanksgiving was even about…Now it’s about BLACK FRIDAY and buying shit and shopping…Or STUFFING yourself…Or, for the religious folks its about thanking “God” for your Family and Country and your Public “Servants” for your “Freedoms” and their Service to you….(i.e. Military service, Police, Politicians, Teachers, etc..).

What a fucking joke. Are you kidding me??? You obviously don’t know “God” and you don’t know his WORD… His SON….


The news stations with their fucking PARADES….and Pagan IDOLATRY.

It’s just DISGUSTING….No mention is made of The Bible. The Pilgrims. Religious Freedom. The Native Americans.


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Paris Terrorist Attacks? Nope…

Another Greenberg Production. Folks this shit is ALL a bunch of LIES. These are DRILLS. Get it?? The media is all co-opted. They are the terrorists! How can they do this?? They use PSEUDONYMS. These people aren’t who they say they are. They are being paid to LIE to You and they can legally do so!!


Police interview with Alisa and Gabriel Dearman- Hampstead UK Satanic Abuse case

How can anyone in their right mind think these children are lying???


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