Dark Entities, The Djinn, Shadow People, ET abduction phenomena. What do they want? Why are they here?

God’s name is YaHuWaH -not Allah. He did cast the non-compliant “Angels” (Djinn) out of heaven where thenceforth they inbred with human women forming the Nephilim race of angelic /human hybrids. The host here sounds like kind of a sci-fi nut case, but the researcher has a lot of valid paranormal information to share.

Coming out of the Matrix… Invite to our Friday evening online Chat Room…

Well I need to apologize to all you folks, but I’ve been swishing around in that toilet bowl called “society” working a secular JOB here these past few weeks to try to stay afloat in this cesspool we live in. Babylon the Whore, is pretty much every where you look, and she touches pretty much every facet of our lives. Especially here in America. I plan to settle back in now with YaHuWaH next week so that I can hear from Him and let you know what HE is saying to HIS ELECT. Satan had me in a tizzy for money as I am not being supported at all for doing this blog, and it takes a lot of time and thought to do so. I still have to pay my bills just like anyone else, so I took a JOB. Problem is when I do that it definitely affects my relationship with YaHuWaH. We are not meant to be on a time clock when it comes to hearing from God. It’s usually in the wee hours of the morning that he wants to talk to us, and that wrecks havoc when you have to get up and go to work.

Nuff said.

Well I also want to invite all the family to our Friday night Torah Teaching and social online chat room on FRIDAY evenings at 7:30 pm EST. Go to Yada Yah Blog Talk radio on the internet. We have a blast folks! We are not RELIGIOUS so if you get easily offended and want to play Religion don’t bother coming. We are just real TRUTH SEEKERS who love our Elohim YaHuWaH and enjoy being around others who love his Torah teaching.

See ya there and don’t be late!

Shabbat Shalom!

You Are What You Eat… The Halleluyah Diet

More on the Feast of Tabernacles. This week- 7days… Come party with YaHuWaH!

The Feast of Tabernacles- Sukkot- A Divine appointment with YaHuWaH

Sukkot begins at sundown Wednesday, October 8 and ends at nightfall Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yom Kippur- Oct 3rd sundown -Oct 4th sundown – A Holy Day of Fasting

Yom Teruah- Sundown Sept 24th – Sundown Sept 26th. The Feast of Trumpets. A Dress Rehearsal for the 2nd Coming of Messiah.

The Feast Of Trumpets, The Rapture, and the Last Trump of the Shofar

We do not believe that Paul was a true apostle, so any books and references to his teachings are circumspect to say the least. ( 1 Thess. & 1 Corinth). We stick with Matthew/ YaHushuWaH and John the Revelator on this one.

Furthermore, we are not promoting any religious denomination such as these gentleman from The United “Church” of God.

There is NO “CHURCH”- The Ecclesia or “called out”  ones are THE ELECT.

The Messengers Of YaHuWaH- The Book of Malachi (Pleural for Malak)

Don't shoot the messenger

YaHuWaH has asked me to teach on this small “Minor” prophet book which is the last book of the “Old” Testament.

First off,

Malachi was not a “person”. This is a group of Messengers or Malak. The ENDTIMELECT. The book was strategically placed at the “END” of the testament because it will mark the ENDTIMES. We will go through each of the four chapters briefly, so that we can see what this group brings to the table and what their function is.

Chapter 1-Here we see the Malak talking to Israel, hence the Malak are NOT Israel. The Malak point out that YaHuWaH does CHOOSE whom He loves. He says He hates ESAU and EDOM and that they have been given over to the DRAGONS. (The VRIL LIZARDS running the Earth.) YaHuWaH has indignation against them FOREVER. They can not be saved… They are not part of His plan… He has NO PART in them… He will destroy anything they try to establish here on the Earth. PERIOD.

He does not accept their offerings, religious acts and ceremonies, religious holidays, sacrifices or prayers. The GENTILES are in better standing with YaHuWaH than this group of self-righteous religious Edomites.  They do not know HIS NAME or PROFESS HIS NAME.  His name is to be professed even among the heathen. He mentions sacrificing the lame, sick and infirm on the altar, thinking it will please God. Thinking they are helping the sick and infirm with their PHARMACON, and scientific experimentation. The SHRINERS come to mind. (33rd degree freeMasons) .That they are somehow earning points with the Almighty. They aren’t.

Chap 2-This chapter is directed at the Levitical priesthood.  The ones who do not profess his HOLY NAME…YaHuWaH. They substitute Adonai or Hashem for the Sacred name. YaHuWaH basically says he will leave them shit-faced! He curses their solemn feasts. The true Levite fears YaHuWaH and knows His name. His job was to judge equitably and in TRUTH and the WORD of YaHuWaH is perpetually on his lips. He turns many away from their iniquities. He is a MALAK par excellence.

The 2nd part deals with his marriage to a STRANGE WOMAN, the daughter of a STRANGE god.  Now who might that be? Who have we been discussing for weeks on end? Duh, ISIS? YaHuWaH says he will cut off ANY man that does this, both the master and the scholar… They know better. They know who that whore is and how she came out of Babylon.  They have forsaken the wife of their youth. The wife of the COVENANT. The Ruach Ha’ Kodesh. They have blasphemed her in lieu of  chasing after this harlot.   As above so below. Divorcing your earthly wives for another down the road goes hand in hand with this teaching. Trade her in for a younger, fresher model… You get the picture.

Finally, calling EVIL GOOD is part and parcel of the times we are living in now… Asking “Where is God? Why isn’t he doing anything? Is God dead? These are all indicators we are living in the End of Days…

Chap 3- This talks about the 2nd coming of YaHuWaH. The one who will be like a refiner’s fire. He will purge the dross from the silver and gold. He will restore judgement  and will bear witness against the sorcerers, the adulterers, liars,  and cheats. He is the Elohim that does not change! He talks about being robbed from His tithes and offerings by the whole nation!  We are to bring the tithes into the storehouse. The tithe was the FIRST FRUITS of your produce. It has nothing to do with M-O-N-E-Y. It has to do with your time, & productivity. Spending quality time with God while nurishing  and feeding your SOUL.

He rebukes the vain person who serves God for profit. The holier than thou types.  They that work iniquity and wickedness behind the scenes. Those who are partial in their judgments. The corrupt legal systems. Those that tempt and bribe God. He contrasts this group with the Elect who FEAR YaHuWaH and reverence HIS NAME. Those whose names he has written in his BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE.  They are his jewels and they shall be spared in that DAY OF HIS DIVINE JUDGEMENT.  The two groups will be separated and it will be self-evident as to  who belongs to which group.

Chap 4- Finally, chap 4 deals with the DAY OF THE LORD.  How the wicked will be burnt up as stubble.  The ELECT will tread them under foot. The Towrah which was given to Moses still stands. It is an eternal document. Elijah shall come again before this day.   The Spirit of Elijah shall turn many back to the Towrah and the heritage of Israel, and the teachings and the statutes and judgements of YaHuWaH, which are eternal and forevermore. This is the calling of the ELECT… In the Spirit of Elijah we proclaim the TOWRAH WORD and the SACRED NAME.





Judicial Watch Sues Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Ban Ki- Moon for supporting Hamas with US Taxpayer money

Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor who helped break up AT&T, today announced that he and other plaintiffs have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in D.C. (Case no. 14-1484) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act “RICO” for criminal acts by President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the U.N. Secretary General for laundering U.S. dollars to the terrorist organization HAMAS.

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