Hampstead SRA Case , Pedophilia, Sodomy and Armageddon

fork in the road

I want to back track now and tie in to why Ha Satan hates and abuses children and promotes pedophilia in Satanic cults such as the Hampstead Pedophile ring we have been discussing. It all ties in you see, when you realize that Satan hates humanity and wants to utterly DESTROY mankind. Ritually abusing and eating children is a desecration of YaHuWaH’s creation. He wants his own race to dominate here on planet Earth and it does in fact do so. That is why the Elite are the Elite. They belong to Satan and are his seed. For the most part they are UN redeemable. Not everybody is salvageable. Any of these elitist pedophiles that have SOLD THEIR SOUL to the devil have given Satan  free reign to possess them. They belong to him.

As for the Sodomy rape aspect employed by these cults, it is a more traumatic method of rape because it renders the victim more subordinate and helpless. The brain chemicals released in the act also tends to  attach the victim to the perpetrator more strongly and promotes an intense  trauma bond. Along with the concurrent physical abuse, it serves to emasculate young males and internalize extreme anger. This serves a purpose for the cult and has also worked in civilizations of times past to foster better warriors and soldiers.   Victims can and do vent their internalized rage on the battlefield. Rome was known for raping boys for this reason prior to enlisting them in their army, and Muslim extremist groups engage in the same practice today. It promotes cult loyalty along with all the other methods on intimidation employed to keep the members silent, subdued and complicent.

You might ask “how can these parents do this to their own children?” Maybe because they aren’t their own children. Did ya ever think of that? Oh they raised them perhaps, but they did not biologically birth them. Most of these witches can’t have kids. They are two fucked up themselves internally from  sexual abuse that they can’t conceive children. They hate children pretty much. That’s how these woman can rape and murder them. Gabriel and Alisa said the women were the worst of the bunch. Of course it’s totally not natural, but because they aren’t totally human anymore and they are possessed and/or  genetically misconstrued, they are capable of perpetrating such atrocities.

Har Meggedon we discussed will be a cyberwarfare between the politically correct SIN  tolerant masses and the Elect of YaHuWaH. We discussed how the internet, Google, The CLOUD, horses, hooks and swords are all mentioned in the bible and how these are all CODE WORDS for Cyberwarfare. Sexual SINS are and will continue to be a  pivital point here I might ad. It’s an affront against YaHuWah’s design for the Human Family and Marriage Covenant with Him our Creator. The whole Homosexual  & Race War Agendas are tools being used to rev things up in society as are the privacy invasions, identity & property theft, and other socially engineered issues that are being propagated. That and the biological disruptions such as GMO, chem trails, Cancer and other plagues, the Fukashima Nuclear and Gulf Oil Spill,  and  Haarp Weather Warfare, etc.. make for a nasty world platform to stir the pot and get everybody pissed off about something,  let alone kill you.

Can’t you see they are blatantly engineering your demise as a species? It’s pretty disgusting. It’s getting pretty obvious. They want us Humans DEAD. CERN could be the final straw. Who knows where they are gonna go with that monster? These Hybrids sure as hell don’t care what happens. They have been lied too as well. They have been promised eternal  life also with their computer implanted chips mind you…

Satan, their daddy, you see  is the slickest WILLIE of them all.

Ricky Dearman’s big white WILLIE hasn’t  got anything on Lucifer’s, Gabriel.

Come on Folks, Lets call these bastards out. It’s time to get right with God and get on the RIGHT side.

You LEFTIST> LEFT PATH > WITCHES are gonna get LEFT all right…  YaHuWaH’s not playing…

Your days are numbered…

Save the kids…


Cyberwarfare 101

Just some background info from a Silicon Valley Expert. This guy seems pretty decent. It’s the non-humans manipulating this in the background that we need to be cognizant of. They have a very malevolent agenda.

Gog, Ma’gog, Me’shech and Tubal – Ezekiel Chapter 38-39

Here we have YaHuWaH talking to the SON OF MAN- the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel means “God Strengthens”. One who has been strengthened by YaHuWaH himself. Now How HE does this is a whole other lesson…

At any rate, we have an announcement from YaHuWaH that He is:

against GOG- a Chief “PRINCE” (son a King) In this Case Satan. The King of the AIRWAVES.

from the LAND of MAGOG -(A physical place) Ma meaning the Mother of GOG.
(ex. Lady GAGA comes to mind) The Silicon Valley?

who is the “SON” of Meshech and Tubal. So Meshech and Tubal are not SON of MAN…
They are sons of something else! TUBAL as we stated in a previous post-
comes from the Fallopian tubes so it is a SEED from the woman.
One that has been REMOVED and messed with!

Me’shech is the MYSTERY. The word MACHINE comes to mind and this is what it means. MeShech was the SIXTH
son of Japheth. Here we have the 6. The number of man. But this is not Adamic man. This is MA CHINE man. 666?
CHINA MAN? It also possibly means “who is what Aku is?” in Akkadian, Aku being the name of the Babylonian god of the moon. AKU=ANU . Another MOON being. (China means white porcelain and is made in the fire). Conductors are made of CHINA, Glass, Crystal, etc.. Things made from Fire and extreme pressure. This is a CONDUIT LIFE SOURCE. Not organic. A fiber NETWORK! These are sophisticated cyber intelligences mixed with human DNA. Cyborgs. Part human-part machine.

Also, if you remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abeddnigo in the bible? How they didn’t BURN in the fire? Well they weren’t totally HUMAN. They were TRANS HUmans. This technology has been going on for eons…Atlantean stuff. Pre- Noah’s flood stuff.

This is going to be the final straw in YaHuWaH’s battle with “Humanity” . 2/3 will be destroyed because the genome is no longer human. GOG is short for GOOGLE or gog led. GOG is leading the internet or cyberspace arena. This is a battle between organic and inorganic cyberbeings. THE CLOUD is also mentioned in EX 39. WE all know that this too is referring now to CYBERSPACE. The words are all CODE WORDS. GOG has JAWS so he is speaking and he is a MESSENGER. YaHuWaH says he will put HOOKS in his jaws and turn him backwards.He will destroy his BANDS. He is talking about computer viruses (WORMS ARE HOOKS) and BANDS is Band width. It is all about


It will start this way and then manifest in 3D. Horses and Swords must be code words also.
Any computer geeks out there know what these are? Trojan horses?

The battle is not gonna be literally fought with horses and swords folks. Walls falling are firewalls. Swords cut things so maybe cutting off communications somehow? Crashing the system worldwide?

Cutting off power and transformers?

A horse is something you ride on for battle. It was also very fast and easy to navigate with. You sit on it.
Time will tell what this is! A virtual horse? Computer guided Missiles? Drones?

At any rate,

the battle of Har Megiddo will be held in Cyberspace first, and then will go live and nuclear. Har means mountain or a “rising up” and Megiddo means “crowds”. This will involve the whole earth, as this will involve the whole Cyberspace Community Uprising.

The Crowd Mentality (HIVE MIND, Politically Correct, One-World, Mainstream Media )
the Children of YaHuWaH (THE ELECT, Narrow WAY, ONLY WAY, non-Tolerant, Non- Compromising).

EZEKIEL is told to SET HIS FACE against GOG, Meshach and Tubal. Well we now have FACE BOOK…The book of FACES..
Can you see how our Elohim ROCKS!! 2000 years ago and He’s talking about the Internet, THE CLOUD, and Facebook.

That’s my take on this. THE END TIMES are HERE…

More to come…


4/12/15 Are you ready for this???

Petri dish babies
YaHuWaH is about to blow my mind with this teaching.
I don’t understand how the pieces all fit together but they do!

We are going to go back to the original “SIN” in the bible. (SIN=one of Ha Satan’s Collective names).
The result of that SIN was that “EVE” (not her Hebrew name by the way- but given to her by SET as in Sun SET=SIN) was told that she would suffer pain in childbearing. Now why was that??

Also her SEED would be at enmity against Ha Satan’s SEED. Here we have TWO RACES of biological entities on the planet. Natural birth and UN-natural birth. The UN- (UN- get it?) birth being PAINLESS…The hybridization and genetic manipulation program unbeknownst to the woman going on under cover.

It’s still her SEED but it’s being HARVESTED.

Okay, So we have TWO RACES simultaneously being fabricated here. I want to talk about one person IN PARTICULAR now that illustrates this concept as it will BLOW YOUR MIND as it pertains to what is being referred to as the MAGOG WAR in the book of Revelation.

TUBAL-CAIN. Everybody questions why the hyphenated name?? Well it has NOTHING to do with his metallurgy skills per se…Only in the capacity of molecular biology and enzymatic co-factor reactions!!

He was a HYBRID. Tubal is another name for an ECTOPIC preganancy. The egg was not where it should have been!! It was outside the BODY!! It was mixed with CAIN’S sperm. Tubal-Cain was a son of Japheth but he was a petri dish baby! The bible says Naamah was his sister. SO??

Naamah appears in the Zohar as one of the mates of the archangel Samael (SATAN). She, along with her cohort Lilith, causes epilepsy in children. After Cain kills Abel, Adam separates from Eve for 130 years. During this time, Lilith and Naamah visit him and bear his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind.

Okay, so we have the two races being formed. Natural Adamic and Satanic. The Satanic ones bringing PLAGUES on the Earth in the form of Genetic anomalies and malfunctioning beings. This is only the beginning, folks


It is BIOLOGICAL HUMANS vs TRANS or ENGINEERED HUMANS (Satanists) and I’ll prove it!!

More to come…

4/7/15 My synopsis on Hampstead UK Abuse Case

I want to check in and let you know that I have been traveling the past couple of days so I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog. The Hampstead SRA case was my priority over the past several weeks as it was the most serious case, above even the Iranian talks, in my book, that has been totally swept under the rug by the Satanist Elitists. They got caught with their pants down… BIG TIME. You can rest assured that there will be more unraveling of their Cabal as time goes on.

My concern is for the children first and foremost now.

We’ve seen the Mom’s and Abraham Christie’s testimony and I do feel the Mom was very naive and kind of a New- Age Vegan, Love & Light Yoga practicing person. They are both into wellness & nutrition. The boyfriend, Abraham, was definitely more street smart and savvy than the mother, and picked up on the kid’s abberant sexual behavior with each other and with the family dog. Their main concern was to protect the tapes that got leaked onto the internet, as that is what the “fake” police wanted to take from them when they stormed their house in London. They and the tapes got out in the nick of time.

The protests have been going on outside Christ Church primary every Sunday now and Neelu Berry got arrested there, as did one Christine Nevada (aka Christine Sands ) who Anonymous says is a FBI shill agent. As the Satanists have sent their own to investigate and go under cover posing as a protestor, we know this has really hit a nerve with them.

Well YahuWaH is just getting started. There will be more exposure as the matrix begins to be unraveled fully.

The two kids have been through THREE FOSTER CARE parents in the seven months since their disclosure last year. They are suffering with PTSD and nightmares and are pretty much too much for your average person to deal with. As they are also multiple, and suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), they had threatened to kill Ella and Abraham while the disclosure was being recorded. Getting those tapes made during the family Holiday was difficult, as the children would switch out when triggered. Sexually touching each other was a programmed trigger event by their handlers to bring out the Satanic Ritual alters that actively participate in the cult and probably still are doing so.

It’s sad that the core personalities tried to take control and disclose and come clean but now have been stuffed back down and told to shut up by their handlers. This is pretty much how it works. These two “witnesses” may make a comeback in the future. We need to keep an eye on these kids. They could be the real deal down the pike if YaHuWaH chooses to use them for his glory.

Alisa’s birthday is this month (April 22nd) and that’s not a good thing. The birthday is the highest Satanic Holiday for a person. Celebrating birthday’s is not of God. It is against God’s will- but not Satan’s. Can you see how brainwashed we all are doing these types of things? How many of you just got done celebrating Pagan Easter?

It’s very difficult to come out of the world system (EGYPT, Babylon). That is what Passover is all about. That and the corporeal manisfestation of YaHuWaH as Yahushuwah our Messiah on the Earth and his sacrifice for us to pay the ransom to SIN (Ha Satan) for us. Our Blood bought REDEMPTION.

YaHuWaH is capable of redeeming these two children as well. They took the first step in admitting their guilt and participation in an evil Satanic cult, alongside their earthly father, Ricky Dearman. They know what they did is wrong. They are being forced now, against their will, to participate most likely via deliberate and sinister brain washing.

I think this Passover we all need to take a deep look and see how we also are being complicent and brainwashed to support the system. We are all participating in this on some level. If your working for the establishment your feeding the BEAST SYSTEM on some level. Did you fall for Obamacare? Vote in the last rigged election? Pay your taxes to the IRS? Work for the government? Get a paycheck?

It’s all run by them… Every last bit it of it…

I don’t know what to tell you. It surely is a dilemma isn’t it? We are told that we are to be in the world but not of the world. It’s a fine line for sure. The best you can do is take small steps to try to make your exit from this evil society. You won’t be able to do it completely, but just start doing something for yourself.

Most importantly…. get closer to YaHuWaH.

That’s the BEST decision you can make as the eternal clock is ticking and

Time is running out… His return is Eminent.

Take Care & YaH Bless his Elect.


4/1/15 First Interview with Ella & Abraham after Judge Pauflley’s verdict against them. (Hampstead SRA Case)

3/31 Former UK Detective speaks out about Hampstead Satanic abuse case in favor of Mother

3/30/15 Concerned citizen AB writes demand letter to UK Ministry of Justice for Protection Order for Whistleblower kids.

Dear Ministry of Justice,
I remind the Ministry of Justice of the Infringement Notice issued against the UK in relation to violations against EU Directives: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-is-new/eu-law-and-monitoring/infringements_by_country_united_kingdom_en.htm.
The actions of the MoJ in this case as presented below, will reflect on further legal evidence toward that Infringement, should British Authorities continue to act in ignorance of EU Law and with calls for economic sanctions against Britain via the EU Council who may be aware of this case and its multiple infringements of EU Law – due to this EU Petition: https://mckenzies4fairness.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/15-03-02-petition-1707.pdf
Please be on LEGAL NOTICE that on receipt of this information you are now a witness and a legally recognised Authority to whom a report of serious risk to British children has been alleged and is supported by multiple witnesses, circumstantial evidence and multiple professional medical facts.
In ignoring and/or failing to act on this information, you are personally and as an authority, complicit and criminally negligent according to EU & UK Law.
As you know, UK Law operates on previous Court Judgements which are then set as a precedent for future Judgements unless, evidence arrives to alter those judgements according to certain facts.
Read below – presented as a ‘famous’ example in Human Rights to a Fair Trial. The issue here is ‘restrictive order’ and ‘fair trial’ – which in this case, relates to a mother and her children who are respectively, suffering threat of arrest and taken into state custody.
Case study
The control order regime enacted by the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (and still in force at the time of publication) imposes severe restrictions, including house arrest, on anyone suspected of being involved in terrorism-related activity. Under the policy, the Secretary of State makes a decision as to whether a control order should be made and the courts then consider the decision made. In many cases, control orders have been made on the basis of closed material – where the person subject to the control order has never been given the chance to see the case against them.

The House of Lords held in June 2009 that this breached the right to a fair trial under Article 6. The Law Lords held that a person subject to such a restrictive order had to be given sufficient information to know the essence of the case against him or her. It was held that there could never be a fair trial if the case against a person was based solely or to a decisive degree on closed materials and where any open material consists only of general assertions. The Court held that in conducting control order hearings judges must consider whether material needs to be disclosed to ensure the fairness of the trial.’
It was held that there could never be a fair trial if the case against a person was based solely or to a decisive degree on closed materials and where any open material consists only of general assertions.
Justice Pauffley’s judgement recent High Court Judgement against said Mother in relation to her children’s allegations of serious sexual abuse against themselves and 20 other “special” children via multiple professionals including teachers, Cafcass officers, social workers and professional-status parents who also are accused of making child pornography, child trafficking and murder of babies, was delivered in ignorance of both UK & EU Law and especially, considering the evidence supporting the mother and children was the ONLY evidence that did NOT depend on ‘ closed materials’ and ‘ general assertions’.
Here is said Judgement: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2015/26.html
Medical Reports: http://crimesofempire.com/2015/03/11/hampstead-leaked-medical-reports-end-all-doubt-about-sexual-abuse-claims/
Example of Children’s testimonies via non-abusers: Gabriel: http://zeeklytv.com/video/19744/Gabriel-05-Sep-I-27-min
Example of Children’s testimonies via alleged abusers: Alisa: http://zeeklytv.com/video/19745/Alisa-17-Sep-II-5-min
All video recordings of both allegations and retractions can be viewed here: http://zeeklytv.com/video/19748/Alisa-11-Sep-II-24-min
Circumstantial evidence provided by independent investigations due to lack of police investigation – see all video presentations of publicly investigated, circumstantial evidence here: http://zeeklytv.com/video/24833/CCPS-Vid-10-A-Hampstead-Baby-Trafficker
Foster Carer: “Although we know that they have retracted their statements, the children still, even now keep coming back to the same story and the details, while in the foster care to the degree that it became unbearable for their caretaker C to look after them. She no longer wants to do this.” http://trendwave.com/Parenting/COVER-UP-OF-SATANIC-CHILD-ABUSE-IN-HAMPSTEAD—Aangirfan
Mother’s Statement: http://zeeklytv.com/video/22955/CCPS-VID-9-Witness-Statement-by-Ella-Draper
Please compare ALL of the above evidence to the ‘closed’ and ‘general’ evidence on which Justice Pauffley delivered her judgement.
We have been informed by the Home Office, that this case is presently being investigated by special police unit ‘Operation Hydrant’ (see Home Office attachment sent to the MoJ prior to this email).
In light of this, the recent High Court case legally, SHOULD have been adjourned until further investigations were completed as evidence MAY prove the children’s story true and thereby, deny allegations against the Mother.
In this case, a judgement has been issued amid ONGOING Police Investigations.
It is clear, examining the video testimonies that the children’s retractions ARE coached and are very flimsy when compared to the original allegations which, we CANNOT forget were REPEATED to foster carers.
It was when the children retracted the retractions that legally, mother and her counsel had NO CHOICE except to report their reasonable and supported suspicions in GOOD FAITH to ‘other’ competent authorities which is their LEGAL RIGHT under EU Law: See Sections 26, 28 & 50 – all fully support and request the actions taken by Mother and her Counsel in making this case public in light of negligent and suspect authorities – the LEGAL POINT OF ISSUE HERE IS TO BE SURE THAT MULTIPLE CHILDREN WERE AND ARE NOT BEING ABUSED & MURDERED BY MULTIPLE PROFESSIONALS INVOLVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF PUBLIC AUTHORITY IN CHILD WELFARE.
It is the LACK of assuredness coupled with the REMAINING suspicion supported by the EVIDENCE, that legally demands IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION: The risk to child safety is both urgent and ongoing. A 12 day ‘fact-finding’ mission via the High Court after MONTHS of negligent inaction, is nowhere near ample enough time, to thoroughly investigate the facts presented in this case which present far too serious a threat to British children to be so casually handled and as casually dismissed by via Court proceedings which themselves, show an equally casual approach to EU & UK Law.
Considering the power of the collective authorities as police, cafcass officers, social workers etc. etc., and as actual suspects, and, considering the serious risk according to EU Legal Directives toward investigating this case AND protecting children SUSPECTED of being at risk according to the lawfully required GOOD FAITH we have in the EVIDENCE, as Ministry of Justice faced with allegedly ROGUE Authorities involving Courts, Police and Child Welfare, it is now your LAWFUL DUTY to IMMEDIATELY ACT and to remove the children from RISK OF HARM until further investigations are completed.
In light of negligent and allegedly abusive authorities, there is no other body of authority for the British public to turn to because according to the evidence, MANY MORE CHILDREN REMAIN AT RISK – the collective powers of alleged abusers amount to a SECRET and Court protected, terrorist threat to the children of Britain.
Considering the ever mounting evidence relating historical crimes of child sexual abuse and even, more recent, via multiple professionals working as MPs, Heads of Police, Councillors, Government Ministers etc., the grounds and cause for our remaining suspicions in this case, are further increased.
According to the evidence presented here, it is well within compassionate reason to realise the very serious risk which arises from the very real POSSIBILITY that two children and 20 other children were and perhaps still are, being repeatedly sexually abused by multiple professionals, that in their professional capacity, those abusers have used the Secrecy of the Family Courts, to abduct the victims/witnesses, intimidate them into retracting their allegations and issue arrest warrants against mother & her counsel in order to imprison them and thereby silence their concerns.
Please, use whatever powers you can
to issue an Emergency Care Order to protect the children from further RISK.
Please deliver the children to the SAFETY AND COMFORT of their family London home where their grandparent’s await.
Please CONSIDER the IMMENSE trauma that BRITISH AUTHORITY NEGLIGENCE in handling this case has put those children through, in the sense, they have MERCILESSLY handed those children over to alleged abusers in IGNORANCE of EU Law.
According to EU Law, the ONLY child testimonies to have legal credibility are those given when in hands of non-abusers. Though Mother and partner are now accused as ‘abusers’, it is very CLEARLY explained here exactly WHY that Judgement is VOID and actually, has NO legal foundation.
Foster Carers are NOT cited as abusers which means the allegations given to parties of mother, police and foster carers and other witnesses are considered FREELY GIVEN, while retractions are all in secret and while in care of alleged abusers are not legally accepted as ‘freely given’ – according to EU Law the original allegations (especially after they were repeated with accusations that retractions were via intimidation while in control of alleged abusers) are the ONLY allegations that can be granted PRECEDENCE toward warranting a FULL and IMMEDIATE investigation into this case.
ALL of the evidence presented here is INFORMING the Ministry of Justice of SERIOUS ongoing RISK to British children. It is your public DUTY to ACT and to use your powers to protect children in light of there being NO OTHER AUTHORITY PREPARED TO ABIDE BY THE LAW AND PROTECT CHILDREN FROM RISK AND HARM OF ABUSIVE AUTHORITIES.
This is a public demand delivered via a public judgement on this case in light of and according to both EU and UK LAW. It is our legal right as a legally recognised competent authority in this case and having examined all related evidence, to issue this judgement as an interim solution prior to the pending results of present and ongoing Police Investigations via Operation Hydrant.

We the public therefore request that the Ministry of Justice supports our sound and lawful judgement which hereby, issues an ‘Emergency Protection Order’ for the IMMEDIATE* transference of said children from care of present authorities and into care of their grandparents.
* You are on Notice to act IMMEDIATELY on receipt of this information and to make every effort toward ensuring the return of the children to their grandparents. We are aware that the day of this Notice is issued on a Friday and we order that nonetheless, the urgent need in light of the continued and reasoned RISK, cannot lawfully be ignored over the weekend ; the Public Order is that the children are swiftly removed from control of allegedly abusive/suspect authorities.
Failure to honour our Democratic Judgement and public request for our Legal Order, will lead to further charges of Infringement of EU Directives against British Authorities and of which, the Ministry of Justice itself will now be directly implicated.
Yours Sincerely,
Miss AB, as a British Citizen, as an accepted, public representative and spokesperson on behalf of mother, her counsel and the children of Britain, and as an experienced and enlightened independent, authority on the issues of both law and assessment of risk related to this case.

Another testimonial of Barnett (Hampstead) UK Social Services Abuse by Katie

3/29/15 A Concerned Citizen’s View about Hampstead SRA Abuse Case- (Caution R Rated)


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