The Christmas “Spirit”- It’s not HOLY by the way…

Jesus is not the reason for the season

YaHuWaH would like to address this, because this is SO SEDUCTIVE..We have all been brainwashed since children to love the warm fuzzy “family” feelings we develop at the “Holidays”. Well, don’t think for a moment that this has anything to do with God…At least not the Creator God. Oh, it has to do with a god alright, but it is Satan not YaHuWaH that is behind this mass mind control program. You see, these Overlords know exactly how to manipulate your brain chemistry with endorphins such as Oxytocin and other stimulants to give you that comforting, homey, sense of BELONGING, that we all crave and want. Too bad, YaHuWaH never wanted us to feel a sense of belonging here because WE DON”T BELONG HERE FOLKS!


This is what the ECCLESIA  means. The “called out ones”… Called out from all that the world has to offer.

The Elect of YaHuWaH.

As I have stated before, you are living in a fabricated (Matrix) society to suit the Elite and their demonic overlords. This is part of the programming I’m sorry to say. Sure, everyone wants to feel loved and cherished and they know that. Why do you think people kill themselves at the “Holidays” the most? Because they don’t have that…at least they have been lied to about not having it,  because they could very easily have it from YahuWaH if they would set their affections on Him and not mankind.

YaHuWaH is MORE THAN ENOUGH folks, to meet your emotional needs and sense of belonging to HIS FAMILY. Christmas means actually minus the Christ!! You are celebrating the withdrawal of Christ from your midst! Wouldn’t you rather put HIM BACK in your midst? and I don’t mean “JESUS” either! Jesus is a false god. A fabrication to appease your sense of belonging once again. a false religion.  The Creator has come  in our midst physically on numerous occasions!  As our Messiah he came as YaHushuWaH and was born to Mary and it did not happen at Christmas or Dec 25th. Not even close folks… So whose BIRTH are you celebrating? For one thing Birthdays are not scriptural events to celebrate…period! Dec. 25th was the birthday of Mithras, Dionysis, Horus, etc…

Not the ONLY BEGOTTEN  SON OF GOD. The sons of the SUN GOD, yes…

Well, so how do you cope?? It’s VERY DIFFICULT, I admit… An easy thing is to start slow and REMOVE one trace at a time. Maybe NO TREE this year…No red and green stuff. Do the “Holiday ” meal and call it quits. Or NO PRESENTS this year. Take your time…YaHuWaH will help you and will come to your side and fill in the gap..IMMEDIATELY… because He loves any effort you try to take to cleanse that crap out of your system. He is a very patient, loving and nurturing Elohim and will send his Ruach ha’Kodesh to help you and HEAL YOU from all the deception and misplaced feelings and emotions surrounding  “Christmas”.  It really is an abomination to Him, but He knows the extent of the brainwashing that we have all been subjected to, and HE EMPATHIZES with your sorrow and pain.

YaHushuWaH was a MAN OF SORROW folks! He knew exactly what was going on here on planet Earth and whose kingdom this was. Why do you think Satan tried to hook him in also? He tried to play on Jesus’ emotions as well, but YaHuWaH out-smarted him.

If you find yourself depressed this Holiday season…. well GOOD FOR YOU! That is a sign you are not totally enmeshed into the system! You are a real person who knows something is VERY WRONG HERE! YaHuWaH doesn’t want to leave you hanging out there alone either. He will connect you with like- minded folks who realize the same thing. You may need to just get out of the house and take a walk, or go grab a beer or a pizza, and He will bring somebody (maybe even a Malak- Lucky you!) to keep you company. He will never forsake or abandon you! He loves you too much!

Give your heart to YaHuWaH this Holiday season and make it a REAL HOLY DAY. The HOLY DAY you separated yourself from the world and Babylon to become part of YaHuWaH’s set apart FAMILY.


Who Wrote the Bible? (His name Is YaHuWaH) The Origins of the Torah.

The Death, Burial , and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meschiach)

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

YaHuWaH wants me to set the time table straight on the order for the occurrence of these events. Many believe “Jesus” was crucified on a Friday which just does not measure out for the three days that he had to lie dead in the belly of the earth.

If we review the events leading up to his crucifixion we will easily see that our Savior died on Thurs. Morning at 9AM. The Jewish “day” begins at 6pm or sundown. We know by the scripture that Mary Magdelene went to the tomb on the FIRST day of the week (SUNDAY), early before sunrise,  and found NO body in the tomb– so the “LORD” had risen sometime on SUNDAY.   (after 12 midnight Saturday evening, but before sunrise at 6am Sunday morning.)

Working backwards that means he was “DEAD” (body was dead and buried) on Saturday day, Friday day, and Thursday day. Another way of calculating this is that he was “DEAD” Thurs evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening if you are using the SOLAR calendar. (Saturday evening would go till midnight, so he arose sometime between midnight Saturday and 6AM Sunday morning!)

They were in the Garden of Gethsemane on WEDNESDAY evening when he gets betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrested. They were eating the Last Supper on a WEDNESDAY. This was NOT PASSOVER! Passover was two days ahead on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. (Jews in Jerusalem celebrate TWO DAYS for PASSOVER and YaHushuWaH was to be the PASSOVER LAMB!) Another reason he had to die on the Thursday so as to be prepared for the FRI & SAT PASSOVER feast days which would begin at 6pm Thursday!

He spends Weds. night being accused and tortured and they sentence him at 3AM Thursday morning. All of the crucifixion happens AT NIGHT. The SUN should have risen the next morning at 6AM but- IT DIDN”T! YaHushuWaH is on the “Tree” being crucified at 6AM-9AM. (there was no “Cross”.) The “TREE” represented  the TREE of LIFE. It was in the shape of a “T” not an “t”. (Stauros=POLE). Romans crucified people on a “T” shaped structure- NO CROSS!

Darkness is over the whole area till 9AM Thursday morning!! That is when YaHushWaH gives up His “Holy Spirit” (no Ghost!) and his physical body succumbs to death. GOD CAN’T DIE FOLKS! This furthermore shows us that we are NOT our bodies.  It was unusual that it was dark outside according to scripture, so it should have been daylight when he died. (If he died at 9pm this would not have been the case!)

They spend Thursday day preparing him for burial and entomb him before 6pm on Thursday.

Hence, he is in the belly of the earth

THREE  LUNAR ” JEWISH DAYS”- Thursday eve, Friday eve, and Saturday evening,        AND

THREE SOLAR  “GREGORIAN DAYS”- Thursday day, Friday day, and Saturday day.

I hope this clears up the confusion. YaHuWaH knows how to count…..

It’s too bad people, scholars and the “CHURCHES” don’t.


Christmas- A Pagan Holiday

The Imposter- Full Length Movie produced by

The Most Righteous King that EVER lived- The Story of King Josiah. II Chron. 33-35

Everyone thinks that God’s favorite Kings were King David or King Soloman but the bible says differently. God’s Favorite King was King JOSIAH. At only eight years old he became King of Judah. That would be like making a second grader president of the United States! Furthermore, Josiah came from a lineage of BAD KINGS. EVIL KINGS. His  grandfather was King Manassah whom YaHuWaH despised.  Manassah sold out the Jews. He was a traitor to God’s people. He was the son of King Hezekiah and as such he had no excuse. He re-instituted Pagan polytheistic worship and child sacrifice. He is also thought to have been the murderer of the prophet Isaiah.  His son Amon took over the kingdom upon his death but only reigned for two years. He too was evil and was murdered by his own contemporaries. That left little Josiah at eight years old to take over the Kingdom.

Josiah had help though. He had Godly men and women around him. Hilkiah the High priest, which we wrote about earlier was one of them.Hilkiah discovers a secret scroll hidden in the temple and has it read to King Josiah by his scribe. Josiah is so moved by YaHuWaH’s testimony in the scroll that he rents his garments and truly mourns for the sins of his people and their backslidden ways. He TURNS EVERYTHING AROUND. This is true repentance. He tears down all the High pagan places of worship and destroys everything associated with them including their priests. He has the biggest PASSOVER celebration known to the history of mankind.  He begins repairing the Temple in Jerusalem. He destroys Topheth, which was a place where they sacrificed children to Molech and Baal outside the city in the Valley of Hinnom. This place was a real thorn in YaHuWaH’s side as he NEVER ALLOWED for the SLAYING OF INNOCENTS. YaHuWaH says that thought  had never entered his mind as a form of worship. It was insideous. Topheth equates with Gehenna and Hell because they continually burned the dead carcasses there, and  furthermore it must of stank the high heavens!

Finally he made the entire nation take an oath of alligience and covenant with YaHuWaH… PUBLICALLY.

So Josiah did all of the right things. He was a Just KING. So what happened to him?

This is where the paradox comes in. He gets wounded in the battle of MEGGIDO.

He is taken back to Jerusalem and he dies.


Prior to this battle, he consults with the prophetess Huldah and his overseers as to what to do? Huldah in an interesting character as well. She is a collegiate person. Very well learned in TORAH and a confirmed PROPHETESS. The men are consulting a WOMAN, folks. This kind of throws the whole women are not to speak in the church (Paul heresy) or to usurp a Man’s authority to the way side. (SORRY GUYS!)

She tells him that YaHuWaH is going to Judge Judah big time. DESTROY HER for her abominations. Just saying your sorry and it won’t happen again ain’ t gonna cut it with God. The WAGES of SINNING is DEATH. Sin and death go hand in hand. The SIN follows generationaly, as well. FOR FOUR GENERATIONS. Josiah was only the 2nd  generation after the SINS of Manassah!  He still had to pay that PIPER! (satan) . YaHuWaH promises Josiah though that he will not witness this destruction and that he will die in Peace. He does. He dies and is buried in the CITY OF PEACE, (Jerusalem),  unlike his father and grandfather. Manassah (his grandfather) was buried in his own garden at Uzza.(where have we heard that word before? Al Uzza. ) while Amon, (his father) was buried in his own house!

Josiah was buried with his spiritual father, DAVID.

So where did he go wrong? Why did God speak to King Necho of Egypt to go fight the Babylonians?  Josiah didn’t give up his politics! He was still sided with Babylon politically. He couldn’t stay out of it. He was meddling where he didn’t need to. At this stage of the game it really was beneath him to do so. Spiritually speaking he had come out of Babylon but in a practical earthly sense he hadn’t… He was still trying to play KING OF JUDAH. YaHuWaH didn’t tell him to go to battle.


Let the HEATHEN fight their own battles amongst themselves! You stay out of it. That goes for joining the military in the here and now too. If your in the military you need to get out as soon as you can. It is NOT OF GOD.

Babylon will always be here until YaHuSuWaH returns to utterly destroy HER. And that could be sooner than we think! It could very well be in our lifetime! King Necho was being used of YaHuWaH for a specific purpose. He wasn’t saved. He was a tool. Satan could have told him to go to Meggido for all we know. . At any rate Josiah ends up being

the PASSOVER LAMB that is slain.

It is a “TYPE”  of what is to come with Messiach being OUR PASSOVER LAMB. The LAMB OF GOD. Furthermore, it shows us that the ELECT will not “SEE” this destruction. They will be carried to Jerusalem in the “2nd Chariot”. Josiah is wounded in one chariot and moved to another CHARIOT and taken to Jerusalem out of the battle.  Very interesting imagery Indeed! Maybe even crossing dimensions…

The final battle of MEGGIDO…Better known nowadays as the Battle of Armageddon will also involve much sacrifice. Millions will be slain in this end times massacre. Without the shedding of blood there is no REMISSION of SIN. SIN’s MISSION is to KILL YOU SPIRITUALLY. To re- MISSION SIN (SIN=ha Satan) and sidetrack him from his main mission, Blood must flow.  It’s not YaHuWaH that wants Blood to Flow. It’s SATAN. To appease and redirect him and his main intentions, that’s what has to happen. He does God’s dirty work if you will.  The WAGES have to be paid. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT that you accept the WAGE PAYER…YaHuShuWaH. He paid the debt but he only paid for those that ACKNOWLEDGE the fact….Those That call upon HIS NAME. The Divine name. YaHuWaH.

Those that appropriate HIM into the equation.

YaHuWaH was and is YaHushuWaH in Human form!

He paid it himself, as only HE COULD. He was and is the I AM . The ONLY WAY.

Won’t you Call upon his NAME and commit to HIS WAY today?  It’s HIS NARROW WAY or the broad highway folks,

and that road leads to  spiritual death. Choose today who you will serve!!


Let’s Make em Squeal

Dark Entities, The Djinn, Shadow People, ET abduction phenomena. What do they want? Why are they here?

God’s name is YaHuWaH -not Allah. He did cast the non-compliant “Angels” (Djinn) out of heaven where thenceforth they inbred with human women forming the Nephilim race of angelic /human hybrids. The host here sounds like kind of a sci-fi nut case, but the researcher has a lot of valid paranormal information to share.

Coming out of the Matrix… Invite to our Friday evening online Chat Room…

Well I need to apologize to all you folks, but I’ve been swishing around in that toilet bowl called “society” working a secular JOB here these past few weeks to try to stay afloat in this cesspool we live in. Babylon the Whore, is pretty much every where you look, and she touches pretty much every facet of our lives. Especially here in America. I plan to settle back in now with YaHuWaH next week so that I can hear from Him and let you know what HE is saying to HIS ELECT. Satan had me in a tizzy for money as I am not being supported at all for doing this blog, and it takes a lot of time and thought to do so. I still have to pay my bills just like anyone else, so I took a JOB. Problem is when I do that it definitely affects my relationship with YaHuWaH. We are not meant to be on a time clock when it comes to hearing from God. It’s usually in the wee hours of the morning that he wants to talk to us, and that wrecks havoc when you have to get up and go to work.

Nuff said.

Well I also want to invite all the family to our Friday night Torah Teaching and social online chat room on FRIDAY evenings at 7:30 pm EST. Go to Yada Yah Blog Talk radio on the internet. We have a blast folks! We are not RELIGIOUS so if you get easily offended and want to play Religion don’t bother coming. We are just real TRUTH SEEKERS who love our Elohim YaHuWaH and enjoy being around others who love his Torah teaching.

See ya there and don’t be late!

Shabbat Shalom!

You Are What You Eat… The Halleluyah Diet


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