Paris Terrorist Attacks? Nope…

Another Greenberg Production. Folks this shit is ALL a bunch of LIES. These are DRILLS. Get it?? The media is all co-opted. They are the terrorists! How can they do this?? They use PSEUDONYMS. These people aren’t who they say they are. They are being paid to LIE to You and they can legally do so!!


Police interview with Alisa and Gabriel Dearman- Hampstead UK Satanic Abuse case

How can anyone in their right mind think these children are lying???

11/5- One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Well I don’t know where to start. I saw this movie a long time ago when I was younger, and I even did a paper on it when I went to Graduate School and majored in Counseling Psychology. (Abnormal Psych Class). We had to diagnose all of the characters in the film. Well, now I’m seeing this come to life in “Real Life”,  as my only sibling has just been admitted to a Psych Ward two days ago.

Now, I’m not gonna be one to judge because I have done two 30 day stints of my own when I was younger, and that’s how I got the SRA MPD-DID, PTSD dual diagnosis for my own issues. My sibling, however, sided with my parents and I was the crazy one for spilling the beans on the family secrets. I spent 10 lonely years alienated from all of them doing my “recovery”.  Well little did I know then that my greatest therapist would be the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. At that time I was submerged into the Christian church but YaHuWaH had his hand on me at all times.

Sure there were VERY DARK times when I have even seen the angel of death lurking over me like a DARK CLOUD. It all went away though as I began to process the truth of what really had happened to me and how I still managed to survive all that stuff. I should be dead…

Well my sibling has now FREAKED OUT. Now maybe this was triggered by Halloween which could very well be. We all know that Satan did a LOT of stuff this past few weeks and those lying spirits were let loose to be sure to try to capture as many souls as possible. She keeps telling me she’s going to die and that everybody is out to get her. Well maybe there is some truth to that statement or maybe she has just gone paranoid schizophrenic. My mother had those tendencies as well.. She hated all the neighbors and wouldn’t leave the house. My mom was an abductee though, as she confided that to me before she died. She remembers being air born and seeing the ground below her while she was being taken up in the air.

Well that kinda shit is familial and follows the family members. I don’t remember seeing any ET’s but I did work a ritual memory where I was surrounded by them dressed in robes when I was three years old. It was not a pretty scene. It was horrifying… Nuff said..

At any rate, I feel really helpless as far as she is concerned. I tried to find out some info and got shut down by the staff. They say she doesn’t want me knowing anything. I already know everything but she doesn’t want me to know it about her..Hell we had the same parents for crying out loud… She just can’t come to grips with any of it.. It’s gut wrenching stuff I know- and I thank YaHuWaH that I found out at a much younger age when I was fit and healthy enough to deal with it in my body. She’s not and it is seriously taking it’s toll on her. It actually could kill her…

So I’m very distraught, needless to say… If any of you have someone you care about that’s hurting very badly during this “demonic” season we are in, then I’m sure you will understand. All’s I can do now is pray that YaHUWaH will rescue her from herself and her misguided beliefs and feelings and deliver her soul back into His Care.

She’s scared to death for her life…


May the peace of the Ruach  Ha’ Kodesh-our spiritual Mother and Comforter- be with my sister and any other of YaH’s family during this oppressive time we live in.



10/28/15 Satanic Ritual Abuse with Russ Dizdar and George Norry on Coast to Coast AM

10/28/15- Former witch talks about Halloween

1018/15 Understanding your role in your own re-victimization in this Fallen World by brother Zeph Daniel

10/13/15- Update on Hampstead UK SRA case with Ella Draper and Abraham Christie

These two are now implicating “McKenzie Friends” as being scam artists in trying to co -op the case to their advantage. McKenzie Friends were, so called victims advocates helping with the case (i.e. Sabine McNeal and Belinda McKenzie).

Ella Draper is the mother of Alisha and Gabriel Dearman,  who disclosed a Satanic coven that they were being forced to participate in with their cult leader father, Ricky Dearman, in Hampstead, UK.  The children have been taken away and kipnapped from the parent, Ella, and are being held by Social Service legal guardians.

Both Ella and Abraham are vegans and are rather “New Age” proponents, but we do not believe they are the perpetrators in the case, but rather the entire community of Hampstead UK is indeed involved in child trafficking and ritual sacrifice and abuse in epic and horrendous proportions…

9/27 Feast of Tabernacles. Sukkot 2015

Whose your daddy? I hope it’s not this guy!

Pope Francis Turkey

Pope Francis Turkey 

Is anyone else feeling sick to their stomach’s yet? I think I’m gonna puke. I have Popepidemic, I think. It’s more deadly than Ebola as it will send your soul to hell. Furthermore, you will suffer from deranged feelings, dis-illusionment and downright lying doctrine. Hypocrisy and  Idolatry also go hand in hand with this DISEASE. A Plague.

So far I’ve seen this guy pray to idols, support Communism, tell people to help the poor (when they are the richest SOB’s on the planet)  So why all the TV coverage? Cause the Jesuits  own the fricking television networks that’s why.

Now he’s dressed up like a shamrock in green at Madison Square Garden in NYC. And what’s with John Boehner crying? Did they run his sorry ass out? He’s another shill. Ya gotta ask yourself what’s going on while the TV is blasting this shit all out at us. They are obviously hiding something else that’s going on.

Yahushuwah specifically said not to call ANYONE “FATHER” as there is only  ONE FATHER

and that is YaHuWaH.

And now here’s Francis  saying “PEACE<PEACE>PEACE” and we know what YaH said about that one…

“Look up for your redemption draweth nigh”.

He’s also talking about seeing a great light. Well his light is LUCIFER. Not YaHuWaH.

He’s all about accepting others…Gays, Commies, Muslims, Murderers, Abortionists, Sexual Perverts, etc…Just LOVE everybody…PC ad nauseum.

Too bad YaH never said that…If they are enemies of YaH guess what…

You don’t accept them! You’re not supposed to even eat with them!  YaHushuWaH ate with sinners, but he never absorbed their “Sin”. He was not “one of the boys”.  Not until His crucifixion, that is. Then he covered and made atonement for all SIN with His pure BLOOD once and for all.

Yom Kippur is an eternal  remembrance of this Act of Atonement. AT- ONE- MENT. An act that joins those of us who apply this act of sacrifice into our own lives, accepting the redemption he provided in His own person. For that, we who belong to him, become part of HIS Flock. He was the first fruits- but we are to follow in His footsteps. We are the Next fruits…

He leads the WAY and we are to FOLLOW.


Our one and Only Heavenly Father






Sept 22-23rd Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins at sundown on Tues. 9/22 and runs though sundown on Weds. 9/23.

It is a no work day and day of fasting.


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