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8/1/14- Message to the Elect of YaHuWaH- The Signs of the Times

A timely message for the Elect from Minister Bennett. Ye are the children of LIGHT.

Shattering the Matrix with James Bartley, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Reptilian Hosts and Hybrids.

5/26/14- Memorial Day- The Oration of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Isaiah 1:18

Come Let Us Reason Together

Come Let Us Reason Together

I just want to send a personal message out there today for all of the Elect of YaHuWaH. I don’t know about you,  but things have been pretty silent and calm here with me for the past few days. I don’t know what is brewing, but I don’t like the fact that Pope Francis is in Israel. That shill is EVIL. They are wanting to set up a one world religion now (Chrislam) which we have all been warned about.

All RELIGION is man-made.

Anything that has a COLLECTIVE, COMMUNISTIC, mentality is not of YaHuWaH. God made us as INDIVIDUALS. We all have unique fingerprints, ear biometrics, and retina’s. We are all entitled to our own thoughts, ideas, creativity, and expression.

Political correctness is NOT OF GOD. You don’t go along to get along. These radical leftist extremists preach TOLERANCE and yet they are the most INTOLERANT bunch of hypocrites  out there!

YaHuShuWaH (Jesus) was NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, and you shouldn’t be either! He came down on the establishment of his day. Sure he preached love thy NEIGHBOR – but “HIS NEIGHBOR” had qualifiers. He gave the parable about the GOOD SAMARITAN to show that it was the essence of the person’s intent of their heart that made them YOUR NEIGHBOR. If they wanted to rip you off, steal from you, one up you, look down on you, force you to conform to their ideology, etc… then, THEY ARE NOT YOUR NEIGHBOR. PERIOD.

YaHuWaH wiped out many cities in the past. Was that unloving?? Hell no… They were reprobates to his WORD and INSTRUCTIONS about how they should be living their lives. They didn’t have any regard for their Creator or his TORAH, and they manufactured their own gods to suit their own agendas. Mankind has been doing this for thousands of years.

The Roman Catholic Church is probably the worst (The Whore of Babylon), along with Mohammed and Islam. Combining the two will make HELL ON EARTH for sure. That’s Ha Satan’s plan. There just doesn’t seem to be any getting around it. Your not going to be raptured off of the Earth unless you are part of his Elect… Even then, that is circumspect. YaHuWaH did promise  to make a way THROUGH the TRIBULATION. He said he would spread his wings over us like a mother hen. He would COVER US.

I’ve been watching CNN pretty frequently since the whole MH370 jet disappeared, and the whole scenario is pathetic. They have to create most of these dramas to have a job. A lot of stuff is just plain staged. Life is actually pretty mundane for most of us, while it’s entertainment to them. Something to watch. Just like the Romans liked killing for sport. Pretty much nothing has changed.

The majority of people are content with being in the Matrix. It’s not til they get older, that they  realize -Hey wait a minute! WTF have I been being played for all my life? What a fool I am! I go to work everyday (or NOT). I pay my bills, buy their crap, eat their GMO food. Get their engineered  diseases, go to their doctors, buy their drugs…(OR alcohol). Pay for their real estate which they own- not you.( If you do own it outright, they will make damn sure to try to steal it back from you through eminent domain, government regulations, EPA, etc…)

You gotta laugh and give this shit up folks…IT’S TEMPORAL.

They want to KILL YOU if and when you stop producing for them and paying in to their system. Now they are totally overloading the system with indigent who don’t produce anything. That’s to finish off the rest of you who are. To make you angry as hell to fight over your shit which you worked so hard to get and these lowlife haven’t done anything to deserve anything. Level the playing field for the middle class so it’s totally wiped out and the 1% elitists at the top have it all at your expense.


I don’t know what the answer is, except that our World Governments are totally out of control,  and they run the governments behind the scenes. When I say THEY,  I mean the DEMONIC PRINCIPALITIES governing our planet. It’s all a test to see where your priorities are.


do you love what He can do for you? Most people want HIS STUFF or a GET OUT OF HELL FREE PASS .

It’s time to get SERIOUS with our Creator folks. DO WHAT IS RIGHT! CLEAN UP YOUR ACTS. Be CONSISTENT in your life. BE HONEST and TRUTHFUL. YaHushuWaH is the WAY OF TRUTH. You can’t be living a LIE and think you are pleasing God.  AND

if  YOUR TRUTH is inconsistent with GOD’s TRUTH (HIS WORD)  then guess who needs to change? DUH?

The word MEMORIAL stems from two words. MEM and ORIAL. Mem as we discussed in a prior post about the Kabbalah comes from the Feminine Ruach Ha’ Kodesh side of YaHuWaH’s Tree of Life. The WATER/EMOTIONAL  SIDE. Orial is to Orate speech, to proclaim,  and is verbally driven. The AIR/INTELLECTUAL SIDE.

The Word of YaHuWaH today is Isaiah 1:18.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. It’s time to REPENT!


Time is running out…Make this day a Memorial to Yourself.

This is the day I gave my life back to God.

His name is YaHuWaH. Every knee shall bow at that name.

Yah Bless and Keep Your Children.


The Urim and Thummim- God’s First Laptop (Breastplate) Computer!

red pill and a shopping cart

YaHuWah is so awesome! He showed me this mystery today and I was floored to say the least! Everyone thinks that the Urim and Thummin were two articles of divination that were inserted into the high priest’s breastplate. Well NO–OOO. The breastplate itself was a COMPUTER! The gemstones would emanate colored lights of various spectral frequencies. It was a language of LIGHTS- kinda like morse code only with flashes of different light colors and frequencies, each meaning different things. It was a celestial communication with YaHuWaH. Only the HIGH PRIEST could interpret the code as he had the Urim and Thummin to do so. So what was that?? They were computer programs! The “DISCS” has to be inserted into the breastplate to be able to decipher the code. Now whether they were physical discs or not doesn’t really matter. Personally I think the discs were downloaded into the priests DNA and stored in his HEART. When the body of the priest put on the Breastplate, then the computer would work properly and God’s will could be determined properly. If the discs were physical there would be the chance that someone could steal them for their own  illicit gain. That was why the priests were so reverenced. They alone had the specific encoded DNA to properly wear the breastplate computer of the most HIGH ELOHIM.  The breastplate itself is a “Laptop” version if you will, of God’s mainframe computer in Heaven. The throne of God also has the same technology being made up of the same jewels but on a much larger scale of course. The priestly caste were the descendants of the ELOHIM so they alone had the specific DNA downloaded to them to be able to communicate to their ancestors.

In Nehemiah 7:65, the word states that they were not to eat of  “the most holy things” until a priest STOOD UP WITH URIM AND THUMMIM. In other words, the priest was unique and possessed these two qualities or items on his person. It was something bestowed on the person by Almighty God himself to serve as a direct spokesperson for him on the earth in matters of sovereign judgement and moral and ethical decision-making according to his will. Even today, UR means that it came from SUMERIA and it is a computer program used today. The Thummim is much more vague…I think it was EDIBLE.

Perhaps there is some correlation to TOM THUMB. This was a children’s fairytale about a thumb sized PERSON. There are many such references to such people’s across history and across continents. Could these be the Thummim? King Arthur supposedly had Tom Thumb in his court. Furthermore Tom Thumb was always getting SWALLOWED by something. Being so small he could be INGESTED. It’s my theory that the THUMMIM was ingested. It was “The things most holy” that get eaten. Perhaps a psychedelic drug. They were like the little scrolls that we see getting eaten throughout the bible where then the recipient has full knowledge of the WORD and God’s plans. Kinda like a divine PILL. The RED pill in the MATRIX that OPENS THE THIRD EYE so that you can see into the higher realms and discern TRUTH from the MATRIX LIE all around us. 

You couldn’t, however , have one without the other and be in the will of YaHuWaH. People can be drugged out on all kinds of stuff and be as demonic as can be! You had to have the TEMPLATE program of URIM to rightly discern the TRUTH. The THUMMIN was just a gateway drug if you will to open the chakras, specifically the HEART chakra where then the URIM could initiate the computer program of YaHuWaH.

HAH! Our God Reigns Superb!

How do you computer geeks (Amorites)  like that one??



5/14/14- A message to Queen Elizabeth- Isaiah Chap 47.

Trance Formation of America-Mass Mind Control in America-Cathy O’Brien

5/3/14 Update on MH370- Indian Ocean Staged Set

Diane Farr or Sarah Bajac?

Diane Farr or Sarah Bajc?

Well, here we go with the staged movie set in the Indian Ocean. We warned you about this about a month ago when the Malaysian woman sighted the crashed plane from the air on March 8th. (Raja Delelah) It amazes me that that was NEVER covered in the news, even though the woman filed TWO police reports. (See our post on this). We also had eye witness sightings and witnesses hearing Haarp Type Ringing for 2 MINUTES right around the time of the midair CONFISCATION of the jet at 45,000 feet over Penang airspace.

The Illuminati really wants to make a movie about this, so they may have staged this set in advance with a cloned plane of MH370. They have the ability to do so, as we have discussed in some of our previous posts about human cloning, and also the fact that there was also a double plane in Tel Aviv. Boeing has to be complicent in this whole plot, having made more than one of this same plane.

At any rate it’s all a LIE. The plane is intact, and 200 of the people are still alive and are with MICHAEL as we already stated. They are in the Valley of Vision (Silicon Valley). The crew and 20 scientists from FREESCALE have been annihilated for their participation in this planned delivery to Diego Garcia of Weaponized RFID microchips that were on board the plane. The planes’s manifest is BOGUS and those were not typical LI batteries. The two TRIDENT security guards who knew what was on that plane were murdered as we already disclosed in a prior post.

I will try to get an update on the passengers for the families as YaHuWaH discloses, but right now they are in training and being well cared for. It is for YaHuWaH’s plans that that ship was taken and also to intercede to protect humanity from the deployment of those EVUL chips. (See my post on Masks and Mirrors). Microchipping is insideous and YaHuWaH had to have MICHAEL step in to deter this. It’s gotten way out of hand.

Those chips were destroyed, as we stated in another post, having been detonated in New Mexico. Any biological or weaponized additions to the chips were rendered inactive prior to destruction of that cargo. It is the cargo that the Illuminati was most concerned about, along with the plane itself, as that particular jet is a long range jet capable of traveling over 7,000 km.without refueling and also able to carry a warhead. Also of concern, of course was the Intellectual property and persons from Freescale for their scientific knowledge and design capabilities of the chips. Jacob Rothchild had everything to gain by that jet’s disappearance.

I’m also having some suspicions about the Sara Bajc character now. I’m not sure who she is, but she may be an actress. This was supposed to be a staged crash event after the cargo got delivered to Diego Garcia. She looks a lot like Diane Farr. Diane Farr  is married to an Asian guy also. I saw a movie last night called Collision Earth where she played a character named “VICTORIA” and I had to do a double take wondering if it was her!       (We talked about that name also in an earlier post- the 4th beast of Daniel).

The other thing that is bothering me is the missing students from the SEWOL disaster in South Korea. I feel that too was intentional (torpedo?) and that a lot of those teenagers were taken as sex slaves and actually were taken off the ship. There are a lot of them still unaccounted for,  and that whole recovery effort was a disaster in and of itself.

The Illuminati are ramping up these planned disasters. Those demons that they work for know their time is short. I’ll be glad when YaHuWaH destroys all of these bastards from off the face of OUR EARTH. It’s time we take our planet back for humanity and kick these fricking lizards and their totey’s to the curb. It’s about time don’t ya think?


Illuminati Whistleblower Donald Marshall on Human Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, and Microchipping

POSTSCRIPT> The Elect can NOT be KILLED folks. If you are an ELECT, you are an ETERNAL BEING chosen of YaHuWaH. This guy is an ELECT and he doesn’t know it, but they do! Like I said, they know us from birth. Most of us do have clones also. The ELECT are CREATIVE. These Vril beings do not have any Creativity. They can only copy. I myself am a MONARCH MK ULTRA and was used extensively as a sex slave for the Illuminati. I had my memory restored when I also got into my thirties. That is pretty universal. Like I said, the ONLY WAY OUT is through the DOOR OF YAHUWAH…THE WAY…Through his shed blood being grafted into our DNA. Our MESSIAH and SAVIOR, YaHushuWaH!

Donald Sterling, Criminalizing Free Speech, 1st Amendment Rights, Race Baiting, Thought Crime in America

This is a very dangerous precedent trying to be set against free speech in America. You should be able to say whatever the hell you want here. The MOB does not rule. You can’t force somebody to sell their business because you don’t like what they say. People can SAY whatever they want. If you don’t like it, then don’t support their business. What he said was between him and his slutty girlfriend in PRIVATE. His privacy was INVADED. I don’t see anybody attacking her. He got what was coming to him for sure, but HE is the OWNER. It’s his business and he can run it however he wants to. If you don’t like HIM then don’t pay the TICKET PRICE. God doesn’t give a shit about sports anyhow. Your wasting your time by supporting that BS.

Satanism, Patriotism, Military Industrial Complex, Gangs, Knights Malta, in America

Interview with Zeph Daniel, Sherry Shriner, and Pastor Harry


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