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4/24/14- Ezekiel, UFO’s, God’s Judgement, MH370, Cheribim, Satanic Rituals,

A timely message from Brother Zeph Daniel

Michelle Obama is a Man.

We told you all along those aren’t her kids.

4/21/14 -Happy Anniversary Suckers. Boston Bombing Hoax.

4/21/14 -Happy Anniversary Suckers. Boston Bombing Hoax.

Australian Archeology- Treasure hunting off the Coast using MH370 as an excuse

dutch shipdutch east indies map 1622

Maritime Archaeology emerged in Australia commenced in the 1970s due to concerns expressed by academics and politicians with the rampant destruction of the Dutch and British East India ships lost on the west coast. As Commonwealth legislation was enacted and enforced after 1976 and as States enacted their own legislation the sub-discipline spread throughout Australia concentrating initially on shipwrecks due to on-going funding by both the States and the Commonwealth under their shipwreck legislation.[9] Studies now include as an element of Underwater archaeology, as a whole, the study of submerged indigenous sites. Nautical Archaeology, (the specialised study of boat and ship construction) is also practised in the region. Often the sites or relics studied in Australia as in the rest of the world are not inundated. The study of historic submerged aircraft, better known as a sub-discipline of aviation archaeology, underwater aviation archaeology is also practised in the region. In some states maritime and underwater archaeology is practised out of Museums and in others out of cultural heritage management units and all practitioners operate under the aegis of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology.

Over 1400 ships have been wrecked on the coast of Western Australia. This relatively large number of shipwrecks is due to a number of factors, including:

      a long and very difficult coastline with very few natural harbors

  • at certain times of the year powerful storms and gales are very common.  These winds are normally on-shore
  • A long ‘cyclone season’ rendering all sea travel hazardous and many harbors ineffectual in providing a safe haven
  • The inability to accurately measure longitude until the late 18th Century and the tendency to reduce their travel time by keeping their ships in the “Roaring Forties” for as long as possible saw many ships fail to turn north for the Indies at the right time.[1] As a result many were wrecked on the coast of Western Australia.
  • Numerous accounts from local indigenous tribes concerning white shipwreck survivors ending up on their shores.

The Vatican is HUGELY into this. Not only are they into the mapping of ley lines but they are also into TREASURE HUNTING. This underwater search for MH370 is being used by them to further their own research. It’s a RUSE. They could care less about MH370. The only thing they wanted was the cargo and the 20 scientists.

There were vast wrecks of ancient ships on this coast that have yet to be discovered. Probably lots of sunken treasure and booty. They aren’t stupid. They will exploit this not only archeologically but also eventually through Hollywood which they also own.


The Four Horseman of the Apocalype= FOUR STARS and their configurations!!


The Red Horseman is beginning to Rear his Ugly Head.

Originally posted on Endtimelect:

constellation_Taurus                                           Hyades

Our Elohim is amazing! He said he would give us the stars for signs and he has shown me a glimpse of what that means!! I was reading this morning and he told me how he absolutely detests GROVE worship. Well the only grove I had heard about was Bohemian, so I looked up grove worship. Seems the DRUIDS are really into this. Well I looked at their pagan ritual calendar and saw the vernal equinox coming up. Right along with Passover & Easter….This is what it said….

The Spring Equinox, Alban Eilir, located in the East, represents the time of Reception – Reception of Wisdom, as we face the dawn rays of the rising sun on the first morning of Spring. The East has always been associated with Wisdom and Enlightenment, because it is from the East that the sun rises. And it is on the Spring Equinox that…

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Four Blood Moons. What does it mean? The Queen of the Damned. Dan. 7 (4th Beast).

Blood moon

The Hebrew word for blood, dam, means ‘mother’ or ‘woman’ in other Indo-European languages (e,g. dam, damsel, madam, la dama, dame) and also “the curse” (damn).  It also is a reference to Menses, hence women get their monthly  “CURSE.  Therefore, the Biblical A-dam means  from a bloody EARTHEN (clay) cursed woman or mother.  (GAIA).

The BLOOD MOON therefore,  is the The Queen of Heaven. (The Evil Sister to the Earth) She is The Queen of the Damned. (ISIS/ISHTAR) and mother of the children of the NIGHT. The Vampiress.

Easter eggs, classic womb-symbols of the Goddess Eostre, (Ishtar/Isis) were traditionally colored RED and laid on graves to strengthen the dead.  This habit, common in Greece and southern Russia, might be traced all the way back to Paleolithic graves which were reddened with ochre, for a closer resemblance to the EARTH Mother’s womb (GAIA) from which the dead could be “born again.”

The Sumerian Great Mother (Tiamat) represented maternal blood and bore names like Dam-kina, Damgalnunna. From her belly flowed the four rivers of Paradise, sometimes called rivers of blood which is the ’life’ of all flesh. Her firstborn child, the 1st savior, was Damu, a “child of the blood.” Damos or ’mother-blood” was the word for “the people” in matriarchal Mycenae.

Another common ancient symbol of the blood-river of life was the red carpet, traditionally trod by sacred kings, heroes, and brides. This is the ‘The Royal Road’ – now favored by Hollywood celebrities, the royalty of our times. We roll out the red carpet because they are considered Royalty. They are royal BLOOD LINES.

The Bible also calls menstrual blood the flower (Leviticus 15:24), precursor of the fruit of the womb (a child). As any flower mysteriously contained its future fruit, so uterine blood was the moon-flower supposed to contain the souls of future generations. This was a central idea in the matrilineal concept of the clan. 


In Satanism/Pagan Catholicism, The Virgin birth of the son of God, the seed of David, is symbolized by the Magdalene presenting the blood red egg. The egg is the son of god and the seed of David which as the nut from the tree (Pinecone/Pineal Gland) over the well is consumed and retained within the salmon (FISH/DAGON) which represents the vulva that resides beneath the womb or well. Christ simply means anointed one and derives from Messe, the act of anointing a Dragon Queen or King with the fat of the Sobekh or water dragon (crocodile). By understanding the dual meaning of Ichthos we comprehend that Ichthos as both Christ(anointed-messe) and salmon (fish) means “anointed Vulva of the Dragon Princess“, giving the meaning that her womb gives issue to the seed of god which is held in the virgin vulva (christ) which sheds its blood, and the seed, for the salvation of man. The body (ova) and blood (menses) of Christ (the sacred womb).

This anointed vulva can be also be found in the Song of Solomon. (Another book I’d personally trash- not of God!).

“My hands are on the lock of the door, my fingers drip with Myrrh” – Sheba.

The act of anointing signifies sacredness and holiness, that someone or something is set aside for some sole Holy Purpose. The anointed Vulva/Womb that itself anoints is set aside for a higher purpose that mere procreation. It is the Holy Virgin Grail which contains the Blood of Christ, the Blood of the Messiahs or Dragon Kings and Queens.The Virgin Birth was not a child, but a seed of a child and Christs (the Vulva’s) sacrifice of its body and blood for the salvation of man was the “birth” or flowing forth of the spent ova in the menses which, in the Eucharist, is symbolized by the Bread and Wine which, as we all know, must be consumed. Hence in Satanism they DRINK the BLOOD of the menses. In Roman Catholicism, it becomes BLOOD also when you partake of Communion through their doctrine of transubstantiation. Pretty sick shit.

The blood MOON signifies that the Whore of Babylon (ISHTAR/ISIS) is menstruating and getting ready to be impregnated to conceive. ISIS had 4 sons. (One of which was Horus). The Tetrad is showing us that history is getting ready to repeat itself in the Heavens. The Whore is ripe for conception this EASTER (ISHTAR).



There is a direct correlation between Daniel Chap 7′s 4th Beast and these







4/14/14- The Passover-The Destiny of Malaysian Flight MH370


Over the course of this past month the events of March 8th have been revealed to me by YaHuWaH. We discussed from the beginning the diversionary plan to subvert the flight to Diego Garcia by the Saturnian Rothchild Cabal to hijack the 20 Freescale scientists and the weaponized RFID nanochip cargo. We discussed the crew and their complicent cooperation with this plan along with the US military.

YaHuWaH had the plane confiscated in midair over Penang, Malaysia using a cloaked mother ship commandeered by Micheal. The plane was basically sucked up to 45,000 ft. by the ship. The passengers were rendered unconscious at this point and Michael took over the command of the plane. They used a download from DELL, Panang  to help direct the plane and navigate it to a safe pickup location.  All cell phone service was jammed. The cargo was unloaded and taken to NM via a fleet of smaller craft and dumped at  White Sands Military base in NM and exploded with thermite to irradicate the weaponized nanochips rendering them inactive and benign. (some had biologicals attached to them as well).

Some say they eye witnessed the plane flying low over the Maldives also. They did dip down to a lower altitude over Diego Garcia and re-piloted the plane to dispose of the bodies of the 12 crew members and 20 scientists to show the Army who was boss here.  (the Popping 300 object disappearing debris field). It had been the Military’s intention to dump the plane as they now have scripted in the Indian Ocean after they got their payload off .  The 207 remaining passengers were to have been a sacrifice to Isis (Goddess of sailors) . The plane was, however, then picked up and taken back on board  the celestial ship. I was told the destination was the Valley of Vision for the 200 passengers and the 7 MALAK that were aboard the ship. There are future plans for the 777 jet as well. The 200 are in training for YaHuWaH’s plan to lead China to a saving knowledge of him in these last days. They will be the Lords over the Valley of Vision.

The Valley of Vision is the Silicon Valley. They are either there or on a ship hovering over there, or in a parallel reality. They did stop over Hawaii for refueling for the 777  jet and obtained new passports/identification for the plane and passengers. (Got this info from Psychic Keith Watson who saw 3 Islands and a curve). The 200 are safe and will be returning to Earth sometime over the next 20 years. The 7 Malak will not be returning. They are the seven angels that reside over San Franciso Bay. Those are their thrones or dominions  here on the EARTH. I believe Angel Island will be a introductory point to the 200′s  integration back into society and quite possibly they will be given jobs working in the Napa Valley. They will learn how to gather grapes as they are being trained as Reapers.

We talked about Isaiah 22 and the judgement on San Francisco with a great Earthquake. We also talked about Nancy Pelosi, Bloomberg, Blackstone, Jacob Rothchild, and Bohemian Grove as being part of the reason for YaHuWaH’s judgement of the USA Pacific Coast with their liberal hedonistic, homosexuality, Babylonian practices and Transhumanism agenda. We also discussed the Main Stream Media’s Satanic Rituals to try to spin the search to Perth, Australia so as to justify the millions of dollars to spend for the Vatican so they can map the energy ley lines for their Satanic Rituals. Their use of Mnemonics, Harmonics,  and Mass Mind control techniques of the unsuspecting masses. They are also into TREASURE HUNTING big time and we will discuss this in our next post.

The PASSOVER is all about coming out of Egypt and being delivered by the Savior from all this insidious evil. The passengers of MH370 have been given a rare opportunity and have been freed from our 3D Matrix cabal run by the Illuminati Satanists, Draconian Greys, Freemasons, and Saturnian occultists. YaHuWaH is just getting started. He is in control and


Those people are in a much better place they those of us here. They have been transported  into a new and better parallel reality. They have been delivered out of EGYPT.



Lesson 3-The Valley of Vision. Who is modern day Shebna? Isaiah 22: 15-19

Nancy Pelosi

Shebna was a wicked, deceitful, and proud man who, as some Jewish historians maintain, conspired with Assyria in an attack on Jerusalem. Shebna probably was elevated to his position as household treasurer during the reign of Hezekiah’s father, Ahaz.

The Lord saw Shebna’s pride and wickedness, and He sent Isaiah to proclaim judgment on him. The main point of the prophecy was that Shebna would be brought down and another man, Eliakim, would be put in his place over the household. Eliakim was a servant of the Lord, faithful and trustworthy, and he would rise from a lower position to become a great officer in the court.

This probably seemed ridiculous to Shebna at the time because he believed himself rooted in his position. He even had a sepulcher hewn out for himself as a monument to his greatness. He was ambitious to be remembered and honored even after his death. Shebna was full of his own glory, but God was not impressed, and He would not tolerate a traitor in the midst of His people. He would replace Shebna, bringing him down from his lofty position to that of a scribe, and then eventually sending him from the country to die in a foreign land, alone and forgotten. Some Jewish historians believe Shebna contracted leprosy and was forced from the court and eventually from the nation because the disease was seen as a direct judgment of God. If this was what happened, then God’s judgment was complete, for a “great” man was brought low without hope of redemption.

This passage reminds us that God is in control of everything, and though it might seem as if wicked men or women will never be removed, He can bring them down in a moment and replace them with His good and faithful servants. This was what happened in Judah. A wicked man was removed from office and a man after God’s own heart was put in his place. We need never fear that prideful people will truly succeed in their quests for power, for the Lord will judge them for their crimes.


Full Definition of SHE

 THAT FEMALE  one who is neither speaker nor hearer. (THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE)
BNA- NY Stock Exchange
BlackRock Income Opportunity Trust, Inc. is a close ended fixed income mutual fund launched by Blackrock, Inc.
It is managed by BlackRock Advisors, LLC.
                                                                                   SHE BNA

Isaiah 22. The Valley of Vision- Lesson 2- The Judgement of The Silicon Valley

silicon (Saturn Cube) Chips

The Valley of Vision is where we said the surviving passengers of MH370 have been taken.

They are in the Silicon Valley or they are being educated about the Silicon Valley and it’s soon to be DEMISE.

They were picked up in Penang, Malaysia via YaHuWaH’s celestial ship in midair piloted by “Michael”, YaHuWaH’s,  #1 Commander.

Isaiah 22: Vs. 1

The Burden (Cargo) of the “Valley” (Dell) of Vision (Seer or Visionary).

DELL-A small, secluded, and often wooded valley.

Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide.

As opposed to the ENEMY Cube of Saturn we discussed previously …

Dell, Inc. is based in ROUND ROCK, TX. It also has a huge operation in Penang, MALAYSIA, right where we said YaHuWaH’s  celestial UFO abducted MH370. This is not to say that DELL was behind it, but someone on the plane,(most likely Phillip Wood of IBM tried to call DELL in Penang for SOS). China mobile phones were jammed, however. YaHuWaH then would have run a download on Micheal Dell for more information.

He is one of ours. A GOOD GUY.

Unbeknownst to him,  he has helped subvert a horrible electronic/biological warfare disaster. (Weaponized RFID Nanochips).

Thanks Micheal(s).


Verse 2-7  goes on to describe a GREAT  Earthquake (HAARP) in the San Francisco Valley as a JUDGEMENT from YaHuWaH against the Silicon Valley

for setting up the demise of ISRAEL and for conspiring with ELAM (Iran) to do so. Elam was a matriarchal society, thus women leading over men and all society. In general, women’s rights in Mesopotamia were not equal to those of men, but in early periods women were free to go out to the marketplaces, buy and sell, attend to legal matters for their absent men, own their own property, borrow and lend, and engage in business for themselves. High status women, such as priestesses and members of royal families, might learn to read and write and be given considerable administrative authority. Numerous powerful goddesses were worshiped; in some city states they were the primary deities .

verse 8-    They have met in secret at the Palace of the Forest (BOHEMIAN GROVE) to plot and plan this cyber/electronic  attack against JERUSALEM.

verse 9-11 The walls are FIRE WALLS of infrastructure that have or will be hacked. It sounds like Israel’s WATER SUPPLY will be key.

verse 12-14 Pronounces God’s Judgement against California’s Silicon Valley  for this TRESPASS against Almighty GOD.

Iran will circumvent and invade the area to their own advantage. The leaders in California will FLEE TO THE HILLS   or



Next Who is SHEBNA?




High Tech Ritual Magic and Malaysian Flight MH370


The Illuminati is conducting a Satanic Ritual over the missing flight MH370. We need to investigate the terminology that is being manipulated in the main stream media to draw the masses into this mass mind control lie. First off there was no crash. PERIOD. And yet the media has led you to believe that that is the only outcome when logically there could be countless other reasons for that planes disappearance. They have steered you to their OUTCOME and theirs only. (THIS IS MASS MIND CONTROL).

We have heard a lot about “Pings” lately and reference to the Black Boxes (see my post on the CUBES OF SATURN) being involved in the ritual.  PINGS are not what you think. They are referencing DISK CLONING. NOT HARMONICS. (Although some Harmonics are at work also..Namely the frequency they are actively INTRODUCING into the ocean for their ritual magic. None of this is for the victims benefit mind you. It is for POWER OVER THE MASSES!

Disk cloning is the process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk or to an “image” file. This may be done straight from one disk to another, but more often, the contents of the first disk are written to an image file as an intermediate step, then the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. Typically, this is done for archiving purposes, to restore lost or damaged data, or to move wanted data into a new disk, though other reasons also exist.

Unlike standard copying functions, disk cloning involves copying hidden and in-use files, and thus presents special challenges, as those types of files are typically not available for copying. Additional complications arise when the process is used for networked computers, as the network must be able to distinguish between different computers. Post-cloning operations may be necessary to address these and other issues.

This is an invocation of 4th dimensional entities to clone the missing plane and data and produce the deception to dupe the public. It could also be literally used to clone people and bodies from the plane.

We have references to “HANDSHAKES” with a computer Satellite system that has no Hands. Watch the semantics they employ.

Other terms being used in the invocation are of course TRIANGULATION (reference to Egyptology and Pyramids).

The ARC or ARK for the satellite parameters. (Notice NOAH premiered in Hollywood also during this same time).

We also have actor “ANGUS” (BULL)  “HOUSTON” (NASA- Houston we have liftoff) now running the Australian investigation.

I told you about the “BULL” being the RED HORSEMAN (The BULL’s EYE- eye of SAURON) centered on INDIA in an earlier post.

Now I understand that it was not the country of INDIA but rather the INDIAN OCEAN YaHuWaH has referenced in the Book of Revelation.

They are also talking about SILT now. Silt, deposited by annual floods along the Nile River, created the rich, fertile soil that sustained the Ancient Egyptian civilization. These are code words for the invocation of the higher dimensional entities. Silt being composed of QUARTZ CRYSTALLINE.

We have OCEAN SHIELD on site. The name of the ship.  SHIELD=Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. This is SPIRITUAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL/ TACTICAL WARFARE.

If you watch CNN be careful not to be sucked in with their “ACTOR” experts. It’s all scripted to lead you astray from the TRUTH.

CNN Expert RICHARD QUEST is an elitist. “RICHARD” as in King Richard the Lion-Hearted (QUEEN OF UK) is on the QUEST (for the Holy Grail!- GET IT!).

CNN Expert MARY SCHIAVO is a play on the Terminally Ill case of “Terri” SCHIAVO of times past where they pulled her LIFE SUPPORT down in Florida. (MARY referencing MARITIME). The Illuminati loves DRAMA and REENACTMENT cause they are ALL ACTORS on the ROMAN STAGE.


THE MILITARY is all involved also and is so compartmentalized that nobody is the wiser as to what is going on. LOOK at the terminology being used.

IT IS THE KEY. They don’t choose these words arbitrarily. They are being manipulated MAGICALLY for the ritual. Get your dictionaries out and look up all these terms they are utilizing. It is all by ILLUMINATI DESIGN.

YaHuWaH has HIS OWN PLAN FOLKS. They can conjure crap and demons all they want. We his emissaries will not be deceived and we are here to educate you folks that are awake to look deeper into what they are plotting here on a global scale.

Most of those folks on MH370 are STILL ALIVE! (200). The others are dead and we already addressed that, who, and why.

We will be discussing the VALLEY OF VISION. IT is what YaHuWaH is telling me to teach on next. I have NO IDEA what that involves-but HE DOES and it is PERTINENT here. Read Isaiah 22 as that is where we will be going next with this.

The survivors of MH370 are in the VALLEY OF VISION and it is NOT what you think!

More to come. Stay on these LIARS on TV. They are scrambling now.

All these mass shootings ,mass stabbings, rioting  (UKRAINE), etc…ARE STAGED CHAOTIC EVENTS. (CHAOS THEORY). None of it is REAL folks. This is the MATRIX crumbling right before our eyes. They will step up the deceptions and events exponentially here now. They may start doing REAL KILLINGS also. Everyone needs to self report. If you live in these areas you need to EXPOSE the SHAM. They can do this LEGALLY. It is Artistic License.

They feel this is ART! A FORM  of ART to DECEIVE YOU!

It is UNETHICAL and IMMORAL. We need to stop them in their tracks!

I could tell one cop on CNN was NOT COOPERATING today with the MASS PA STABBING DRILL.

He kept calling the stabber “ACTOR”.      Good for YOU Mr. Honest Police Officer!

Halelu YAH!



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