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12/27/15- Aren’t you glad that’s over??

Hillary Clinton

I don’t know about you , but I’m pretty much exhausted from the whole Christmas BS. I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t had any time to write and keep up. It sucks because I really like writing to you and hearing from Yahuwah, but when I get busy just trying to pay bills and keep ahead, my relationship with Yahuwah suffers as well.

I also bought a fixer upper house and I’ll be working on this for the next 10 years at the rate I’m going. A house is important to Yahuwah and I always wanted a place to call home. I’m getting too old now to be running all over the country and I’d like to settle in for once. It’s my new artistic project but it’s very time consuming and laborious.

The weather’s been pretty crappy also and I’m working out of town having to drive in it. I’ll go out in the morning and my car is like a block of ice.. Thank Yahuwah for de- icer! I talked to my sister in SC and it was 77 there yesterday. WTF?? It’s December for crying out loud. I think the poles have shifted. Tornados in the winter too … Come on… Really?? The weather is all screwed up everywhere but the experts aren’t gonna tell you what’s really going on..

Then we have Hollywood releasing the new Star Wars Movie and raking in Millions..I refuse to give them a fucking dime.. No telling where that money is going. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going anywhere good..

And lastly, I love watching the Donald Trump Show..It’s a blast that this guy says what the hell everybody else is afraid to. Ban the Muslims from the USA?        Awesome…

Putin even likes him and said he’d make a great president. If I were gonna vote I’d vote for “The Donald”. I hate that witch Hillary Clinton. He says she got slonged by Obama..

That’s HILLAR-Y- ous!!

That witch probably wished she could get slonged by Obama . Too bad Obama is a fag …She’s a nasty rapist whore… Ask any SRA’s that have been raped by that bitch…Trump knows the score and so does Putin. They know what she is…That’s why he called her out for her “bathroom”  fuck break…

Well 2016 is just around the corner now. It sure isn’t gonna be getting any better from here on out despite what Trump says… I’m gonna go with what Yahuwah says and start preparing for meltdown. I got me some land now, so come spring it’s gonna be planting time..A few chickens, a watchdog,  and maybe a couple of goats and  a shotgun and I’ll be good to go!

See ya next year!


We’ll see….


Paris Terrorist Attacks? Nope…

Another Greenberg Production. Folks this shit is ALL a bunch of LIES. These are DRILLS. Get it?? The media is all co-opted. They are the terrorists! How can they do this?? They use PSEUDONYMS. These people aren’t who they say they are. They are being paid to LIE to You and they can legally do so!!


1018/15 Understanding your role in your own re-victimization in this Fallen World by brother Zeph Daniel

7/23- Bohemian Grove Insider Info

7/19/15- Going it Alone with YaHuWaH

God will carry You

I want to talk a bit now about your “Relationship” with God. It’s very cliché these days to talk about your “personal relationship” with God, getting “saved”, being “delivered”, coming out of Babylon, etc… Now let me make this perfectly clear… Your “relationship” is not going to be the same as my “relationship”… We are two different beings, each unique, and each serving a different purpose in God’s design and scheme of things. He has a plan for you, and your place in HIM that is very different than someone else’s.  The Church’s , however, want you to FIT IN, be a part of their GROUP, support their Ministries, (which you are NOT a part of) and support them and their vision, financially.

Well I’m here to tell you that God is not a Groupie. Get out and go it alone with YaHuWaH.

Sure it’s tough…Sure you will feel isolated. But whatever, you give up for YaH , He will meet you and fill that gap..You may FEEL utterly alone at first, but let me tell you–HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!

A primary relationship is between TWO people. Three is a crowd-remember?

The prophets of times past were LONERS…They answered to know one except YaHuWaH. They didn’t take classes, go to bible school, join the Mission field, buy a library of books, sing in the choir, go to church every Sunday, etc..

Now YaHushWaH did FEED the hungary, but only while they were listening to HIM!! He didn’t go around feeding people indiscriminately who didn’t give a damn about what HE had to say…He also didn’t lay hands on just anybody, and HEAL everybody. He knew beforehand whom he was going to HEAL, because he has known “His Children” from the Foundation of the World. The ones who will RESPOND to Him. The ones who “Hear HIS VOICE”.

Now mind you, HIS VOICE is not of this world!

It has nothing to do with this World because this world belongs to SATAN.  When he says to come out of this World he means that —

DON”T FIT IN to this SYSTEM! It is NOT of GOD. It is NOT of YaHuWaH!

Mammon, SIN, BEL, (and the Entire Ha Satan collective) rule this “REALITY”.  Pretty much all of the social, political, industrial, & educational, systems are ALL CORRUPTED. We aren’t supposed to participate!!

That doesn’t mean though, that we stick our head in the sand and don’t EXPOSE THEM and call them out.

A little light in a DARK place (ever been in a totally dark cave?) becomes the focal point of the whole SPACE!!  Why do you think they target us!! Because when we speak, those demons take note… The FOCUS immediately goes to the LIGHT, or in this case the “Enlightened Person”. (And I’m not talking about the Illuminati here either).

The Illuminati are those people who have taken advantage of what LIGHT they can confiscate from and suck off of the TRUE CHILDREN of YAH, so they can exploit it and manipulate it to their advantage, screwing us out of our rightful inheritance. They also use demonic powers that have superior knowledge about physics, chemistry, alchemy, etc… to do their bidding in exchange for more soul energy, (nephash) which contains the creative life force of YaHuWaH.

So in a sense, they are PARASITES par excellence! They can’t EXIST without the True Believer. They are Lifeless beings because they do not belong to the One who GIVES LIFE. They are Vampires…Walking Dead People…

So how do you know which category you belong to? Well if you are listening to this post, you are most likely one of YaH’s kids. Oh, I get Satanists that listen too mind you, but they just try to give me a hard time and refute what I have to say. At least they are engaged- which is a lot more than I can say about a lot of so called “Christians” who are perfectly content to go to church and fill pews every week and have NO RELATIONSHIP at all with YaHuWaH and who don’t even know His Divine Name.

Time is winding down now, and all hell is starting to break loose around the planet… It is vital that you know where you stand with YaH. You think your pastor is gonna protect you from what’s to come?? They’ll lock those Church doors so fast when the shit hits the fan, that you’ll never know what hit you!! It’s time to get in the BOOK and hear from the Master of the Universe, directly for yourself. Take one step towards doing that and YaHuWaH will pick you up and carry you the Rest of the Way!

After all—



Are You Lost?

Jack Shepard

Jack Shepard

I’ve been watching the past television series episodes of “Lost”. I never saw it when it was on TV. It’s about a plane that crashes on this mysterious island and the survivors have to make the best of the situation and survive. It’s very dramatic and once again it is very much Illuminati based. I find it addictive watching it to say the least.

The main character is Jack “Shepard” and he is a physician. Get it? The Savior. His father, is named Christian to boot and he is also a doctor. We also have John “Locke” who has the “key” to how the Island works.The bad guy named “Ben” later becomes a good guy. He starts out telling them his name is Henry Gale and that he has landed on the Island in a balloon. Now where have we heard that name before? He was Dorothy’s uncle Henry from the Wizard of Oz. There are numerous references to the Wizard of Oz and the man behind the curtain, etc…Several characters in the show actually look like the members of the Wizard of Oz cast.  “Kate” Auston looks like Dorothy even with her freckled face and “Sawyer” reminds us of the country bumpkin smartass scarecrow. John Locke could easily be the Tin Man, whereas Hugo “Hurly” with his long curly locks and cuddly demeanor sits in for the cowardly Lion.

Illuminati Monarch programming is totally woven throughout the whole show.

Besides that, we also have Alice in Wonderland Monarch programming. We have numerous scenes with white rabbits and the bunker underground is named “The Looking Glass”. It’s really amazing how in your face they are with the references. I find it very triggering to watch the show,  but I’m not sure exactly what they are doing. They really do know how to do time travel,  so I’m thinking that may really be involved behind the scenes. I find myself in dreamtime talking to some of these characters like I know them, etc… It’s really something…

Well, I’ve been busy working a job again lately, so it’s hard to write, but I just thought it was really interesting about this show. It just goes to show you how wrapped up in the matrix this world really is. I can’t wait to be free of all of this BS. Between the TV, the social engineering, the food modification and pharmacon we don’t really stand a chance without YaHuWaH’s intervention on our behalf. We  are just  that easily misled into this deception. The Illuminati have to tell us in stories, movies,  hints, parables, and foreshadowing of what they know. It’s like a rule of the Universe or something that they have to give us legal notice about what’s going on. But they are always going to hide it in plain site. Unless your looking for this stuff you will miss what they are saying…

The whole point of the show is to make YOU feel LOST, I think. To show us that we are stuck here in TIME and that we haven’t got a clue as to where we came from or where we are going…That is, UNLESS you know GOD personally. and then that won’t be a mystery anymore.  The show is not designed for those “in the KNOW”, however. I could probably go back and find all kinds of stuff if I dissected the show and broke down all the characters into archetypes , character types, etc…

I’m sure it’s all there…Let’s face it…It’s by design.. and they know exactly what they are doing.

It’s -the blind sheep that they want to lead astray. It’s US who are LOST!

Well it’s time to get FOUND.

Come to YaHuWaH and get  the hell out of the false reality.

Only He can lead us out and DELIVER us.

Only HE can SAVE US!!


5/16/15 Unraveling the Matrix with Ed Chiarini

Ed’s site is WellAware1.Com.

Buyer beware! Your sense of reality is going to go down the toilet!

You’ll begin to see how far the rabbit hole goes!!

5/1/15 Russ Dizdar discusses Satanic Ritual Abuse on Coast to Coast Am

May Day , May Day… Houston we have a problem!

Hampstead SRA Case , Pedophilia, Sodomy and Armageddon

fork in the road

I want to back track now and tie in to why Ha Satan hates and abuses children and promotes pedophilia in Satanic cults such as the Hampstead Pedophile ring we have been discussing. It all ties in you see, when you realize that Satan hates humanity and wants to utterly DESTROY mankind. Ritually abusing and eating children is a desecration of YaHuWaH’s creation. He wants his own race to dominate here on planet Earth and it does in fact do so. That is why the Elite are the Elite. They belong to Satan and are his seed. For the most part they are UN redeemable. Not everybody is salvageable. Any of these elitist pedophiles that have SOLD THEIR SOUL to the devil have given Satan  free reign to possess them. They belong to him.

As for the Sodomy rape aspect employed by these cults, it is a more traumatic method of rape because it renders the victim more subordinate and helpless. The brain chemicals released in the act also tends to  attach the victim to the perpetrator more strongly and promotes an intense  trauma bond. Along with the concurrent physical abuse, it serves to emasculate young males and internalize extreme anger. This serves a purpose for the cult and has also worked in civilizations of times past to foster better warriors and soldiers.   Victims can and do vent their internalized rage on the battlefield. Rome was known for raping boys for this reason prior to enlisting them in their army, and Muslim extremist groups engage in the same practice today. It promotes cult loyalty along with all the other methods on intimidation employed to keep the members silent, subdued and complicent.

You might ask “how can these parents do this to their own children?” Maybe because they aren’t their own children. Did ya ever think of that? Oh they raised them perhaps, but they did not biologically birth them. Most of these witches can’t have kids. They are two fucked up themselves internally from  sexual abuse that they can’t conceive children. They hate children pretty much. That’s how these woman can rape and murder them. Gabriel and Alisa said the women were the worst of the bunch. Of course it’s totally not natural, but because they aren’t totally human anymore and they are possessed and/or  genetically misconstrued, they are capable of perpetrating such atrocities.

Har Meggedon we discussed will be a cyberwarfare between the politically correct SIN  tolerant masses and the Elect of YaHuWaH. We discussed how the internet, Google, The CLOUD, horses, hooks and swords are all mentioned in the bible and how these are all CODE WORDS for Cyberwarfare. Sexual SINS are and will continue to be a  pivital point here I might ad. It’s an affront against YaHuWah’s design for the Human Family and Marriage Covenant with Him our Creator. The whole Homosexual  & Race War Agendas are tools being used to rev things up in society as are the privacy invasions, identity & property theft, and other socially engineered issues that are being propagated. That and the biological disruptions such as GMO, chem trails, Cancer and other plagues, the Fukashima Nuclear and Gulf Oil Spill,  and  Haarp Weather Warfare, etc.. make for a nasty world platform to stir the pot and get everybody pissed off about something,  let alone kill you.

Can’t you see they are blatantly engineering your demise as a species? It’s pretty disgusting. It’s getting pretty obvious. They want us Humans DEAD. CERN could be the final straw. Who knows where they are gonna go with that monster? These Hybrids sure as hell don’t care what happens. They have been lied too as well. They have been promised eternal  life also with their computer implanted chips mind you…

Satan, their daddy, you see  is the slickest WILLIE of them all.

Ricky Dearman’s big white WILLIE hasn’t  got anything on Lucifer’s, Gabriel.

Come on Folks, Lets call these bastards out. It’s time to get right with God and get on the RIGHT side.

You LEFTIST> LEFT PATH > WITCHES are gonna get LEFT all right…  YaHuWaH’s not playing…

Your days are numbered…

Save the kids…


3/29/15 A Concerned Citizen’s View about Hampstead SRA Abuse Case- (Caution R Rated)


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