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2/28/15 Anonymous leak Details of Hampstead, UK Satanic Abuse Case

Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s


 Operation Death Eaters : We hunt down pedophiles; destroy tyranny



Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.
The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’.
What the UK media depicts as “child sex” has left children missing the lower half of their bodies. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland. The UK has open files on 200 missing boys from 1977 and 1983. The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to
police as The Untouchables. There are international ties being ignored. To the people of the UK, your ruling classes are preying on you. Not just in the ways you always knew they were. Our friends in the UK, just
like our friends in Gabon, have a political class that is torturing and murdering their children and mutilating their bodies. Unlike in Gabon, the UK media is following the direction of the Paedophile Information
Exchange and telling you these people are child lovers who need understanding and tolerance. They are telling you this is sex. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.
This is not sex. These people feed off the agony of others. They cause wars and destruction during their working hours and they torture and murder children as recreation. These are not child lovers.These are death eaters. To the people of the world, this story is not limited to the UK. Unlike  us, death eaters have no borders. Human trafficking is the biggest
criminal industry in the world. Death eaters have global networks.
Resistance is existence.
We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change. We’ll change it.
Tyrants of the World,
Expect Us!
Video Evidence: &
The following allegations by the mother of Alisa and Gabriel come from:
Details on the Satanic Death cult
Details of the mass child sex abuse, satanic ritual child sex abuse and sacrifice cult, serial murdering and blood drinking.
Main action is happening in Christchurch primary school in Hampstead, London.
OFSTED reports are on…/find-inspect…/provider/ELS/100028 – Unique Reference Number (URN): 100028. Christ Church Hill London NW3 1JH. Telephone number: 020 7435 1361, together with at least another 7 schools: Highgate school, Heathside school, Fitzjohn’s primary, Perrochio school, New End, Northbridge, Devonshire house, possibly more schools involved.
The school staff and parents, priest, others involved are doing sex to boys’ and girls’ bottoms with the large plastic willies.
Adults force the children to do oral sex.
Babies are supplied regularly for the rituals: abused, tortured with the rat traps, dropped on the floor (often bleed), then killed. They put them to sleep by injecting, slit baby’s throat, drain blood, drink the blood and then cook the body by either roasting or frying. The meat is eaten by the leader Mr Dearman, teachers, 20 special children and their parents.
The baby sexual abuse and sacrifices are going on Tuesday, Wednesday (big sex day), Thursday. On Wednesdays, my children, Alisa and Gabriel have been abused by at least 60-70 people including 20 special children (the children are taught to abuse each other).
I was wondering why my children were often pretending sick and refused to go to school on Wednesdays.
There are 4 secret rooms in the church where the cult members perform the rituals. The ritual involves wearing special costumes: children wear 10-13 babies skulls (sometimes with blood and hair still on the skull), adults – 20, – on their bodies, leader – 30 skulls.
Everybody has skulls worn around the neck (4), on breast, front private, belly, knees, arms. All wear shoes made of baby skin by Felix, Daniel (owners of the shoe repair shop in Finchley Road underground station), Max (Sportec shop on Finchley road).
Babies are supplied from all over the world. They buy them, inject and send by TNT, DHL service or the parents bring them from other parts of the world. For example Sophie’s parents bring them from America, Hawaii; Vanessa (Clark and Lindsey’s mother) – from South Africa, Cartney’s parents bring babies from Portugal, Spain; Millie’s parents bring babies from Gayana, China, India, America. Baby sacrifice, blood drinking, dancing with the Baby’s skulls happen in the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Main day is Wednesday, ritual performance is at 11 am in the secret church rooms.
Skulls, baby skin shoes are kept in the secret rooms.
East Finchley swimming pool is amongst other meeting spots for Satanic peadophile ring. The members of the ring attend swimming sex sessions satanic ritual blood sacrifice. The ritual is permed in an upstairs room in McDonald’s on Mondays & Fridays. Frank, boss of the McDonald’s (within the complex) allows the child sacrifice in the McDonald’s secret kitchen behind the mail one and is member of the cult.
Human babies are prepared and cooked on the cookers and ovens.
The entrance is via main kitchen. The door with the key lock at the back leads to the secret room. Keys are held by Frank, Max (black skinned from Sportec shop on Finchley road, German), The leader, Ricky Dearman, Mrs Forsdyke (headmistress), Mr Hollings (current year 4 teacher), Daniel and Felix (German brothers from Belgium, owners of the shoe repair shop in Finchley road underground station), Ms Marden (school nurse), Ms Stokes (school receptionist), Ganti-Gil (man & wife from Germany, Vish (Indian from London, now in Berlin), Buster (German), Joseph (English), Vanessa, Galyna, Max’s mum-Josie (parents, the three are friends), Fiona – Theo’s mum, Laura – Sophie’s mum (friends), Y4 Jake’s mum (she is usually filming), Y3 Eleanna’s mum, Daniel & Rafael Yilmaz’s mother Maria Soner, Spike’s mum, Remy’s mum Rebecca.
Sacrifice, blood drinking and baby flesh eating occurs every Saturday either at Mr Hollings, RD’s or occasionally at Vanessa/Mrs Forsdyke’s (headmistress) houses. Also at Katie Harries’ (Karen Harries, David Harries, Flat1, 2 The Park, NW11 7SU, 07940 421 221,, Ricky Dearman, satanic pedophile serial child sex murder, head of child sexual abuse and sacrifice satanic cult. Mr Dearman is on constant move, stays in other people’s houses, mainly at Mr Hollings’. One of the addresses where children are taken to be abused is the corner house at 16 St Paul’s place, Islington, London. Tel: +44 7973 735441 +444 564 274900 (maybe incorrect) Sexual preferences: his children, Vanessa’s children, India, Millie, Kills at least one baby a day and shares to eat. Regularly travels to Thailand to abuse the children there; Has extensive contacts and buys babies from around the world; Runs lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business.
Main members of the cult:
Mrs Forsdyke (headmistress) – her husband is involved and also supplies babies.
Mrs Forsdyke – administrator, runs the whole business of child prostitution, child porn and snuff movies. Organises and frequently hosts “Fun Sex Parties” (child sexual abuse and babies sacrifice parties). Sexual preferences: Alisa, Gabriel, Lilly (Y1), her own baby Lilly, Millie, Sohie, Millie, Clark, Lindsey, Leon, Max, Jack – all from Y5. Has huge pink birth mark around shaved front private with the devil’s tattoo.
Mr Hollings (current teacher of Y5) – next in charge. Killed at least 67 babies at least. Closest associate of Mr Dearman. One of the main abusers. Lives in Highgate. Has secret rooms (where he keeps skills, bones, props, fridges with dead baby bodies) and secret escapes in his house. Supplies the babies.
Vanessa Fitzpatrick – former Y4 representative and active member of the cult. One of the main abusers. Brings babies from South Africa and possibly sells the movies there. George Fitzpatrick also brings babies, owns building company, together with another abuser and employee Bob constructs secret rooms and escapes for the cult members. Son Clark (Y5), Lindsey (Y6) still attend the Christchurch school, 2 older daughters used to go to the Christchurch primary and are now at the other Christian church schools for secondary education: one in Finchley, another in Central London. 128 Fordwych Rd NW2 3PB 020 8450 2383 07956 095 224
Vishal Kawatra: one of the main associates in Germany (Indian, from Edgware, London, lives in Berlin, filming, brings sweeties, sells movies, buys babies). His wife Feng Yee (known as Anna in school) films, bring babies from China and works with her husband selling movies.
Galyna Upson (mother of James from Y5). High level active member. Estate dealer. Provides empty properties for ritual and sexual abuse of the children. Her husband is also heavily involved. Both bring babies from Russia, Ukraine. Galyna translates movies and sells in these countries. 0779646 8776
Members of the cult film, edit, translate and sell the movies around Europe, Russia, Ukraine, America. Translators are high level members: Lina Cameron – also sells movies. 07939 321611, Flat 2, 42 Great Cumberland Place. W1H 7TP . Natasha Yaroshovets sells, translates. Flat 1, 1 Greenaway Gardens, London, NW3 7DJ.
The children are frequently injected to be put to sleep, those who can’t tolerate pain and scream too much: Alisa, Gabriel, Sophie, Mia, Luka, Marco, Max, Clark, Lindsey, India, James, Lisa’s (RD’s sister) children. The children are being injected my the school nurse Ms Marden.
Children who do not get injected: Millie, James, Callypso, Clark, Max, Leon, Cartney, Ryan, Keva, Luca, Uraj, Sebastian, Alex E, Georgia, Violette, Natasha, Elleanor.
After injections children feel pain in the belly, dizziness, headache, numbness, weakness, limbs. Artyom Lamanov (Russian), Luca Lamanov’s father is the supplier of the pharmaceuticals soporific medications.
Teachers involved: Mrs Forsdyke (headmistress) has huge red
Mr Hollings (former Y4, now Y5 teacher) Ms Rigis, Ms Essor, Ms Stokes, Ms Connock, Ms Carn. Ms Marden (school nurse, injects children when they scream, also injects babies to sleep to be sacrificed), has large brown (5 pens coin size) moll/wart of the left lip of her front private Mr Fenoni Ms Shail Ms Shaw Ms Kate Unwin (relative of Mrs Forsdyke) Mrs Bettle Ms Ms Clover Mr Williams Mr Burnett Mr Polidano Ms Wilmer Ms Kirby And all the rest.
Ms Wilmer (infant teacher) prefers babies and was the longest friends with Ricky Dearman. Knew him before my children went to Christchurch school.
Teachers who have left school to other schools to spread the cult but still come to the parties: Ms Reece (lives with Ms Clay), Ms Surgent (moved to Brighton), Ms Clay works for new French school in London and France. Ms May (moved St Margaret, left school but comes to the parties) Ms Scotch (moved to Hampstead Perrochio as a teacher assistant) Ms Ashton (lives in the tall building next to the school, floor before the top one) – really hairy front private.
Teachers from other schools: Richie (St Margaret), Mr Hint (Hampstead Perrochio), movies, good at filming) Mr Phonix (head teacher at New End school) Mrs Fritz (head of Fitzjohns’ school) Mr Fenoni (New End school)
Other people involved:
Mr Draper (ex-husband) is financial supporter and active member of the cult as well as his wife Sara Home address: Sauncey Crook, 26 Sauncey Avenue, Harbenden, Herts, AL5 4QJ. Mobile: 07715 772565, Home number: 01582 621892. Work address: 10 Paternoster Square | London | EC4M 7AL | UNITED KINGDOM T +44 (0) 20 7456 1694 | |
Nichola – volunteer in New End School (daughter Chloe in Y1 New End School) as you go towards the end of Resington Gardens, NW3 (continuation of Heath Drive; as you reach the end of the road there is gates straight up through, top flat, top floor corner flat), all her children abused. Daughter works in the nursery, possibly abuses children there. (Not confirmed)
Olya Shishkina, Lesha Seleznev, their children Sasha, Misha; Olya’s nanny Evelina also does, her sister Marina, daughter Nastya, – address 17 Pattison, London, NW2 2HL Her mobile: +44 7766 057444 His: 07774 821538.
Laya, Annalie daughter – as you reach main junction (towards Central London) moving away from Pattison road first turn to the right, old style black and white building on the left, last entrance, top floor flat, no 27 or 28)
Kate (really hairy private), “Toffee” spaniel dog, filming, renting house, lives on Pattison rd. Former neighbour Sam, (above Ms Susanne Pinkenton), her husband (French) – she does filming, all three are active members. No 7 Pattison road, nw2 2hl, one of the most wicked ones.
Ms Susanne Pinkenton, No 7 Pattison road, NW2 2HL.
Helena, husband, got sausage dog, 4 children, mid of Pattison rd, red car, dog is with one blue eye.
Chinese couple moved out of no 9 Pattison Road, NW2 2HL
All adults kick children in their front privates.
Special parents of 20 special children.
Sophie – Sophie Hurlocker Y5. Laura Tweed. 220 Cricklewood Lane, NW2 2PU. 020 8450 4389, 07802 989922, 07741 052565.
Millie (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Y5 – Millie Cowell Jacqui Warren. 36 Gratton Terrace, NW2 6QE. 020 8450 6451, 07973 771687, 07739 821109.
Max (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Max Fairhead Nicole Guerretta Brad Fairhead 78 Parkhill Road NW3 2YT. 07775517206 (Debbie – nanny 07940588714) 7.77E+09
Calypso Harrison. Sam Gunasekera. Andrew Harrison. 43a Rosslyn Hill NW3 5UH. 020 7419 0515 07967 342 392 07931 358 156
Kai Barbaglia, Takane Fanatsu, Steven Barbaglia. 56 Sumatra Rd NW6 1PR 020 7433 3039 07905 930492 07981 191816
Danial & Rafael Yilmaz, Maria Soner. 2 Cumbrian Gdns, NW2 1EF,, 07921 086436, 07957 432266, Fernanda (nanny)
Remy Weinbrecht, Rebecca Denton, Adrian Weinbrecht. 11 Oakhill Ave NW3 7RD,
Spike Lieberman, Nadia Lieberman. Gidon 20 Hodford Road NW11 8NP 0208 455 0688 07973 177323 o7866622620
Remy Lieberman, Nadia Gidon. 20 Hodford Rd, NW11 8NP, 020 8455 0688, 07973 177323, 07866 622620, Paulina (nanny) 07891 703811.
Leon Ireland. Josie Kirby Elliot Ireland. 20 Clevedon Mansions Lissenden Gardens, NW5 1QN. 07989 568 454
Amena Ireland. Josie Kirby Elliot Ireland, 20 Clevedon Mansions Lissenden Gardens, NW5 1QN 07989 568 454
Clark (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Clark and his sister Lindsey Fitzpatrick Vanessa Fitzpatrick George Fitzpatrick 128 Fordwych Rd NW2 3PB 020 8450 2383 07956 095 224
Cartney (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Cartney Duke Lidia Noronha. 13 Siddons House, Fleet Street, NW3 2QP 0207 209 9549 07801 810 511
Katie Harries , Karen Harries David Harries Flat1, 2 The Park NW11 7SU 07940 421 221
Luca (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Luca Lamanov Nimet Golmen Artyom Lamanov 7 Cayford House, Lawn Road NW3 2XG 07737 674 144 07887 677 970
Georgia Dix and sister Violet, Sophie Nevil, Church Cottage Christ Church Passage, NW3 1JG, 020 7431 2905, 07759 861917, 07888 749765.
Ryan – Ryan Yapa Sajee Chamara 27 Beswick Mews, NW6 1XT NW3 2BS 07846 206 605
James (will talk) – James Upson Galyna Upson 232 Finchley Road NW3 6DJ 0779646 8776
Sebastian (dislikes sex acts and might/will talk) – Sebastian Bains Sunita Tom. 1 Lutton Terrace, NW3 1HB. 020 7443 9580. 07958 702277. 07747 559196. Annie – Annie Singleton.
Fiona James. 30 Ravenshaw St, NW6 1NN., 07500 114414. 07971 902784.
Eliza Paling. Sophie Alan. 66 Ellesmere Rd, NW10 1JS. 020 8452 1841. 07805 596463. 07775 542587.
Ethan Waring. Jill Michael. 23 Spedan Close Branch Hill, NW3 7XF. 020 7435 6610. 07783 880113. 07932 533675.
Elouise (now moved to Fitzjohns primary to become star of the show in there) – Elouise (Ella) Darby Kelly Justin. 35 Belsize Square [Flat 40], NW3 4HL. 07887 980605.
Amélie Wessel. Bianca Borre. 29 Primrose Gardens, NW3 4UJ. 020 7435 6405. 07949 617876.
Augusta Jenkinson- Chamberlain. Michaela Daniel. 59 Broomsleigh St, NW6 1QQ. 07977 012460.
Mia Gavish. Eran Sagit. 46 Fitzjohns House 3 Fitzjohns Avenue, NW3 5LU, 07967 839644. 07837 201410. Patricia (nanny) 07540 841610.
Georgia Dix. Sophie Nevil. Church Cottage Christ Church Passage, NW3 1JG 020 7431 2905. 07759 861917. 07888 749765.
Jack Jones. Martin Julie. 7 Heath Villas Vale of Health, NW3 1AW., 020 7209 3512. 07710 958864. 07767 684862. Rita (nanny) 07979 063231.
Johannes Gundy (moved schools) Haidje Charlie. 5 Windmill Hill, NW3 6RU., 020 7431 3016. 07900 180360. 07919 528817.
Natasza – Natasza Goldsmith Agnieszka Goldsmith Peter Goldsmith 18B Ornan Road NW3 4PX 0207 794 7334 07833 904 254 07941 355 858.
Georgiana – Georgianna Hoole Clare Winder Mark Hoole 8a Gayton Crescent NW3 1TT 07989 606954 0776 545 2502
Hannah – Hannah Sassower Tracy Sassower Ethan Sassower 5 Mount Vernon NW3 6QS 0207 435 9567 07740 589 834 7.73E+09
Poppy – Poppy Tresidder Sheena Tresidder Alistair Tresidder 12 Kidderpore Ave NW3 7SU 0207 794 2634 07530 901 206
Uvraj (will talk) – Yuvraj Desai.
Alex B – Alexander Beaumont – Alex B (now moved to Fitzjohns primary) Daniella Louis Flat 5 3 Netherhall Gdns, NW3 5RN 07967 743723. 07956 636133.
Alex C – Alexander Chan. Cecilia Andrew. 30A Townshend Ct Shannon Place, NW8 7DP. 020 7483 4990. 07944 091168. 07845 196661
Y5 sex leader is India. Children in year 3,4,5,6 are doing sex to each other in the quite area.
Before Alisa and Gabriel came to school, Ella Darby was star of the show.
There are evidence of at least other 5 and possibly more Hampstead schools involved: Hampstead Perrochio, fitjohns primary, New End, Hampstead Heath, St Margaret, another on new end road (there is large passageway with stairs down leading to new end road. As you cross the road the school is right across road, slightly to the left).
Other people involved:
Outside school:
Neighbour Tatyana, French family: girls Sophia, Caroline, Rebecca
Previous Croatian neighbours: Monica, husband Miro (Miroslav), Anna, Emma; Ben (Alisa’s “boyfriend”) works in Tesco, either in Hampstead or Highgate village, & cake & sweet shop in Camden near Mrs Forsdyke’s house.
Dqaq Maleena got a coach (white with wavy lines: blue, red, purple) Max (black Portuguese guy, Cartney’s uncle, works in Mcdonalds in Hampstead) Max (white, works in Sportec, makes shoes from babies skin)
Marlena (Y3 Ella’s auntie, works in Sportec and pizza express, Lisa, her mum, Holly from Ace club also abuse children
Herby (works in Heathrow, at the check in and arranges tickets for RD and others)
Betty (drama class, not Ace, also works for Costa coffee on Finchley road between Waitrose and Swiss cottage, does filming and sex, long blond hair, blue eyes, usually wears rainbow dress)
Jack (RD’s friend, solicitor, perhaps works in Hampstead)
Benji (works for Brent cross cafe, which sales pancakes, also shoe shop in Finchley Road underground, Iggy Henries hair cutters, Hampstead Starbucks, fairy shop on Flask Walk, does the filming, helps in the kitchen)
Ala (Italian tennis coach, works for Chandos club, sexually abuses children, comes to school and knows RD)
Benji (tennis coach, works for Chandos club, touches)
Peter (tennis coach and manager, works for Chandos club, touches not sex)
Katie (works for Waitrose’s till, on Finchley road, filming, helps in the kitchen to cook babies, chips, brings Doritos, mucoys, crisps, cupcakes, related/auntie to Eleana from Y1, white willie)
Katie, Anna (black), John, Freddie – Dinner ladies and men in school kitchen
Ella (works for ice cream shop in Hampstead, next to fairy shop, filming, baby cooking, white willie, speaks Russian, from Ukraine)
Jake, Christopher, Polly – Costa coffee on Finchley road near Swiss cottage.
Babies are delivered by Felix after Linda collects babies from Heathrow or Gatwick airports in Black Cab Taxi driven by ring member “Rigsby” Spike delivers.
Lisa (RD’s sister), husband David, Katie 6 old, Max 8 years old, 54 Lancaster square.
Wayne (RD’s brother), wife Mary.
Amelia 5 years old, Alex 6, 50 Camden road nw3.
Two babies been brought by Buster, who used to look after them: Rebecca, William.
Minia, 20 Primrose Hill Road, nw3. Spare flat: Flat 75, 45 Chandos road nw2.
Booster, 60 Chalk Farm Road.
Joseph, Flat 5, 30 Baker Street, Spare flat: Flat 10 at the same address.
Mr. Hollings, 10 Highgate Road.
Abusers who work at Starbucks in Hampstead: Benji, Spike, Rehanna, Marlena, Rahma (all wear white willies), – filming, Rahma gets babies from India, Germany, Disabled toilet.
Brownie’s club at St Luke’s church.
Piter Piper nursery at St Luke’s church.

How to help Alisa & Gabriel’s Case- What you can do! (The two child Satanic abuse Victims on YouTube)


Activists can lobby those with the power to return the children to their Russian mother and grandparents:

Activists can also lobby those with the power to prosecute the perpetrators:

And activists can promote the issues touched by this case:

  • tweet #whistleblowerkids and #wbk
  • join groups on Facebook, even though they may get banned and deleted
  • promote petitions
  • write comments and educate the sceptics
  • use your emotions to fuel your creative actions and net activities! The sky is the limit!

Astrotheology- The Procession Of the Equinoxes

YaHuWaH wants to show us how he has written his plan in the Stars. This ties in with the Mazzaroth teaching we did about a year ago. The Hebrew version does not match this Babylonian version, however, Now- I do NOT agree that the “bible” stories are mythology… rather they are instances where the plan has been and will continue to be manifested in 3D here on Earth. So, the story gets played out of many different levels here. (We talked about nested boxes of reality before as an example of how this plays out). From the microcosm of the human body, to the historical record, to the spiritual teachings, to our solar system and to our galaxy and other galaxies, there is a divine pattern to the whole process. It is the Tree of Life model. The numerology is all through the bible, and you will see the divine parallels that can be gleaned. This is an esoteric teaching, so take what you will from it. Some things may not fit your paradigm. Sirius- for one is not ISIS! That is YaHushuWaH- the bright and Morning Star! He is not Satan’s twin. Satan is his own twin, (Venus) so there are things I definitely disagree with with this video.  I think you’ll learn something though, as the heavens do indeed declare the glory of our Creator and you’ll be able to make connections. He SPOKE the universe into existence .  His name is Ya HU wah.   (The HU being the divine vibrational wave pattern! )

As above, so below applies to all of us. He who has ears to hear let him hear the wisdom of the ages.


Judicial Watch Sues Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Ban Ki- Moon for supporting Hamas with US Taxpayer money

Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, and a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor who helped break up AT&T, today announced that he and other plaintiffs have filed a civil lawsuit in federal court in D.C. (Case no. 14-1484) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act “RICO” for criminal acts by President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the U.N. Secretary General for laundering U.S. dollars to the terrorist organization HAMAS.

Whoopie Goldberg, Oprah, Norman Lear, and the Ferguson, MO False Flag Family Farce. They all belong in Jail.

Behind the False Flag Disney Set in Ferguson, MO

Race Wars- Eric Holder- Racists- Aryan Elitists- Ferguson DHS False Flag

Brother Zeph gave this prophecy July 17th, 2014 to be exact. Way before the Ferguson Event.

Who is Allah? Is he the god of the bible? Nope.



YaHuWaH has instructed me to talk about these old Middle Eastern dieties and who they are and how they are related. It all started out when he pointed out the word SIN to me. So we all know that Sin is “Missing the Mark” of being in right standing with God Almighty, but there is much more to it that that. Back before Moses was given the Torah, there were basically TWO dieties worshipped. The Egyptians worshipped the SUN while the Sumerians and Babylonians worshipped the MOON. We’ve all heard of the ANNUNAKI, right? The main players consisted of ANU (heaven), ENKI or EA (Water, Earth) and Enlil (Sky, Air). ANU was actually God of the eccliptic dome while Enlil was heaven/sky and Enki was earth and underworld. This was the first TRINITY. Anu had three wives also and the KI was the Earth one. (KI means Earth) . Hence the Annuna KI. These were also the ELOHIM or SONS of GOD that got the boot from heaven…

Well the Arabs came up with their own version based on the Sumerian version. In ancient Syria and Canna, the Moon-god Sin was usually represented by the moon in its CRESCENT phase. The sun-goddess was the wife of Sin (Venus) and the stars were their daughters. For example, Ishtar was a daughter of Sin.

The archaeological evidence demonstrates that the dominant religion in Arabia was the cult of the moon-god. The Old Testament consistently rebuked the worship of the moon-god (Deuteronomy 4:19; 17:3; II KIngs 21:3,5; 23:5; Jeremiah 8:2; 19:13; Zephaniah 1:5). When Israel fell into idolatry, it was usually to the cult of the moon-god, SIN. Remember the Golden Calf?

He was also depicted as the son of Enlil, the BULL OF HEAVEN, . Many scholars have also noticed that the moon-god’s name, Sin, is a part of such Arabic words as “Sinai”, the “wilderness of Sin”, and so forth. On our modern news we have the Yazedi cult stranded on MT. SIN JAR. (Yazedi’s believe they are Adam’s offspring but not Eve’s. They believe they came from a JAR Adam possessed.The SIN JAR perhaps? )

According to numerous archeological inscriptions, while the name of the Moon-god was Sin, his title was al-ilah, i.e. “the deity,” meaning that he was the chief or high god among the gods. The god Il or Ilah was originally a phase of the Moon God. The Moon-god was called al- ilah, i.e. the god, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic times standing for the CRESCENT phase of the MOON! It is now on their flag along with Venus the Morning Star. (Luciferian)

We already discussed his three daughters in a previous post. These three goddesses were called Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. Al-Uuzza, is still worshipped as the black stone (meteorite) in MECCA. The pagan Arabs even used Allah in the names they gave to their children. For example, both Muhammad’s father and uncle has Allah as part of their names. The fact that they were given such names by their parents proves that Allah was the title for the moon-god even in Muhammad’s day.

The pagan Arabs worship the Moon-god Allah by praying toward Mecca several (5=pentagram) times a day; making a pilgrimage to Mecca; running around the temple (backwards) of the Moon-god called the Kabah; kissing the black stone; killing an animal in sacrifice to the Moon-god; throwing stones at the devil; fasting for the month which begins and ends with the crescent moon; giving alms to the poor, etc.

There are four interesting parallels with Islam here: (a) Akhenaton made the male sun-god the one and only god of Egypt, while (b) Muhammad made the male moon-god the one and only god of the Arabs. Neither god remotely resembled the God of the Bible, both being pagan deities borrowed from polytheistic religions.

SIN (derived from Suen, was also called NANNA. Nanna is a Sumerian deity, the son of Enlil and Ninlil. NANNA or Su’en (SIN) is due to association with Akkadian na-an-na-ru “illuminator, lamp”, an epitheton of the moon. He is commonly designated as En-zu, which means “lord of wisdom”. His wife was Ningal (“Great Lady”), who bore him Utu/Shamash (“Sun”) and Inanna/Ishtar (the goddess of the planet Venus).

Sin had a beard made of lapis lazuli and rode on a winged bull. The bull was one of his symbols, through his father, Enlil, “Bull of Heaven”, along with the crescent and the tripod (which may be a lamp-stand). On cylinder seals, he is represented as an old man with a flowing beard and the crescent symbol. In the astral-theological system he is represented by the number 30 and the moon.

The 33rd degree of freemasonry also ties in with this. They are all Muslims at this level. Shriners have to be 32nd degree freemasons as well. Islam is the antichrist religion. They are worshipping SIN or LUCIFER. We talked about the Catholic Church doing this as well with VENUS WORSHIP and Dianna. It’s all the same PAGANISM. This is Babylon the Great. THe WHORE of many names and religions. It is all Luciferian. They are ALL FALLEN ONES. Furthermore, They had their own progeny. The children of the Nephilim.

YaHuWaH’s children were Adamic. They are the seed of Abraham. They are of the order of Melchizedek of SALEM.
This order was of a prior earth age before the flood in Genesis. Mel chi stands for MILKY WAY GALAXY. Melchizedek was/is The High priest of EL Elyon or the Most High God, YAHUWAH. He is none other than YaHuShuWaH or Jesus the Christ! The WAY. The MELCHI WAY. Our Elohim created and designed the Milky WAY Galaxy for us!
This is the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. It is the part of the MAZZAROTH that concerns US. All of these other created beings (demigods) were still part of HIS DESIGN. MELCHI also means DARK, MILKY, Murky WAY. Dark rift?

We only can “SEE” in part. We “SEE” through a glass darkly. We are situated in a “MILKY WAY” Galaxy. Can you see how YaHuWaH has corrulated HIS WORD and written our destiny in the Heavens? We serve an awesome Elohim.
The one who made Heaven and Earth. His name is YaHuWaH. Allah is just a phase of the MOON. The Crescent MOON.
A created heavenly body. He is not god. He is SIN- the Illuminator. He is Nanna, the false parent/nurturer. He is a hermaphrodite- Venus/Hesperus. Diana/Apollo. Daystar/Evening star.

He is a LIAR and the Father of it.


8/11/14 Yazedi Satanists and the False Flag Operation in Iraq

Here we see Steven Balwin soliciting money for the Yazedi Satanists. Aleister Crowley was a big supporter of this group. Don’t send them a fricking dime! It’s a con once again to get your hard earned CASH!

8/1/14- Message to the Elect of YaHuWaH- The Signs of the Times

A timely message for the Elect from Minister Bennett. Ye are the children of LIGHT.


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