The Black Cube (BOX) of MH370=Saturn/Satan Worship. PANdora’s box. The Lord of the “Pings”. BLACKSTONE/BLACKROCK.

We do not follow the belief that Helios the Sun is God or that Saturn is God either.
Rather, they are both creations of YaHuWaH from the ancient past prior to our account in Genesis.
These Heavenly Wars are described in our bible as glimpses of the original fall of Lucifer.

The emphasis on the Black Box on MH370 (Which is NOT BLACK, by the way), is a direct reference to Luciferian/Saturnalia cult worship. High Free Masonry also and the Kabba of Islam. They are doing a Satanic Ritual now concerning this Flight, to try to fix the situation that YaHuWaH circumvented.

Whatever will be on that BOX will be a LIE. Satan is the Father of LIES. CRONUS/SATURN is 666.
It will not be the box from the MH370 plane.
Saturn has a HEXAGRAM on its North pole and the EYE OF SAURON on it’s south pole.
(The all seeing eye).

The Satanists are furious and wanting to open a PANDORA’S BOX over this incident.

I don’t know the whole of what is going down but the MEDIA is absolutely complicent
in propagating this LIE for the global SATURN WORSHIPING ELITISTS.

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