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7/22- Numerology, Satanism, and Fake News Stories

6/11- Ask a Pro-Sharia Muslim Anything

2/6 “Ma” Ga Ga Channels Satan at Superbowl Half Time Show.

The whole thing has to do with the pinnacle experience in the bible and the temptation of Christ. Satan tells Jesus to jump off the pinnacle and he will give him the world- Remember? Well SHE jumps off… Duh?? Matt 4:5

Also Lucifer gets cast out of heaven right from the get go so his followers follow suit.

Also a huge METEOR?? crosses the US sky at 1:30 am. This was a portal opening for a demonic entity to enter into our realm. Maybe Satan himself. We are approaching the midnight hour.

The half time show was subtle and covert and thereby even more dangerous.
Trashing Trump was not their agenda. Summoning in the demonic entity was.

1/23- One of the Pussy’s behind the Pink Hats is A Muslim Extremist who is pro Sharia Law. You can’t make this crap up folks! This bitch needs to be arrested for sedition.

12/10- More Pizzagate Research

8/1- Who really is this Muslim Guy attacking Trump?- Khizr Kahn

Another Khan Job by the DNC. He is not a supporter of the US Constitution- but rather a Sharia Law proponent. Trump nailed this folks… Wise up!!

Fuck George Clooney

Who is Mystery Babylon?

The Savior’s name is Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach

3/10/15 My Rant about Satanic Covens, Set, Planet of the Apes, and The Day of the Lord…

planet of the apes

Well I want to discuss the recantation of Alisa & Gabriel’s Testimony about Satanic Crimes being committed against them and perpetrated by their father, Ricky Dearman, who is the head of the Satanic Pedophile cult in Hampstead, UK.

I have direct knowledge of this type of thing, being a Survivor of a similar medical cult while growing up in Upstate NY. Children ALWAYS recant, especially when a parent is involved. The police interviewer “Steve” is obviously not trained as a child abuse interviewer, or he is purposefully leading the investigation away from the fact that the dad has caused serious abuse to these two children. He is most likely being paid to do so. I’m sure he is involved.

As for the “Mask of Zorro” bullshit, this is what perps do in these cults. They may even dress up like children’s characters such as Mickey Mouse while the abuse is happening. Then the child says Mickey Mouse touched my privates and no one believes them. In the case of my son, it was “Chucky” did this and “Chucky” did that, from the horror flick about “Chucky”. These people are pros. They also use the various dildos to stretch the anal opening gradually to try to minimize scarring. They even inflate them like balloons to do so, so their is no tearing. These perps obviously got sloppy. They are not real pros like the cult I came from or they are just so damn brazen that they don’t give a shit who knows about it.  It’s probably gotten to that point in the UK. They are above the law. Actually, their is NO LAW there.

Another significant thing was the hierarchy of the “Willies’. Now why would they make that up? Cults do have hierarchies. In my son’s case it was the witches hats they wore. The different witches had different names according to their ages and skills and colored robes for their ranks as well. The fact that dad had the “White” willie is also right on as the White supremest Nazi’s run the whole Cabal. My dad was a member of the “White brotherhood”.  My family are Germans from Alsace Loraine…I am related to Arizona Wilder I believe being part of Dr. Green’s family, AKA Joseph Mengele.

The hospitals are also all involved. When they took the kids to the hospital after the first police interview it was for reprogramming I’m sure of their alter personalities. Anyone raised in Inter-generational Satanism is multiple, having DID-MPD. Gabriel said the abuse had been happening since he was 1 year old. Same with me….

I doubt anything can be done except for people to understand that Satan rules this planet and this is how it’s done. You are all brainwashed to look the other way, and not get involved and basically see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil.

You are the apes all right. They see us as animals…The planet of the Apes….Earth…

Well, I got news for them. They  are on NOTICE. Some of us have reclaimed our divine rights bestowed on us by almighty YaHuWaH our creator. He has delivered us from THEM. Their time is SHORT. The Matrix is coming down. This fabricated existence you call reality —is a SHAM. They are SHILLS, FRAUDSTERS, and LIARS just like their daddy Ha Satan.

They are not qualified to do anything..It’s all Bullshit… Remember they worship the BULL from Heaven? The papal BULL?

Well the BULL has been feeding you his CRAP for centuries…

The BULL is SET, ENLIL, SATAN. The golden calf… He’s still here and they still pay homage to him and his sister, ISIS, too I might add.. These pagan demi-god, (fallen angels)  run the show here, but not for much longer.

THEIR DAY IS COMING… THE DAY OF YHWH. (There is no Lord- Lord=Baal). The LAKE OF FIRE.

And it’s not a Health Spa…



Isaiah 1:31. Update on Baby Lisa Irwin case, ISIS, and Raytheon TOW Missile systems.

Flax (TOW)

Flax (TOW)

And the strong shall be as TOW, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.

“Tow” is a fiber of the flax plant stem. It is the weight of cotton, but has longer, stiffer fibers. It can be reused. In the early days of muzzle loading guns, “tow” was wrapped around the ramrod’s jag and used for cleaning the bore. Cased sets of antique rifles and pistols  included a hank of “tow”.  “Tow” is easily combustible and is recommended for tinder in starting fires with flint and steel. It is light brown in color.

Pronunciation: neh-o’-reth
Origin: from 05287
Reference: TWOT – 1388b
PrtSpch: noun feminime
In Hebrew: trenh 1, trenl 1
In NET: thread 1, yarn 1
In AV: tow 2
Count: 2
Definition: 1) a strand of flax,tow (as shaken from flax when beaten)

from 5287; something shaken out, i.e. tow (as the refuse of
see HEBREW for 05287

I don’t understand what this has to do with Lisa but it does.

Lisa as we said before, is ISIS incarnate now.

Flax is used to make Linen and Damask fabric. Expensive  Egyptian “threads”…She has been on my thoughts of late so something is up with Lisa Irwin…I do believe she is being used in high children’s fashion  as I said before. I also believe she is a pawn being used by Raytheon/Thales and has been genetically and mechanically manipulated and engineered as an AI being along with her spiritual ISIS identity.

They are probably using some kind of carbon nano  FLAX  “thread” implantation to do so…

Now for the ISIS connection…

TOW  is the US Military’s guided missile systems produced by Raytheon Corporation which means “light from the gods”. A Luciferian Company.

About TOW

  • The tube-launched, optically-tracked, wireless-guided (TOW) weapon system, with the multimission TOW 2A, TOW 2B, TOW 2B Aero and TOW Bunker Buster missiles, is the premier long-range, precision anti-armor, anti-fortification and anti-amphibious landing weapon system used throughout the world today.
  • The TOW weapon system is expected to be in service with the U.S. military beyond 2025.
  • TOW is in service in more than 40 international armed forces and integrated on more than 15,000 ground, vehicle and helicopter platforms worldwide.
  • Raytheon has delivered more than 675,000 TOW missiles to U.S. and allied warfighters.
  • TOW is recognized as a preferred heavy assault anti-armor weapon system for NATO, coalition, United Nations and peacekeeping operations worldwide.
  • Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Mass.


FBI note> you might try looking for Lisa in Waltham, Mass….or Dulles, Va.

I’m sure they will be moving her around a lot though… It will take an act of “God” to find her.

Only YaHuWaH can deliver her at this point…

And by the way… YaHuWaH is “God”….