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NASA Whistleblower saysthat Pole shift is eminent along witha huge Seattle earthquake and grid going down Sept 26th, 2013

Endtimelect Update 6/12/14- The Rapture & the High Places

Rocky Mountains

Well I’ve been busy moving and starting a new full time job here recently, so I haven’t been on top of the blog quite as I usually would be. I just wanted to give you all  a head’s up about that, because YaHuWaH wouldn’t move me out and off the coast if it weren’t important. I spent 6 months looking for a place to live in the mountains on my own time and nothing ever came of it. And I looked where I wanted to go. Well, He knows best, and it took a WEEK and I’m in the Rockies on the top of a mountain and working full time. ONE WEEK. Something big is getting ready to happen I think. He had been telling me to head for the hills now for a year but nothing was clicking.

Number one, I refuse to work on the Shabbat so that was really limiting my job offers. Especially working in Healthcare. I told all my prospective employers upfront that that was a deal breaker for me and I didn’t work for a year! YaHuWaH wanted me all to himself during that time. Even now, I feel backslid having to go to a job in this world system. You folks don’t know what you are missing by spending hours with him and learning about the secrets of his universe(s). I’d take that over this MATRIX bullshit any day. I have to trust that He is looking out for my safety and livelihood with this move. I know He has my best interest in mind.

Well back to the move. I moved so fast from just above sea level to 8,000 feet that I got AMS. Acute Mountain Sickness- Better known as Altitude Sickness. Never in a million years did I even think of that! I had been to Denver numerous times and not once got anything like this. Fortunately it is beginning to pass now after 5 days. It makes you feel like your drunk, disoriented, dehydrated, and sleep deprived. I didn’t sleep but a couple of hours for 4 days! I could hardly breath at night (The time when it’s worse) and just climbing stairs would leave me breathless. Really scarey stuff. NOBODY told me about this… YaHuWaH must be phasing me in gradually for major earth changes.

Folks, let me be clear. Shit usually happens to me first. It’s ALWAYS been that way. As an ELECT, we get the judgement first. Nuff said. I’ve been talking about POLE SHIFT now for quite some time. It could be getting ready to blow here shortly    OR

There may be an imminent terrorist attack in the USA that would be devastating, such as a dirty bomb, nuke, or New Madrid Earthquake. Something really major. I warned you about the three Military bases to stay away from as well, and I was living very close to one of them myself. Not anymore! If your on the coastline this may be your final warning to move inland. As we said earlier, you need to be at least 1000′ above sea level if a Tsunami were to hit. An incoming meteor/asteroid  would mean even HIGHER.

Some say 10,000ft.

Well, I learned that’s not an easy change to make. You get sick…It’s a drastic change to your Hemoglobin capacity to carry O2 because the air is so much thinner at that height. As a result your body starts making more blood cells and you dehydrate rapidly. You have to drink PLENTY of water. I even got some bloody noses which I never get because of seepage into your capillaries.

Well, enough about me. What about You? What’s your ESCAPE PLAN? The RAPTURE? I’ve been raptured folks and I’m still on planet earth. I’m just quite a bit higher up! The Rapture is a state of being in fellowship with YaHuWaH. He will preserve and protect you if you place him first in your life. It surely is every bit worth it! NOBODY’S company can compare to Him!  I’ve had great sex in my life and that doesn’t even come close either… You don’t know what you are missing till you come face to face with God!

I can’t wait to be able to spend eternity learning and exploring the universe with Him.

TODAY is the Day of Salvation. TODAY is the Day of the Rapture.

Set your mind and your affections on YaHuWaH.

You won’t be disappointed.


11-7-13 Recap of what’s going down….

Comet ISON

Well I’ve been being bounced all over the place myself in my personal life. How about you? With all the attention on ObamaCare and the crappy, JOKE  website on National TV, you know it’s a diversion and something else is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve got ISON coming in this month and already it is causing flares on our Sun. It’s not going to hit the earth or anything like that, but it is disrupting the sun’s electromagnetic field. We had some X flares this week already, fireballs, and transformers blowing,  and we have the GRID X drill next week on Nov. 13th-14th. Could be they have already calculated a flare that’s going to cause a problem with our satellites and they know about it in advance, so the drill could be a CYA for when the lights go out from an EMP pulse??

We also have the Hunger Games Sequel, “Catching Fire”, premiering this month which, as we have already discussed, is the Illuminati playbook. They are preparing you for your FEMA Region deportment. The “Capital” is all over our TV on all the cutting edge shows like Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress, etc…This sequel features the introduction of some  genetically engineered chimera monsters. The Illuminati can’t wait to spring this shit on us in real time. They love horror…They are the TERRORISTS. They feed off it..

As for Pattie Brassard, well she wasn’t right as we can all see. At least not so far… She has left the country and is being banned from her own sites on Facebook and her website, so she has to have been right on some stuff. I caught her on a radio show this past week along with crazy friend Karen. Pattie’s Fukashima reporting was right on, and this is the worst disaster that has ever effected our planet. Radiation levels are off the charts on our West coast. This was a meltdown. PERIOD. Plutonium rods blown and radioactive half- lives that will continue to irradiate the planet for centuries. There is also radioactive waste washing ashore in California as we speak.

I have spent some time in some chat rooms lately and I was just GRIEVED in my heart as to how deceived people are and how the NEW AGE crowd is the OLD AGE sorcerers. We also have the Racist White Christian groups , and Zionists too. It’s just sickening and total chaos out there when it comes to people’s belief systems. The whole ENKI/ENLIL thing to try to disavow the Torah, etc.. I heard one Satanist/New Age guy saying Enlil is Yahweh, Jehovah. Well He’s got the name wrong and YHWH doesn’t have a brother. NUFF said. Total disinfo on the Sumerian Cuniforms…

On another note, Pattie’s friend, Karen MacDonald was on a show last week too. Karen is an RN and has totally gone into homeopathic medicine, as have a lot of nurses and medical professionals. The problem is, it’s all WITCHCRAFT. There is no White vs Black Magic. MAGIC=PHARMACOLOGY. Period. Drugs of any kind whether prescription or non is not acceptable to YaHuWaH. Get off all MEDS…Karen was pushing enemas, (LOL),  Colonics, tinctures, oils, etc… I felt like I was listening to Mommy Dearest or Harry Potter’s mom. She’s a nut case…Her and her CLAN Mothers BS. (see my post on the MUSES, ISIS, & Semiramis)

On a more “cerebral” note… as in ‘mind altering asphyxiating gases”, Has anyone else been poisoned this week?? They are dropping RAT POISON in the chemtrails. Barium Sulfates. I noticed it last week and I’m noticing it tonight also. I can smell it. It has a sickly sweet smell to it. I’ve been waking up all hours of the night this week also, and not sleeping right at all. Throwing up, acid reflux, and having horrible marionette syndrome symptoms. I know I’m being pulsed, along with sleep deprivation programming or  a Watcher program. My chip is bothering the hell out of me also.

I can’t seem to find any place to live either. Nothing is working out. Money was cut off last week. Basically they are putting the screws to me… How about you? It was very frightening to say the least. I’m having to trust YaHuWaH on a day by day basis and he has been FAITHFUL to provide for me and to protect me from them. He keeps assuring me that when the time comes he will bodily move me where he wants me. I am trying to get rid of the last of my stuff  also.

Everybody— you might as well get your houses in order. Lighten your loads. Your not going to be able to take it with you… We’ve only got about 13 years before all Hell breaks loose.

I need to get to a place where I can relax and spend quality time with YaHuWaH again. The stress is affecting my time with him. I feel like NEO when he came out of the MATRIX. It’s like being in SHOCK… I’m  adjusting as best I can to the stress levels. You’re next folks…I always go steps before most people on stuff like this… Buy some Rolaids and get ready.

Shit’s about to hit the fan and we don’t need Karen’s Enema’s…It’s gonna fly all on it’s own…


Huge UFO’s hiding behind our moon. Another NASA Whistleblower- “Dr. Norton”.

POSTSCRIPT> Pattie Brassard has not been heard from in over a week.

At last call she was leaving the USA and headed to Canada with Karen MacDonald.

Tsunami Bomb? Coming to a Coastline Near You? NASA expert warns!

Nukes can be discharged underwater to cause Tsunami’s by Military.

A False Flag Warning is being given for US Eastern Coastline by insider US Military Sources.

Get off the Coasts folks!

Power Grid to be taken down Nov. 13th-14th for a DRILL????

My Take on Patti Brassard-8-24-13

Okay, I have to admit she got me really shaken up last week. A lot of what she is saying is Bible and End Times stuff. The problem comes in, in that she is not an Elect. Patti is very New Age. She’s now talking about ascension and avatars, etc… which is not scriptural. She is, however, very knowledgeable about pole shift, radioactive fallout, and planetary/heavenly bodies. She’s a smart “lady”. I think she is sincere, but has maybe incorporated some Hollywood drama into the predictions she’s made, which wouldn’t surprise me as they script a lot of this stuff through the movies. The word AVATAR never even cropped up until recently, so you can see how they are baiting the public for their own agenda.

The part that really bothered me about Patti’s interviews was the fact that the government is totally shut down right now. This screams red flag to me. Where the hell are all these people? Anything on TV could be being staged from a television set deep underground. Nobody would be the wiser.

I personally took her disclosure seriously enough to move off the West coast. YaHuWaH was telling me to do so also, and that was the final straw last week. I’m outta there. It was not easy getting out either, and if there is a disaster or panic nobody will get out. That area of the country is LAND LOCKED. Now with the fires also, that has made it even worse.

I’m moving to a safe zone as we speak. It is not easy I assure you. There are NO JOBS in these areas mind you. You have to get off the grid. It’s going down in our lifetime. I do agree with her on that. Not sure that it will be this soon though. She is saying next month ….Sept 26th.  I hope she’s wrong. We are not prepared for that at all.  I don’t know how I will support myself, but that will be YaHuWaH’s problem to support me. I can’t seem to find work now anywhere I try, and I now believe he doesn’t want me to work. It’s very hard for me not to work. I’m type, A mind you. It’s like telling me not to breath…

I think Patti has probably been following conspiracy stuff for years by the sounds of it. Together with her computer savvy she can talk a good talk and know what’s she talking about. The problem is though, that you can’t put YaHuWaH in a box and He will call the shots even if it’s contrary to our known science. He is our Creator and He can create a whole new paradigm shift if he so chooses. He can defy the Law of Physics if He so chooses. The thing that gets me is that He is giving me scripture to back up what Patti is saying!

If you read the prayer verses He gave me this morning you can see the line in verses 9 & 10 (Psalm 33) is pretty much right on the money about bringing things to a standstill. Especially “He maketh the devices of the people of NONE EFFECT.” Pretty right on awesome, wouldn’t you say? That’s why I can’t refute what she is saying, as YaHuWaH is giving me the Word to back her up. Like I said, it WILL HAPPEN in our lifetime. We have 20 years at most. 2033 is when YaHushuWaH will return to fight the battle at Meggido. (Armegeddon). 2026 is when the GREAT tribulation should begin. This 13 year period prior to that should be the lead up to that with the 6th seal happening prior to 2026.That is the pole shift and it could go at any time now, so she may be right. (Rev 6:12). We have the four horseman identified now and they will all show up in Syria most likely to rally the survivors after the pole shift happens. Obama, the Dalai Lama, Angelina Jolie, and the Royal family (Charles, Will, Harry, and now George). Mama Queen is no longer in the picture. I do believe she was forced to step down just as Patti stated. The media will say she died or retired or something. We also have the false Pope or prophet, “Francis” to contend with. All of these work for the Vatican,mind you, and the Jesuit priests who practice Enochian Satanic magic. Satan with his fallen angels rule this planet. They were cast out of heaven and took up dominion here eons ago. The Elect or called out ones are not part of this world system. Eden and the garden were an isolated colony here. There were other humans here prior to it but they were not Ha ADAM. Only Ha ADAM had the God Breath breathed into him and an eternal soul imparted. Other humanoids here did not have this. Well, that’s an entire whole teaching on how the angels inbred from then on with human woman because they couldn’t reproduce. They started their own seed line which was not Ha ADAM.

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens… It all will eventually happen though so securing your salvation through right relationship with YaHuWaH is the most important thing. Spend as much time in the WORD because that is our conduit to him. The TORAH especially. Keep the Sabbaths as best you can to honor his creation and method of doing things. They all tell a story about his plans for us as his set apart ones. His progeny. We are a small group. The word says FEW…I myself don’t know but a handful of truly saved people. If you aren’t using the divine name, that’s a pretty good indicator your not at this stage of the game…JESUS CHRIST is not your savior…He doesn’t exist. YahushuwaH on the other hand did exist and does exist and will return here in our lifetime.

I think Pattie hit a few home runs but she didn’t knock it out of the ballpark yet. She is not one of the two witnesses because she doesn’t have the divine name in her mouth, Okay? She is just a smart lady who wants to tell what she knows and therefore she is on our side. Anybody that stands for TRUTH is on YaHuWaH’s side. We are not to forbid them from speaking up. It’s so important though that you can sift out the error and discern the other stuff she is saying that is not the truth. It’s a very fine line. Stay close to YaHuWaH. That’s the main thing and HE alone will lead you into ALL TRUTH…..


Patti L. Brassard’s “LinkedIn” Bio



Remodel Homes / Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC
Build & Repair Computers /Networks /VoIP./ Backups Desktop / Laptops / Servers LAN / WAN Build Custom Multi Processor NT Systems Install / Configure AUTOCAD Ver. 14 & Light 98 On Win98/95 Nt-4.0 workstations Build / Configure Multi-Processor SCSI Multimedia Video Editing Workstation For Marketing Dept.Develop Pro-Active Helpdesk Strategic Plan For Improved Turnaround Times On downed / Broken Equipment And Software Installations / Updates Script & Burn Master Install CD’s for Sales Force Remote Software Updates & Virus Protection

Seimens Digital Phone System / Voice over IP Installs

the mechanical and electrical panels / sub assemblies and wiring harnesses,

Install computers /Networks / peripherals
Drive Imaging & Backups with Bart PC Imaging, Ghost, PC-Tools, Power Quest

Assemble components of military prototype devices ( I-Robot bomb disposal project) including wired control assemblies, battery packs and testing for compliance to specifications, vacuum sealed for desert sand environments (ISO 9001)

Install A.D.S.L. & IFITL. ( Integrated Fiber In The Loop) DATA LINES
Copper & Fiber, Digital Cable & Twisted Pair to curb and in Customer Homes / Business
Install / Configure NIC. Cards and install software – Win95 / 98 ,Win NT. Win XP, Vista
Winpoet Router Digital Communications Package

Construction/Assemble Anti-Missile (Explosive Chaff cartridges) & Anti-Torpedo (Electronic decoy) defense Systems / Modules, including wire harness and electronic controls. Constructed harness fault test hardware and test for G load compliance on connectors (Mil-spec. crimp & Solder)

Specialties:Repair in house CNC equipment & computer systems support. (ISO 9001)

IBM Laptop PC Repair / Diagnostics + Bench Test

Warranty Repair Certificate
@ Houlihan Office Systems

Compaq & IBM Authorized Service Tech
@ Central Data Inc.



P.L.Brassard General Contracting

December 2005 – Present (7 years 9 months)

Owner /Operator/ Contractor
Build / Remodel Homes / Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC
Build & Repair Computers / Networks /VoIP./ Backup /Imaging


Road Tech


July 2009 – January 2013 (3 years 7 months)

Citrix Migration Tech

Pacific Crossing

October 2008 – November 2008 (2 months)

@ Met-Life Home Loans for Northrop Grumman
Drive Imaging Backups with Bart PC Imaging software prior to a Citrix Migration
New-image on systems
Followed by data import from network to new lock-down desktops.
Fall River and Hyannis MA.

Computer Deployment Tech

The Computer Merchant

April 2007 – March 2008 (1 year)

@ Social Security Offices
HP/SSA Project Deploy (1099)
Install computers / software in secured locations
Renewed Secret Security Clearance

Sullivan & Cogliano

Computer Road Tech

Sullivan & Cogliano

January 2006 – November 2006 (11 months)

@ Bank North 32 Locations ( Encore Project )
Install computers /Networks / peripherals multiple locations
S.E. Mass & NH areas

Electro-mechanical Assembly, Systems Assembly

New England Engineers & Dsgnr

March 2005 – November 2005 (9 months)

@ Lockheed Martin (Sippican)
Electro-mechanical Assembly, Systems Assembly
Construction/Assemble Anti-Missile (Explosive Chaff cartridges) & Anti-Torpedo (Electronic decoy) defense Systems / Modules, including wire harness and electronic controls. Constructed harness fault test hardware and test for G load compliance on connectors (Mil-spec. crimp & Solder)
Repair in house CNC equipment & computer systems support. (ISO 9001)
@ Lockheed Martin (Polaris)
Assemble components of military prototype devices ( I-Robot bomb disposal project) including wired control assemblies, battery packs and testing for compliance to specifications, vacuum sealed for desert sand environments (ISO 9001)
ATF Issued onsite Explosives Handling Lic.
For handling / assembling warhead components

Installation Team Leader

ATSI Communications

October 2002 – December 2002 (3 months)

Supervise a ten person installation team
Cross wire punch panels 1200+ digital phone lines and 500+ analog lines correcting blueprints to match actual in-house wiring
Install & program phones, provide customer support post installation.

Computer Tech


March 2000 – June 2000 (4 months)

PC Repair / Imaging Load Sets On Systems With Ghost & Partition Magic, Field Desktop Support Center Calls Desktop / Laptops / Servers LAN / WAN Build Custom Multi Processor NT Systems Install / Configure AUTOCAD Ver. 14 & Light 98 On Win98/95 Nt-4.0 workstations Build / Configure Multi-Processor SCSI Multimedia Video Editing Workstation For Marketing Dept.Develop Pro-Active Helpdesk Strategic Plan For Improved Turnaround Times On downed / Broken Equipment And Software Installations / Updates Script & Burn Master Install CD’s for Sales Force Remote Software Updates & Virus Protection
@MICROAGE IBM Laptop PC Repair / Diagnostics + Bench Test

Bell South

ADSL Roll-out Installation Tech

Bell South

March 1999 – June 2000 (1 year 4 months)

Install A.D.S.L. & IFITL. ( Integrated Fiber In The Loop) DATA LINES
Copper & Fiber, Digital Cable & Twisted Pair to curb and in Customer Homes / Business
Install / Configure NIC. Cards and install software – Win95 / 98 ,Win NT.
Winpoet Router Digital Communications Package

Co-Owner & Contractor

The computer Store Of Deltona

February 1996 – November 1998 (2 years 10 months)

Contractor / Tech 2/98 – 11/98
@ South Trust Bank Deland , Fl. 32 Locations
NOVELL 3.51 File & RAS Server Security Issue Assessment Planning
Install / Upgrade / Backup to Image & Restore PC’s (IBM & MAC )
Add Additional Hubs / Patch Panels / Cabling
Configure Win 95 Support/Access Legacy Remote Apps
5/97 – 8/97
Workstation Desktop Migration, Banyon Vines Network, NT 4.0 Internet Server Connectivity Lotus Notes Upgrade- 4.5 Migration Mail & E-Mail / Remote File Access
Explorer 3.02 / Netscape 3.0 / AOL 3.0
Help Desk Trouble Ticket Implementation
Fixed Asset Tracking / Remote Software Lic. Tracking
Agency For WALDEC ICON GROUP 2/97 – 4/97
Help Desk Trouble Ticket Support Printer, PC Repair / Service WIN95 , OS2 , WIN31 , NT 4.0 Workstation MAC 7.5 Desktop Integration MS Office 97 Upgrade
Lotus Notes 4.5 Upgrade Lotus Notes E-Mail /Remote File Server Desktop Access To Internet Via TCP/IP IP Address File Tracking Remote Applications Services Dialup / Internet Global Inter-Office File Sharing / Access

CENTRAL DATA Co. 2/96 – 2/97
@Deltona School Systems
@ O.R.M.C. Hospital. ORLANDO
Build / Install / Custom Computers Repair IBM/MAC PC’s & Printers
Trouble Shoot 3270 Terminals Novell 3.5 & 4.0 Connectivity Issues
Desktop Apps. & Local / Remote Printing Win95 3270 Emulation Issues
Trouble Shoot Windows For Workgroups IPX Network Problems
IBM , Compaq. Factory Service PC’s Network cabling trouble shoot


Computer Consultant


March 1996 – April 1996 (2 months)

@Daytona Beach Community College
Build , Loadset & Install 550
Custom Compaq Computer Systems Upgrade Legacy Systems Inter Campus / Inter Building Fiber Optic Network Installation CAT 5 Cabling for 100 MBPS Network WIN95 Desktops Novell 4.01 Network
& Backbone (Custom Fiber)

Computer Road-Tech

Houlihan Computer Solutions

November 1994 – October 1995 (1 year)

Computer Convention Setups Computer Delivery / Setups For
Computer Conference / Convention Rentals Build / Customize Computer Load Sets IBM/MAC Per Clients Spec. Overhead & Big Screen Inter- Operating Systems Connectivity
 @ N.A.S.A. Kennedy Space Center
 Network Training Classes lab setup



September 1984 – May 1990 (5 years 9 months)

Computer Repair / Service / Support SCO-UNIX 4&5 W/ DOS 5 Merging
For Windows On Wang Terminal Applications Remote Terminal Connections Via-Dedicated Lines On Site / In Home Training Win 3.1 & Dos 6.22 COMODORE &APPLE/MAC PC’S

Electro – Mechanical Tech. C.N.C. Operator

Metfab Engineering, Inc.

May 1986 – September 1986 (5 months)

Electro – Mechanical Tech. C.N.C. Operator
Custom Computer Controls / Panels / harness assembly For Robotic Trolley Hoist Systems & Custom De-Greasing Machine Assembly including motor / refrigeration / Venting & heating systems control

Electro-machanical Tech


September 1985 – April 1986 (8 months)

Design / Assemble C.N.C. Machines
Wire Harness & Control Panel Configuration & Assembly
Robotics Tool Changers For Custom Milling machines Dynapath Computer Systems
Design & Build Custom Made Hi Voltage Computer Control Panels

Skills & Expertise

Most endorsed for…
  • 11Troubleshooting
  • 9Hardware
  • 7Technical Support
  • 7Software Installation
  • 6Operating Systems
  • 4XP
  • 4Computer Hardware
  • 3Laptops
  • 2Computer Repair
  • 2Help Desk Support
Pattie also knows about…
  • 2TCP/IP
  • 1IP
  • 1Windows 7
  • 1Networking

Honors & Awards

Additional Honors & Awards

Possessor ATF Clearence (Explosives) # 6MA00055
@ Lockheed Martin – Sippican
Warhead & Anti-Missle Decoy Assembly
I-Robot Build Project

Freedom Team Salute
Cert. Appreciation
George W Casey
Chief of staff USArmy

HP Co.
Clarence for Social Security Installs 4/24/2006
# BPA SS00-05-40015

Contractors Clearence


Additional Organizations

American Leigion Post #121

August 8th Interview with Patti Brassard

Three Days Of Darkness – Sept 26th, 2013? NASA Expert Whistleblower says so!!


Postscript> This date is being pushed back now to Nov. 13-14th? We are getting help from “good” ET’s. (I.e. Anunnaki  Nibiru  mothership)

They can only push it back so far though.  See my post about the “drill”  scheduled for Nov. 13th-14th.

You need to try to get underground if possible.  Not in a DUMB though. That’s too far underground.  Pyramids are good also.

If the Earth stops spinning, there will be huge tidal waves. Get off the coasts!  Also you must be 150 miles from ANY NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.

The cores will melt down in 72 hours.  They cannot maintain them much longer than that. FEMA, the NSA,  and the TSA will gridlock  you in the

cities. You need to get out of the cities!  You must be at about 1000 feet above sea level.  NORTH is the best choice.


Live 4- part Radio Interview with Patti Brassard and Pete Santilli 8-13-13.

Guerilla Media Network

Guerilla Media Network -episode #494. Just google this and type the #494 into the search box. The first 30 minutes is just bullshit.

Forward it to half way mark to get to the interview part. (32:30 mark). Turn off the live stream at the top left.

This will floor you. Patti says the government is all underground as we speak including the Vatican and British Monarchy, Congress and Obama. That’s why they closed the embassies this week, They are in the DUMBS. (Deep underground military bases reserved for the elite, NWO bastards.) They want us dead up here on the surface. They know what’s coming and have been planning for 50 years….. Folks you need to get 200 miles inland and 200 miles from any Nuclear reactors. The grid is going to go out here shortly.