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Race War diversion. Get the focus off Crooked Hillary Clinton.

7/9/16-We the People vs James Comey

6/24 -Brexit- Score 1 for the UK!

Trump blasts the Clintons

Cruz steps down, CIA daddy linked to Oswald. Hillary’s next.

Did Prince die of Chemtrail Flu?

Prince has spoken out about chemtrails publically. Did the Illuminati do him in?

Who is Mystery Babylon?

The Savior’s name is Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach

3/18-Another shill in the Republican Party game plan coming to the forefront.


Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan

The Elitists are at it again… They had to sack “Todd Palin” and put him in the hospital so they can concentrate on “Paul Ryan” for the 2016 election. How much do you wanna bet they try to steal the election from TRUMP and put this Greenberg shill in ?? Sarah as we know goes by many names. AKA Tina Fey,  Gabbie Giffords, Jennifer Sexton, etc…

Her endorsement of TRUMP means nothing…

The Greenbergs play off both sides of the political coin…





The Ides of March. It’s time to call this Witch out!


This is how evil these people are folks! That witch on Fox news is a total shill.

The OJ Simpson Hoax. They just kill off their characters and give them new identities.

Reclaiming your sovereignty.You are not your own.Whose your daddy?


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