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The World That Was…Pre- Genesis

What the bible really says about creation and how old the Earth really is. Genesis 1 is the RE-creation of the Earth… It was destroyed before Gen 1 when Satan actually ruled here on Earth. We do not use the pagan Greek name  “Jesus” either , but rather the Messiah’s true name -YaHushuWaH.

The Gospel and Star of Judas Iscariot

We touched on the importance of the Orion Constellation in another one of my posts and how the Mazzaroth is a map which explains the inter-connected nature of the universe and what has and is to happen here on the earth. The fact that whole lines were left out from the text of this gospel shows that once again the powers that be don’t want the public at large to know what is going on. They want to keep us in the dark.

Who Wrote the Bible? (His name Is YaHuWaH) The Origins of the Torah.

Tutmoses III and the Battle of Megiddo. Will history repeat itself?

YaHuWaH woke me up the other night and spoke this name to me. He wants us to be acquainted with this pharaoh and the history behind Har’ Meggido and what went on there in a prior battle in antiquity. I find it interesting that this guy bears the name of MOSES . The whole story runs in close conjunction to the Exodus account of the Hebrew Moses. I also find it interesting that he chooses the NARROW WAY through the Aruna Mountain Pass and outsmarts the Assyrians. Some say this is THOTH or HERMES. At any rate, we see a” type ”  here of what is to come.  and a foreshadowing of the final Battle of Armageddon which also will take place in this very location according to the Book of Revelation.  History will repeat itself,  and our own Messiach– YaHushuWaH,  will be our General in this soon to be final showdown battle between GOOD and EVIL.

Constantine, Mithraism, Apollo, & Christianity

Peleg, Pangaea, and Poleshift- Genesis 10:25, Isaiah 24:20


There is nothing new under the Sun, and pole shift is no exception. In the book of Genesis, after Noah’s flood, we have the first mention made of a pole shift occurring on the face of the earth. When YaHuWaH originally made the dry land and the oceans it was all one land mass. One piece. The continents were not divided as they are today.

This land mass in our recorded history was known as Pangaea. (there were other names and configurations prior to our Bible story Epoch, but those were for prior ages not associated with Ha ADAM.)Fossil evidence for Pangaea includes the presence of similar and identical species on continents that are now great distances apart. Additional evidence for Pangaea is found in the geology of adjacent continents, including matching geological trends between the eastern coast of South America and the western coast of Africa. The name is derived from:


Gaia as we know was the name of the Earth and Pan we know was that devilish character with the cloven hoofs. They were already busy at work corrupting the populace and the Tower of Babel was being built under NIMROD, one of his progeny. YaHuWaH disperses them and confounds there language, creating the first Babylon. So how did he do that? POLESHIFT. People run to the hills, die, drown, earthquakes, landslides, whatever… Total chaos ensues. The continents are slid apart to further geographically provide barriers among the people. An ice age also sets in after the pole shift occurs due to clouding of the atmosphere from volcanic eruptions, and many more die from starvation, lack of food, disease, lack of sunlight etc…

So how do we know this? Well the bible says “Peleg” lived during this time. Peleg means DIVISION. The time when the Earth was DIVIDED. Gen 10:25. This was after the construction of the  Tower of Babel was initiated. If you notice the ages of Peleg’s  predessessors, you can see that they all lived to be over 400 years of age. After Peleg, however, that number drops to HALF of that. 200+ years!! It cuts the human lifespan in HALF!!! It was that TRAUMATIC of an event. That would be like us living to be 40 years old nowadays. I’d be dead already if that were the case.

This shows that something happened suddenly and globally. There was no continental drift. That came after the fact. It was instantaneous. It was cataclysmic. It put those high tech people back in the dark ages. The same thing happened to Atlantis in a prior age. The same thing will happen in our age. The bible is very clear about this. Read Rev. Chapter 6.  YaHuWaH will make the Earth TURN UPSIDE DOWN and REEL TO AND FRO. like a DRUNKARD. (Isaiah 24:20). The Elohim have the means and technology to do this, and He will not be usurped. It has happened numerous times in the past. It is a judgement set against Collectivism and the Hive Mind Saturnian mentality.
He alone is GOD.


His name is YaHuWaH.


Isaiah Chap. 23 The Burden of Tyre (The ROCK).



YaHuWaH wants to move on now through the next book of Isaiah and quite frankly I have no idea where he wants to go with this, but he has made it very clear to me that this is the next piece in the Endtimes puzzle. We all know that Damasus is going to be destroyed according to Chap 17, and it will be turned into a heap of trash. Well, chapter 23 deals with a coastal city named TYRE. Now according to Wikipedia, TYRE means “ROCK” and specifically it was BERYL ROCK. Beryl as we know, is one of the foundations of the throne of YaHuWaH. It got me thinking that maybe each of these “Burdens of the Lord” represent a different stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. That would make 12 burdens, 12 stones, 12 tribes, 12 cities, each having a specific layer to add to laying the foundation for YaHuWaH’s Kingdom here on earth when he returns for his millenial reign.

Now TYRE was a financial merchant shipping center. It was know for it’s rare purple dye which comes from the murex shell. Purple was the color of Royalty and still is. In the last chapter (Isaiah 22) we talked about THE VALLEY OF VISION and went into a whole teaching on the NAPA Valley and the rising up up THE ROCK for that area. Eliakim or YaHuWaH’s chosen priest for that LAND.  We said it would be Dwayne Johnson who fits the bill for the coastland of California in setting up YaHuWaH’s Endtime kingdom there. Well YaHuWaH has likewise set some clues here as well, as to who his chosen one will be over the coastland of TYRE and SIDON. This area will specifically be used to serve the Elect and will supply them with their clothing (Royal duds) and imported food. That natural port will be refurbished and renovated for this purpose.

The ships of Tarshish (Which also means BERYL) will frequent this port and restock the supplies. Tarshish was associated with the Tribe of ASHER and with SILVER. During King Soloman’s day, the King of TYRE was KING HIRAM. (remember the Mormon/Masonic guy?) He made a blood pack with King Soloman as a blood brother and supplied him with the lumber, ships, etc. to build the temple for YaHuWaH. My guess is that one of his descendants will rise to this position during YaHushuWaH’s return.
The passage says that there will be a seventy year period of QUIET around this area. (Daniel’s 70 years?) Then the area will SING LIKE A HARLOT. Well I found this language intriguing. I looked up “Lebanese Singer” on google and I found a unique person by the name of SABAH. This Lebanese actress/singer was an international sensation around the early 20th century. She is still alive now, but she’s in her late 80’s and hospital bound. The woman had 10 MARRIAGES! There’s our harlot marking TYRE for this Endtimes Era. I’m guessing when she dies this area of TYRE and SIDON will once again come to the forefront on the world scene. That’s a valuable natural port and it belongs to the Endtimes kingdom on earth. It will be interesting to see what transpires there after the demise of Damascus. History is coming to a close and you can bet your bottom dollar these cities will be in the news here along with Damascus in the not so distant future.

Australian Archeology- Treasure hunting off the Coast using MH370 as an excuse

dutch shipdutch east indies map 1622

Maritime Archaeology emerged in Australia commenced in the 1970s due to concerns expressed by academics and politicians with the rampant destruction of the Dutch and British East India ships lost on the west coast. As Commonwealth legislation was enacted and enforced after 1976 and as States enacted their own legislation the sub-discipline spread throughout Australia concentrating initially on shipwrecks due to on-going funding by both the States and the Commonwealth under their shipwreck legislation.[9] Studies now include as an element of Underwater archaeology, as a whole, the study of submerged indigenous sites. Nautical Archaeology, (the specialised study of boat and ship construction) is also practised in the region. Often the sites or relics studied in Australia as in the rest of the world are not inundated. The study of historic submerged aircraft, better known as a sub-discipline of aviation archaeology, underwater aviation archaeology is also practised in the region. In some states maritime and underwater archaeology is practised out of Museums and in others out of cultural heritage management units and all practitioners operate under the aegis of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology.

Over 1400 ships have been wrecked on the coast of Western Australia. This relatively large number of shipwrecks is due to a number of factors, including:

      a long and very difficult coastline with very few natural harbors

  • at certain times of the year powerful storms and gales are very common.  These winds are normally on-shore
  • A long ‘cyclone season’ rendering all sea travel hazardous and many harbors ineffectual in providing a safe haven
  • The inability to accurately measure longitude until the late 18th Century and the tendency to reduce their travel time by keeping their ships in the “Roaring Forties” for as long as possible saw many ships fail to turn north for the Indies at the right time.[1] As a result many were wrecked on the coast of Western Australia.
  • Numerous accounts from local indigenous tribes concerning white shipwreck survivors ending up on their shores.

The Vatican is HUGELY into this. Not only are they into the mapping of ley lines but they are also into TREASURE HUNTING. This underwater search for MH370 is being used by them to further their own research. It’s a RUSE. They could care less about MH370. The only thing they wanted was the cargo and the 20 scientists.

There were vast wrecks of ancient ships on this coast that have yet to be discovered. Probably lots of sunken treasure and booty. They aren’t stupid. They will exploit this not only archeologically but also eventually through Hollywood which they also own.


Isaiah 15: The Burden of MOAB. God’s Near Future Judgement on the USA.


The Burden Of MOAB.  Isaiah Chapter 15

verse 1:

1.AR– Little Rock Air Force Base is the home of the 19th Airlift Wing. Two tenant units, the 314th Airlift Wing and the 189th Airlift Wing (Arkansas Air National Guard) report to Air Education and Training Command. A third tenant unit, the U.S. Air Mobility Weapons School reports to Air Combat Command.

The combined efforts of these units allows Team Little Rock to deploy and train the world’s best C-130 Combat Airlifters.

(Note: C-130’s are used to deploy MOAB)

2. KIR– KIRKLAND Air Force Base. Kirtland is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command‘s Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems. The NWC’s responsibilities include acquisition, modernization and sustainment of nuclear system programs for both the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

verse 2:

BAJITH– house or  idol-temple. It has also been regarded as denoting simply the temple of the idol of Moab as opposed to the “high place.” The House of MOAB. Where the bombs are housed.

DIBON-=(DI BAN)- Two “cursed”. To pronounce an Ecclesiastical  curse on these two sites.


MEDEBA- A historic town in Jordan it contains a beautiful mosaic map located in St Georges cathedral on the floor. The map contains two unknown sites. It is a HOLOGRAPH. A bible code for HOT SPRINGS, healing waters. .( i.e Little Rock, AR and Albuquque, NM.)

verse 4:

HESHBON- A historical Jordanian town ruled by AMORITES.   Amor ites are IT Geeks. The ones that will take down AR and KIR.

 King SIHON was their ruler. This an anagram for the King of ZION. GOD, himself,  will take them out using computer technology.

ELEALEH- God has ascended. He is arisen. He will rise to the occasion.

JAHEZ- A SHIP. As in spaceship.

verse 5:

ZOAR- Zoarites, emigrated from the kingdom of Württemberg in southwestern Germany due to religious oppression from the Lutheran church. They did not practice baptism or confirmation and did not celebrate religious holidays except for the Sabbath. A central flower garden in Zoar is based on the Book of Revelation with a towering tree in the middle representing Christ and other elements surrounding it representing other allegorical elements. The town is located  in Ohio. A Safe Zone.

Altenatively, ZOE=LIFE….. All life in AR will be erradicated.

LUHITH- Upward bodily ascent.  Abduction or false rapture.

HORONAIM- Hidden or cloaked Name. False name of JESUS. The Name Of YHWH has been hidden from them. They are on the spiritual road that leads downward. The name used by the Whore of Babylon.


NIMRIM- Nim is a mathematical game of strategy in which two players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.

                 Rim is the outer edge of a round object, i.e. the EARTH. God is sorting the wheat from the tares. 2 piles.

BROOK OF THE WILLOWS- (WILLOWBROOK)- a corrupt Staten Island institution for mentally ill or delayed children. A Psych ward.

verse 8

EGLAIMEglin Air Force Base- Known for the first Test site of MOAB will also be judged.

BEER ELIM- The beer guzzling drunken military supporting  masses. “Support our Troups crowd”. Another group that will be eliminated by God.

verse 9:

DIMON- Two Moons. Two blood moons foreshadowing and timing the destruction.

I am still working on this Bible Prophecy noted in Isaiah 15 but YaHuWaH is informing me that:

MOAB will be targeted and these three AFB’s.

He has ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the Ecclesia.

I would not be anywhere near these three bases over the next 1-2 years.

The Enemies of YaHuWaH- Deut 20:17

Perez Hilton-a Perizite

Perez Hilton-a Perizzite

We all know about the Ha Satan being YaHuWaH’s enemy, but did you know there are certain “People’s” he also detests. Let’s face it..He doesn’t LOVE EVERYBODY okay?? Especially groups of people that are in direct violation of his Torah Teaching, Laws, Morals and Ethical Standards. He says we are to go to WAR with these groups because if we don’t, they will utterly destroy YOU and drag you to hell with them and their False gods.  (Deut. 20).

The groups mentioned in this passage include the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivites. Notice there are SIX GROUPS listed here. These are MAN MADE GROUPS or collectives. Oh sure you can go into the historical and documented archeology, etc… and fight about it, but YaHuWaH says these are COLLECTIVES or mind sets of the people and they pass from generation to generation. Like I’ve said before :


We already talked about the AMORITES in another post I did earlier. These are the IT GEEKS. The information technology addicts. The demonically infiltrated computer WIZARDS running SPY PROGRAMS on you. The let’s “get the dirt on everybody” mentality so we can EXTORT from them when we need to in the future. We have them right here in the USA with the NSA… Well they had them back then too…

And by the way, it has nothing to do with your SAFETY…DUH???

The Perizzites follow after the Amorites. These are the people that BUY into the former. They have to have the latest gadgets. They are the SOCIAL MEDIA freaks. The TEXTERS, TWITTERERS, Facebookers, Gossipers, Lying MEDIA, Paris and PEREZ Hiltons, The PAPER ARTZI or PAPA RAZZI. (to RAZE means to tear down- The Father of Destruction..The DESTROYER of one’s Character). The PARASITES.

The newspapers, magazines, myspacers, GLAM, RED Carpet, Hollywood Sucking, one uppers….

The next group is the Canaanites. Now this is a mis-translation. It is a very BROAD Category and a geographical region OR it is the descendants of CAIN. Remember the dude that YaHuWaH marked in Genesis so he wouldn’t be killed?? Killed by who?? There were other races of beings on the planet at the time. NOT ADAMIC. There were GIANTS, and HU-MANS, probably Sheti and Shasu Lizard ETS, SEA Peoples, … all kinds of stuff…..Cain was the first MURDERER. He killed his brother Abel due to a jealous spirit. Sibling Rivalry. He learned about killing and murder to try to get something somebody else had. Abel had Favor with YaHuWaH because he had a right spirit. Cain was already misled about the value of life and was operating at an animal/beast level and not on a spiritual plane. This is the whole premise behind WAR. We want what somebody else has. God is not enough for them…

This moves us on to the Hittites.These were the specialists if you will at the former. The MERCENARIES. The HIT MEN.  Let’s just make a career of taking other people’s shit by strong ARMING  them. Thus, these are the arms dealers also. The MOB, Mafia.  You get it….

Then we have all the SEXUAL PERVERTS. The HIV ITES. You think HIV is anything new? Guess again. That plague has been around for millenia. It’s genetically engineered.  If your gonna play your gonna pay. Anybody that does not keep Torah and YaHuWaH’s laws about sexual purity will die eventually from this plague. It is always released at the end of an “AGE” as a wake up call to the masses. The wages of SIN is Death… It is a DEATH SENTENCE issued to sexual perverts.

And finally, the most interesting of all…The JEBUSITES. Now we know there is no “J”. (Just like there is no JESUS…JEBU comes from Jesus/Buddha)  These are the YE VUS ITES. The best known was Melchisedez, the High Priest of SALEM.  This priest was the Messiah YaHushuWaH in a former AGE. PRE- GENESIS. This was a former millenial reign on the EARTH. The YE VUS SITES  were descendents of  that former reign. YE =YOU ALL plural. VOU=SEEN. (like DEJA VOU).  The ALL SEEING ONES. They knew the score about everything that goes down and how everything is cyclical, because they had experienced it before in a past life. They had past life memory of it. They had been there. The problem was their DNA had become corrupted. We know in scripture that Ha Satan is loosed “for a season” during the Millenial reign. It’s his job to cull the masses. The Jebusites are the result of that culling… It will happen again when the next millenial reign is set up once again with the “2nd” ( 6th?) coming of the Messiah. This next one…(there have been 5 prior) will make the 6th and final stage for mankind…. SIX being the number of man…(The 7th or perfect age will be when the new Heaven and Earth will replace this planet at the end of the 6th).  The Jebusites are a danger to YaHuWaH because they know the truth about the Mysteries of the Ages. These are the PRIESTS that now practice sorcery trying to rewrite the future. The Adepts, Shamans, Mystery School adherents, and the Illuminati. Using what they know about Science, Math, Physics, Genetics, etc… they are trying to create their own Destiny and be their own GODS…Without YaHuWaH. They are on Ha Satan’s side because they are related to him. Satan’s Seed.

So there you have it. These are OUR ENEMIES now if you are one of YaHuWaH’s… These groups are in direct conflict to our ELOHIM’s plans. John, the Revelator, was shown the outcome in advance for the next and final destruction of this world system. The difference this time is that after this millenial reign here on this Earth,  there will never be any more enemies of YaHuWaH. He will create a new HEAVEN and EARTH altogether after the 1000 year period and the culling will be complete. The GOATS will be eternally separated from HIS SHEEP. They will be cast into the fire pit. They will no longer exist…