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4/22- The Word of YaHuWaH- The Sign of Jonah-Judgement is coming!

Please note we do not celebrate “Easter” and the Messiah’s name is not “Jesus” but the message comes through loud and clear regardless… REPENT!

8/3/16-The Word of YaHuWaH to Barack Obama the WEED. Job 8.

1-2 Are you finally through with your windy speech?
God never twists justice;
he never fails to do what is right.
Your people must have sinned against God,
and so he punished them as they deserved.
5But turn now and plead with Almighty God;
6if you are so honest and pure,
then God will come and help you
and restore your household as your reward.
All the wealth you lost (stole) will be nothing
compared with what God will give you then.
8Look for a moment at ancient wisdom;
consider the truths our ancestors learnt.
9Our life is short, we know nothing at all;
we pass like shadows across the earth.
10But let the wise ancestors teach you;
listen to what they had to say:
11“Reeds can’t grow where there is no water;
they are never found outside a swamp.
12If the water dries up, they are the first to wither,
while still too small to be cut and used.
13 Godless men (YOU) are like those reeds;
your  hope is gone, once God is forgotten.
14 They trust a thread — a spider’s web.
15 If they lean on a web, (WWW) will it hold them up?
If they grab for a thread, will it help them stand?”
16The wicked sprout like weeds in the sun,
like weeds that spread all through the garden.
17Their roots wrap round the stones
and hold fast to every rock.
18 But then pull them up —
no one will ever know they were there.
19Yes, that’s all the joy wicked people have;
others now come and take their places. (TRUMP)
20But God will never abandon the faithful
or ever give help to evil people. (You!)
21 He will let the faithful  laugh and shout again,
22 but he will bring disgrace on YOU,
and the homes of the wicked will vanish.


Pope Francis- Shut the F’ up.

Passover 2016 -Sundown April 21-28th

Who is Mystery Babylon?

The Savior’s name is Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach

3/10/15- The Word of YaHuWaH is “Penuel”. Gen Chap 32.

He who has ears to hear what the spirit sayeth to the Elect…


2/4/16- The Concubine and the Virgin

2/1/16-Concubinage- what is that?

Madame de Pompadour

Madame du Pompadour

The bible talks a lot in the “Old Testament” about concubines. Now I always thought that meant that the women were just for sex and nothing more. Like prostitutes. Well I had a rude awakening about that. The word can also include males. Young males-(called concubinus), so this wasn’t just about taking women for a harem. It was a Roman tradition also to take mistresses or lovers and it was not considered derogatory at all. These relationships were considered secondary, however, to a wife, and the two did not live under the same roof. For whatever reason, be it a legal or socioeconomic variance which would not allow for a “marriage”,  these relationships which we now call “co-habitation” or having a mistress or lover were quite commonplace throughout history.

Levitical Law took it a step farther- allowing the concubine to live under the same roof as the “wife”. The children could also inherit property. The concubine was seen though as a secondary relationship than the wife/husband relationship. Furthermore, you couldn’t take a married woman or that would fall under adultery punishable by being stoned to death. The man, however, could be married.

Of course there are and were various extremes all the way from involuntary concubinage (sexual slavery or trafficking) to arranged social liasons (placage in New Orleans for example). A lot of times it was seen as a form of wealth to have many mistresses or concubines. Look at Soloman for example. He had 300 concubines. Sometimes the women and or her children could inherit property and other times it was not allowed. It was not considered prostitution as the mistress would only be bound to one man- sometimes for many years. Then she could move on to another man. Thomas Jefferson was said to have had his concubine/ mistress for 38 years and had 5 children with her. (Sally Hemmings). Since interracial marriage wasn’t accepted they never  married.

Now a days we call it co-habitation, having a mistress, or a lover. It has been common place all down through the ages and is allowed in the Torah. It is not a “sin”. That concept came along with the teaching of Paul the false apostle.  ( A hippocrite who had a male lover, Timothy ).  Abraham had Ishmael through Sarah’s handmaid Haggar,  Jacob had two wives and two handmaids to father the 12 tribes of Israel, etc.. Having a lot of children was seen as a noble thing for the man, providing he could afford them. That’s why usually the wealthy only did it. There were no “dead beat dads” back in the day. It was a man’s duty to provide for his women and children. The man would be shamed publically, otherwise.

Well, I want to talk next about a particular concubine in the bible that you probably have never heard of as she is nameless. We’ll discuss her and what happens to her in our next lesson. It’s NOT a pretty story and it’s been swept under the rug. In fact it caused a WAR and the expulsion of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Guess which tribe?

Till next time…




Job Chap 1. (Yub ), The Jubilee (Yubel) Nun, & Sheba.

paleohebrew alphabet

paleohebrew alphabet

The book of Job is a mathematical enigma. The whole bible, is for that matter. The Hebrew language, in which it was written, was and is a divine mathematical blueprint. Now I want to discuss Job Chapter 1 from a divine mathematical prospective. Job was not written by Moses first off. It was written BEFORE Moses even came on the scene. Job came from UZ and was a MAGI or high priest and an Aramean. UZ was the first son of Shem (Noah’s son) . This UZ had a son named Aram.  Aram’s first son was also named UZ.  The first fruits which are holy unto YaHuWaH. Job was also a first fruit of UZ. The seventh generation.  He was an incarnation of YaHushuWaH just as Melchizedek was in Abram’s day. He was a perfect incarnated God-man who eschewed or denounced and avoided evil.

God has walked among us on numerous occasions just as Satan does also. (Job 1:7) I think it’s safe to say that before it’s all over God as Man will have appeared on Earth (Terra) seven times. (Seven being the number of perfection).

Job had 7 “sons” and each son had his own “day”. These sons were representative of the 7 planets which were known at the time and considered “lords” over our solar system and our part of the celestial creation. Possibly this is where the ideas of the “Baals” came from. The three daughters, (Venus) visited the 7 sons each “day” as they represent the Dawn, Noon (Nun)  and Eve for each “day”. This was Lucifer’s role as he takes on the female aspect of DAWN, and EVE. (The noon or NUN was a new one on me though!) This is where the trinity idea comes from. (The wrong – “diety”). These 7 “sons” appear before God along with Satan (Venus) to present themselves. The text says the “sons” were later killed by the walls of the “Houses” falling on them. The “house” refers to the Constellation along the ecliptic at the time. Probably the BEAR. The Mazzaroth. When Satan warred in the heavens and was cast out of heaven, he messed up the whole planetary alignment. Something dramatic happened in our solar system. We talked about this in a prior post about the sign of the Bear (Venus) falling below the ecliptic. It could have been a pole shift, asteroid,  or something else- but it caused these “beings” to lose their “souls” to Lucifer. Job’s daughters are not included in the dead here. They are SATAN in three aspects.They are transitional beings. They transition to become the three “friends” of Job. We discussed this in another post as well. They are all female. These are all celestial beings being discussed here. Job, being the Creator in human form, has birthed these divine “children” but something had run amok with the planets. Job felt it necessary to act as mediator for these created beings on a daily basis. It wasn’t enough, however, as the “fall” happens anyway do to their free will.

Job also has 3000 camels. Really? The camel is a code for the letter gimmel or G. The camel’s foot. The camel was a beast of burden and could go days without water. This animal was crucial for crossing a desert. (the milky way?) The little “gods”.

Same with the 500 yoke of oxen. The ox is the aleph or letter A in the hebrew alphabet. The word says not to muzzle the ox that treads out the corn. The ox supplies the brute force in churning up the fallow ground to give the “seeds” (DNA)  the aeration they needs to grow.

He also had 7000 “sheep” which get killed as the sheep are not with their Good Shepard, Job. They are under someone else’s watch and are not under the care and protection of their master.  The shepard’s staff is the lamed or letter L.  The goad. They have been led astray.

Then we have the equal parts she- asses at 500 to balance the 500 oxen. The she-ass was more docile than the male. Here we see them just grazing while the ox are doing all the work. They also were beasts of burden but used more for carrying goods and people. They carried baskets for the most part laden with food and goods. The letter is T.

The Sabean’s attack on Job’s livestock is actually an attack by Sheba. She also plays the part of Job’s wife. The one he DIVORCES. (Job’s second wife is DINAH) . If you read the hebrew text it is a female once again doing the attacking. When the Queen of Sheba gives her gifts to king Soloman she gets them from stealing from Job.  Sheba is not from earth. This is a reference to the Queen of Heaven. Once again we have the female adversary to YaHuWaH. (He has divorced himself from her ). This would be Ishtar. (Ashtar Command) which is a different solar system all together from ours. The snake queens….From the southern hemisphere below the ecliptic.

This is discussing an all out war in the heavens and Job is standing in the gap for humanity –

as MEDIATOR in another prior AGE. History is cyclical you see….

G,A,L,T  What is that??

GALT= An expression for undergoing a voluntary financial strike or decrease in income. An individual might choose to do this in order to protest the amount of money going to the government, or to protest what they feel are unfair taxes (if they earn less, they will be taxed less, therefore hurting the government). The term is taken from a character in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”; the main character John Galt leads a movement where the wealthiest individuals leave their jobs for low-paying jobs in order to protest the socialist economy.

And you don’t think the Illuminati don’t know what’s going on??

Job chose to lose his “stuff”  to prove a point. God himself was staging a protest in the universe. The Job-el  or Jubilee commemorates this event every 50 years. This is just one small glimpse into the complexity and awesomeness of our Elohim. The maker of heaven and earth. The Lord of HOSTS. The Lord of the Host of Heaven. YaHuWaH.

7 firstborn  x 7 ages

+ 1.

The 1….. um…that’s  Job.

Gog, Ma’gog, Me’shech and Tubal – Ezekiel Chapter 38-39

Here we have YaHuWaH talking to the SON OF MAN- the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel means “God Strengthens”. One who has been strengthened by YaHuWaH himself. Now How HE does this is a whole other lesson…

At any rate, we have an announcement from YaHuWaH that He is:

against GOG- a Chief “PRINCE” (son a King) In this Case Satan. The King of the AIRWAVES.

from the LAND of MAGOG -(A physical place) Ma meaning the Mother of GOG.
(ex. Lady GAGA comes to mind) The Silicon Valley?

who is the “SON” of Meshech and Tubal. So Meshech and Tubal are not SON of MAN…
They are sons of something else! TUBAL as we stated in a previous post-
comes from the Fallopian tubes so it is a SEED from the woman.
One that has been REMOVED and messed with!

Me’shech is the MYSTERY. The word MACHINE comes to mind and this is what it means. MeShech was the SIXTH
son of Japheth. Here we have the 6. The number of man. But this is not Adamic man. This is MA CHINE man. 666?
CHINA MAN? It also possibly means “who is what Aku is?” in Akkadian, Aku being the name of the Babylonian god of the moon. AKU=ANU . Another MOON being. (China means white porcelain and is made in the fire). Conductors are made of CHINA, Glass, Crystal, etc.. Things made from Fire and extreme pressure. This is a CONDUIT LIFE SOURCE. Not organic. A fiber NETWORK! These are sophisticated cyber intelligences mixed with human DNA. Cyborgs. Part human-part machine.

Also, if you remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abeddnigo in the bible? How they didn’t BURN in the fire? Well they weren’t totally HUMAN. They were TRANS HUmans. This technology has been going on for eons…Atlantean stuff. Pre- Noah’s flood stuff.

This is going to be the final straw in YaHuWaH’s battle with “Humanity” . 2/3 will be destroyed because the genome is no longer human. GOG is short for GOOGLE or gog led. GOG is leading the internet or cyberspace arena. This is a battle between organic and inorganic cyberbeings. THE CLOUD is also mentioned in EX 39. WE all know that this too is referring now to CYBERSPACE. The words are all CODE WORDS. GOG has JAWS so he is speaking and he is a MESSENGER. YaHuWaH says he will put HOOKS in his jaws and turn him backwards.He will destroy his BANDS. He is talking about computer viruses (WORMS ARE HOOKS) and BANDS is Band width. It is all about


It will start this way and then manifest in 3D. Horses and Swords must be code words also.
Any computer geeks out there know what these are? Trojan horses?

The battle is not gonna be literally fought with horses and swords folks. Walls falling are firewalls. Swords cut things so maybe cutting off communications somehow? Crashing the system worldwide?

Cutting off power and transformers?

A horse is something you ride on for battle. It was also very fast and easy to navigate with. You sit on it.
Time will tell what this is! A virtual horse? Computer guided Missiles? Drones?

At any rate,

the battle of Har Megiddo will be held in Cyberspace first, and then will go live and nuclear. Har means mountain or a “rising up” and Megiddo means “crowds”. This will involve the whole earth, as this will involve the whole Cyberspace Community Uprising.

The Crowd Mentality (HIVE MIND, Politically Correct, One-World, Mainstream Media )
the Children of YaHuWaH (THE ELECT, Narrow WAY, ONLY WAY, non-Tolerant, Non- Compromising).

EZEKIEL is told to SET HIS FACE against GOG, Meshach and Tubal. Well we now have FACE BOOK…The book of FACES..
Can you see how our Elohim ROCKS!! 2000 years ago and He’s talking about the Internet, THE CLOUD, and Facebook.

That’s my take on this. THE END TIMES are HERE…

More to come…