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4/24- Is Trump “Nuts”?

Isn’t it time to Lock “Her” Up?

4/9- Fire Kushner & Ivanka, OMG!! They are friends of Huma, Dicaprio, the Clintons, and Soros, etc.. The Enemy..

4/5- Meet Mike Cernovich- Patriot and Enemy of the Fake News Media

3/31- Who are the Real Russian Colluders?

3/25- Mike Cernovich Updates us on the “defeat” of Ryancare. Trump wins again!

3/24- Slimy Neocon Rats surrounding Trump in the Whitehouse!

3/20- Roger Stone We Love and Support You!

3/16- Navy Seals support Trump. Roger Stone being attacked/death threatened.

3/7- The Globalists VS Trump and the Citizens/Military of the United States.

The fight for the Sovereignty of the USA. We are taking the country back from these criminals who have subversively taken control from within. (A Coup de Etat by The Deep State Shadow unelected Government). Please Stand for US Sovereignty and Nationalism for our Citizens.

This is not a Partisan issue. There are traitors on both sides in our government. The whole Russia thing is a farce. They are just trying to derail our duly elected new President and his cabinet. This has to Stop and We the People have to take a stand against these liars who are refusing to relinquish control of the Obama Administration, including Obama himself. He and they need to get GONE!