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Happy New Year! The Deep State is in Deep Doo Doo.

11/22- Liz Crokin on the numerous Sealed Indictments and pedophile/child sex trafficking arrests.

11/9- Mueller is going after Pedophiles. Portland cadaver clinic tied to DC Pedo ring and up to 100 sealed indictments. More updates on Pizzagate.

118/17- 31 Sealed indictments in Washington DC now. Pedophiles are going down the swamp drain…

10/25- Las Vegas Shooter’s brother arrested for child “pizza” porn.

9/8-AI Takeover

8/15- Roger Stone on Mike Flynn, Deep State and Pedogate.

8/2- Why Sodomy in Satanism? Pedogate, Hampstead update with Ella Draper. (mother of Alisa & Gabriel Dearman)

R- Rated- not for children.

7/22- Numerology, Satanism, and Fake News Stories

7/7/17- Trump goes after John Podesta on Twitter!