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666-Not an individual man but a new “breed” of man. Triple helix DNA.


The Transhuman Agenda is hell bent on changing humankind and basically redesigning man’s genome and merging his DNA with machine technology to make a new “super” man. Well, now that they have sentient anti-matter that can recombine and be inserted into the DNA helix this could be a reality. I figured out what the 666 is referring to. If you look on the periodic chemistry table under the number  “6” column we have the “noble” elements we have been discussing. Namely, gold, iridium, osmium,silver, & platinum. These elements resist oxidation and have very high tensile strength. Gold, as we well know, is very malleable and highly prized for this quality. Monotomic gold or what is known as M-state gold was used all the way back in Egyptian times by the pharoahs to prolong their lifespans. It can supposedly stop or reverse the aging process. Immortality you see is also part of the NWO plan. They don’t want to die, so they are going to find a means to merge with a computer to stay alive forever. By incorporating three of these “sixes” elements into the DNA helix and creating a new “life form” they hope to outdo “god” by creating a “super” man. This is some really sick shit folks. They see this as their religion and even their duty to right the wrong of the “fall” of man in the garden of Eden. They need to become “gods” and fulfill their destiny to right the previous wrong. No mention is made about Yahushuwah coming here to do that for us by dying for our sins is even acceptable to them.

Do they honestly think that the real “God” is going to just sit by and put up with this BS?They are basically saying he did a half ass job at creating us and they can do better. Wow! What gall! They get us hooked on their technology (i.e. cell phones, laptops, etc..) so that we can’t function in the society without it ,and then they have us at their mercy to comply with whatever they want to throw at us.  If the “hive” doesn’t like you then you are screwed.

The whole social media thing plays into this as well. You have to go along to get along with that crowd also. Nowadays you can’t even get a job if you don’t play that game. I found out one organization I worked for talks to others to see what other jobs you have applied for. There should be some kind of privacy law about that one! If they see you are job “hunting” they will not hire you anywhere that they have their tentacles woven into. Needles to say, I’m jobless again and can’t get hired. I continually have to go outside the “local” hive to find work where they can’t network against me. Pretty soon though, even that loophole will be closed and their will be nowhere’s to turn. I’m being black balled by a computer. The devil’s alive and well in my laptop.

Just try going without it for a while. It will drive them nuts. You’ll start getting phone calls from numbers that don’t exist just trying to get a fix on your location. You may even have people show up at your door or outside your house. They hate it when you know what is really going on. Well they can keep their black goo and iridium and stick it up their ass as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know how they are introducing it into the gene pool but you can bet your bottom dollar they will be trying. Big brother wants to keep his all seeing iridium (the iris was named after this) eye on you at all times. That NWO eye is not the eye of Horus. It is the eye of IRIS the Goddess of the Rainbow. They have stolen the rainbow as well for their own sick agenda.

Constance Cumby warned us about the “Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” back in the 80’s.

Well now they are IN YOUR FACE with it.

They are in your IRIS. We see through a glass (lens of your eye) darkly,

but when Yahushuwah returns -we will see Clearly..

More next time… Till then..






2/15/16- Here we go- Sentient Iridium and You

Thales is an EVIL company. (Remember Thales Ratheon from the disappearance of flight MH370?) Using iridium, they will now be able to track your every move all over the globe. The new iridium satellite phones are the best on the market.This is what the Superbowl 50 invocation was all about. It makes perfect sense now along with the rainbow effect as  Iridium is iridescent. It is also used in fine lenses for contrasting a landscape. (see the Oakley ski goggle commercials.) oakley-prizm-black-iridium

What they aren’t telling you is that iridium is a fine dust. It could be they are spraying it along with the aluminum to form an iridium salt complex. As iridium does not hurt tissues you could be breathing it in and it will bind to your  iron molecules in your blood hemoglobin. The new satelite system they are launching would then be able to find you no matter  what. The gold must figure in somehow as well but I’ll have to research that some more. Together they form a superconductor.  (Maybe the 666 microchip will be made of gold). At any rate, I know I’m on to something here.

Stay tuned…






Superbowl 50 portal, antimatter, Cern and Black goo


Black Goo is comprised of GOLD and IRIDIUM. The colors worn at the Superbowl show. Black GOO is antimatter that comes from an extraterrestial source.

Morgellan’s, Smart Dust, and You…

7/11/15-There’s No Place Like Home…

There's no place like home

I wanted to check in and let you know that my life has been really hectic this last month. I have had to move five times in a month, and I feel like the Hebrews must have when they left Egypt!! YaHuWaH has a sense of humor you see, and He wants us to see first hand how those  folks must have felt with being homeless and all. I’ve had a taste of draught (water main broke at the house I was living in), pestilence, (both an ant invasion, followed by a recent chigger/flea infestation), physical barriers (streets totally tore up in my neighborhood and barricaded to thoroughfare), Isolation, (no trashpickup/mail delivery for 2 weeks), and last but not least- sleep deprivation (having to get up at 4am to go to a “Job”).  No wonder they called that book in the bible “Job”. (LOL).

The thing is, I am really a “housey” kind of person. I like having my own stuff, in my own space, and being able to decorate it the way I want to. I hate renting, which I am being forced to do right now due to work. The feeling of drifting is very unsettling to me, being an “Earth” sign and all. I like some sense of stability- but it obviously doesn’t like me. I feel like a total vagabond here lately. I must say I have packing and moving down to an art form at this stage of the game. I guess YaHUWaH has me in training for the big “Event” which will take place in our lifetime. After all, that’s why I’m here I was told… At any rate, I still want to buy a house…I still want a HOME.

I guess all that Monarch “Wizard of Oz” training is just so hard to break. (And believe you, me I had a bunch)! I was even Dorothy in my 6th grade play in school, so I knew the whole script…I followed that Yellow Brick Road right up through adulthood alright. It’s hard to get off that road…Yellow “bricks” of course refers to gold and the monetary system (Mammon) which controls all of our choices in this lifetime. And “The Wizard” of course is “the Man behind the Curtain” pulling the scam on everyone – better known as Ha Satan or the Trickster. The one controlling the Matrix fabrication we live in.

In a previous post, I did an expose of JOB. Job was  the REAL Wizard of UZ. He actually was an incarnation of YaHuWaH, also as a man. Another sinless man, like YaHushuWaH.  YaHuWaH has incarnated here several times in the past, and each “Age” has seen His appearance. Coming up now on the Age of Aquarius, we are going to see him “appear” in Glory this next time and not as a Man…

We also did an expose on Ganymeade the “Waterbearer” and how that ties in to these End Times. The Age of Pederasty. The whole “Gay” agenda coming to fruition now is NOT happenstance. It will usher in YaHuWaH’s wrath which he will poor out on Mankind. Like water being poured from the jug, Yah will poor out his indignation on a perverted society that blasphemes God and disgraces his Divine Creative Plan and design for marriage and the family.  As above , so below, and to think YaHuWaH wants that kind of sicko society for HIS FAMILY is nauseating. It’s perverted, and this society WILL BE JUDGED just as in times past, for these blatant acts of disregard and disrespect for YaHuWaH’s creation. History will repeat itself.  AGAIN…

As in the Days of Noah…

Well the next time the flood won’t be with water. It will be with fire and “brimstone”.

Brim Stone…

What exactly is THAT??

Sulphates and/ or Sulfuric acid. It means “burning rocks”. Oil of Vitriol. Probably from an asteroid hit. The whole sky will catch fire…Let’s hope were not around when that happens…

At any rate, I have to keep reminding myself that this is NOT my home, and that my HOME is wherever YaHuWaH is. Heaven— that  is where my HOME is. Some other planet or dimension. Not this Earth, Not this Reality…

I know that sounds insane, but that’s what the WORD says…When YaHushuWaH returns, we’ll be instantly changed into HIS LIKENESS, and we will meet Him in the AIR. We will be light forms of some sort. Pure energy with ethereal bodies.

They always say… HOME is where your HEART is, and if your HEART is set on GOD– then guess what?

That’s Your HOME!  Being in YaHuWaH’s presence.

And anyway you look at it……There’s  NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


4/12/15 Are you ready for this???

Petri dish babies
YaHuWaH is about to blow my mind with this teaching.
I don’t understand how the pieces all fit together but they do!

We are going to go back to the original “SIN” in the bible. (SIN=one of Ha Satan’s Collective names).
The result of that SIN was that “EVE” (not her Hebrew name by the way- but given to her by SET as in Sun SET=SIN) was told that she would suffer pain in childbearing. Now why was that??

Also her SEED would be at enmity against Ha Satan’s SEED. Here we have TWO RACES of biological entities on the planet. Natural birth and UN-natural birth. The UN- (UN- get it?) birth being PAINLESS…The hybridization and genetic manipulation program unbeknownst to the woman going on under cover.

It’s still her SEED but it’s being HARVESTED.

Okay, So we have TWO RACES simultaneously being fabricated here. I want to talk about one person IN PARTICULAR now that illustrates this concept as it will BLOW YOUR MIND as it pertains to what is being referred to as the MAGOG WAR in the book of Revelation.

TUBAL-CAIN. Everybody questions why the hyphenated name?? Well it has NOTHING to do with his metallurgy skills per se…Only in the capacity of molecular biology and enzymatic co-factor reactions!!

He was a HYBRID. Tubal is another name for an ECTOPIC preganancy. The egg was not where it should have been!! It was outside the BODY!! It was mixed with CAIN’S sperm. Tubal-Cain was a son of Japheth but he was a petri dish baby! The bible says Naamah was his sister. SO??

Naamah appears in the Zohar as one of the mates of the archangel Samael (SATAN). She, along with her cohort Lilith, causes epilepsy in children. After Cain kills Abel, Adam separates from Eve for 130 years. During this time, Lilith and Naamah visit him and bear his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind.

Okay, so we have the two races being formed. Natural Adamic and Satanic. The Satanic ones bringing PLAGUES on the Earth in the form of Genetic anomalies and malfunctioning beings. This is only the beginning, folks


It is BIOLOGICAL HUMANS vs TRANS or ENGINEERED HUMANS (Satanists) and I’ll prove it!!

More to come…

Enjoy your Turkey Dinner. Merry Xmas.

P.S. I am just as guilty folks as the next person.  (I don’t eat pork though…. and I have raised chickens

Funny- I could never eat chicken while I had chickens for pets! Wonder why??

This makes you want to become a vegetarian.

The Christmas “Spirit”- It’s not HOLY by the way…

Jesus is not the reason for the season

YaHuWaH would like to address this, because this is SO SEDUCTIVE..We have all been brainwashed since children to love the warm fuzzy “family” feelings we develop at the “Holidays”. Well, don’t think for a moment that this has anything to do with God…At least not the Creator God. Oh, it has to do with a god alright, but it is Satan not YaHuWaH that is behind this mass mind control program. You see, these Overlords know exactly how to manipulate your brain chemistry with endorphins such as Oxytocin and other stimulants to give you that comforting, homey, sense of BELONGING, that we all crave and want. Too bad, YaHuWaH never wanted us to feel a sense of belonging here because WE DON”T BELONG HERE FOLKS!


This is what the ECCLESIA  means. The “called out ones”… Called out from all that the world has to offer.

The Elect of YaHuWaH.

As I have stated before, you are living in a fabricated (Matrix) society to suit the Elite and their demonic overlords. This is part of the programming I’m sorry to say. Sure, everyone wants to feel loved and cherished and they know that. Why do you think people kill themselves at the “Holidays” the most? Because they don’t have that…at least they have been lied to about not having it,  because they could very easily have it from YahuWaH if they would set their affections on Him and not mankind.

YaHuWaH is MORE THAN ENOUGH folks, to meet your emotional needs and sense of belonging to HIS FAMILY. Christmas means actually minus the Christ!! You are celebrating the withdrawal of Christ from your midst! Wouldn’t you rather put HIM BACK in your midst? and I don’t mean “JESUS” either! Jesus is a false god. A fabrication to appease your sense of belonging once again. a false religion.  The Creator has come  in our midst physically on numerous occasions!  As our Messiah he came as YaHushuWaH and was born to Mary and it did not happen at Christmas or Dec 25th. Not even close folks… So whose BIRTH are you celebrating? For one thing Birthdays are not scriptural events to celebrate…period! Dec. 25th was the birthday of Mithras, Dionysis, Horus, etc…

Not the ONLY BEGOTTEN  SON OF GOD. The sons of the SUN GOD, yes…

Well, so how do you cope?? It’s VERY DIFFICULT, I admit… An easy thing is to start slow and REMOVE one trace at a time. Maybe NO TREE this year…No red and green stuff. Do the “Holiday ” meal and call it quits. Or NO PRESENTS this year. Take your time…YaHuWaH will help you and will come to your side and fill in the gap..IMMEDIATELY… because He loves any effort you try to take to cleanse that crap out of your system. He is a very patient, loving and nurturing Elohim and will send his Ruach ha’Kodesh to help you and HEAL YOU from all the deception and misplaced feelings and emotions surrounding  “Christmas”.  It really is an abomination to Him, but He knows the extent of the brainwashing that we have all been subjected to, and HE EMPATHIZES with your sorrow and pain.

YaHushuWaH was a MAN OF SORROW folks! He knew exactly what was going on here on planet Earth and whose kingdom this was. Why do you think Satan tried to hook him in also? He tried to play on Jesus’ emotions as well, but YaHuWaH out-smarted him.

If you find yourself depressed this Holiday season…. well GOOD FOR YOU! That is a sign you are not totally enmeshed into the system! You are a real person who knows something is VERY WRONG HERE! YaHuWaH doesn’t want to leave you hanging out there alone either. He will connect you with like- minded folks who realize the same thing. You may need to just get out of the house and take a walk, or go grab a beer or a pizza, and He will bring somebody (maybe even a Malak- Lucky you!) to keep you company. He will never forsake or abandon you! He loves you too much!

Give your heart to YaHuWaH this Holiday season and make it a REAL HOLY DAY. The HOLY DAY you separated yourself from the world and Babylon to become part of YaHuWaH’s set apart FAMILY.


You Are What You Eat… The Halleluyah Diet

Ebola- Coming to a town near you?? Is Medical Martial Law Eminent?

Emory University Hospital is in violation of OSHA Standards to bring Ebola into their facility.
They are not a Class IV biological facility. This is AGAINST THE LAW. WHO authorized this transfer of these patients?? They should be held accountable to the American public. ANY secretions from an infected person are highly contagious !(Blood, Urine, Vomit, Feces). Stabilization of the patients can not be performed without blood work being performed. (i.e. venipuncture, IV therapy, centrifugation, and specimen processing on an auto-analyzer putting technicians at risk). Furthermore, studies show that this virus CAN be transmitted via the air. They are LYING to us…These greedy pharmacology PHD’s wanting to gain access to the patient’s sera to “PLAY” with it and do RESEARCH is f’ing criminal. They should all be jailed. If they wanted to treat the two patients, they should have been taken to a CLASS IV MILITARY underground biological facilty…NOT a public hospital in a major metropolitan area.