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9/11. Emergency Alert! The COVID CRAP Aren’t we done yet with this Hysterical Hype Nonsense?

I think the scariest part of the whole “PAN” demic is how the public sheeple have bought into this total bullshit. I work in healthcare and I’ll admit back in the beginning of the year they had us all buying into the SARS 2 virus and how deadly it was and how you needed an N 95 mask and other proper PPE to protect yourself. The real eye opener came when they started to incentivize the diagnosis of COVID for financial gain. Anyone that died from any cause but that tested positive for COVID got a COVID diagnosis and/or cause of death on the death certificate. The data was skewed from the get go due to financial coercion to do so. Now it just appalls me to see the terrorized public totally brainwashed and wearing the useless dumb ass masks everywhere and not challenging the utterly ridiculousness of the whole thing. The masks are useless, but it’s not about the virus anymore. It’s about control. It’s about mind control and social engineering. It’s about destroying our way of life, our livelihoods, and our Capitalistic economy with the devastating shutdowns and lock downs of private businesses and schools. It’s about total tyranny. Its about the Satanic Luciferian Globalist Agenda. It’s about the MARK OF THE BEAST. They want to justify everyone having to be “COVID free” and the MARK will ensure that you’re not a health risk to others. It’s using Medical Tyranny to promote their Satanic agenda. The mandated vaccine will be the MARK folks. No doubt about it. It is laced with messenger RNA and nanochips that can be interfaced with 5G technology to control and monitor everything you do. The mRNA can rewrite your DNA. They want to dehumanize the population. The devil hates mankind you see. The Satanists along with eugenicist, Bill Gates (The “Gates of Hell” spoken of by YaHushuWaH) are throwing genetically engineered COVID-19 patent 666 in our faces. They are that blatant about what is going on. It’s no more the “occult” or hidden evil. It’s out there in broad daylight and they don’t care if you know their evil plans because they feel they have this wrapped up in a nut shell and the masses will just follow that pied Piper (PAN) right into their own destruction and most will go willingly. It’s just very sad and pathetic. Where are the the TRUE REDEEMED of the LORD?? Surely, I’m not the only person out there that can see through this BS? Where the fuck are YAH’S ELECT? Let the redeemed of the LORD say so… WE are redeemed from the LIE and the father of LIES.

And COVID 19 is a LIE. It’s the biggest HOAX ever to be pulled on Mankind.

8/25/18- Who killed Mollie Tibbetts?

Picture 020

Picture 020

I have been working this case for weeks now  and supplying information to Crime Stoppers. I feel it’s time to weigh in now on this dastardly Satanic Ritual Abuse  Case that occurred in a small rural town in Brooklyn, Iowa.

Mollie Tibbets worked at a daycare Center at The Grinnell Medical Center, in Grinnell, IA. The Satanic Holidays were at hand beginning July 20th-27th (Satanic Revels) and ending with the Grand Climax on Aug. 3rd. Don’t believe anything you are hearing about the illegal immigrant being her murderer.  I believe that whole scenario has been totally faked with fake video footage and a Mollie Look alike to distract from the real perpetrators (namely the Medical Satanic cult operating out of the Grinnell Medical Center).  This is a very disturbing case, and I understand why the police want to bring closure for the family and townspeople, but this is not the truth of the matter and the FBI knows full well that there are more than one perpetrator involved in her murder.

The Satanic Revels holiday involves sacrifice of a female victim and Mollie was an outspoken Christian as we have witnessed on her prior video. She was also in tip top shape being an avid runner. (there is no way Rivera could have outrun her or abducted her- unless he hit her with the car! He is not much bigger than her at only around 5’6” tall). I believe she was targeted for these two reasons and that the surgical staff at the hospital had her on their radar for quite some time.  The motive was organ harvesting for people willing to pay top dollar for her organs.  The hospital has big Globalist money bankrolling it and state of the art Davinci Robotic Surgical equipment which costs millions. There are two of these units located in close proximity to one another, one also being in Pella, IA.  Where is this money coming from in these rural relatively small hospitals?

I believe Mollie was abducted at the house by someone from the hospital (her boss) at around 9 pm that evening. He had access to her schedule, her fitness routine, (he is the fitness director at the Hospital)  and the red shirts.She also would not hesitate to let him in the house as he is her superior. He may have even had his wife with him as she works there too and Mollie may have even watched their kids.

She would have been used for the rituals in the next week and tortured by multiple people in the cabal at an undisclosed rural location (of which there are thousands of acres around there). I am not sure if they would take the organs first- but I suspect that is what they did, so as not to damage anything for resale. Kidneys are the #1 most wanted organ. The Davinci Robot is minimally invasive and patients are up and about within 24-48 hours. Just in time for the revels on the 20th. After they harvested what they wanted then the cabal was free to do as they wanted with her. This is where the average lowlife perps/pedophiles would come in. Not the elite Medical Satanists although they were probably present as well. The lower eschalon would be charged with disposing of the remains and concocting some BS alternative story. Craig Lang is most likely involved at this level being a politician and this “Cristhian Bahena Rivera” guy. ( Check out the Cristhian Rivera Foundation. This child died around age 6 and also has big Hollywood money behind it)  Lord knows who this Mexican illegal guy is!  He is just a fall guy for the cult and a distraction to redirect the narrative to illegal immigration instead of the real matter at hand here. Organ trafficking and SRA/ ritual murder.   He may even be CIA for all we know- as they are very involved in child trafficking/abduction also.

I want to know who supplied the video footage? Which house? and who owns the Malibu car he was driving? I believe it’s totally Hollywood to throw us off the track of the real perps.  I also want  a polygraph given to this Rivera guy and Forensic hypnosis administered to Rivera as he is pretending now to have MPD.  (blackouts and amnesia)  He never once has said he killed her. He just led them to the remains. Sharp force trauma means she died from stabbing, but you notice they didn’t say stabbing with what?

This case may never be solved as there are multiple facets to it and multiple places where Mollie was taken prior to killing her and multiple perpetrators.  I have been given names  by YaHuWaH as to who is involved and I have supplied them to Crime Stoppers. Whether they investigate it further or believe the stupid concocted fabricated account remains to be seen. I have also notified Russ Dizdar ( about this and hope they call in his special trained team (SIIU) to further investigate this.  I don’t live anywhere near Iowa  but I do know how these Nazi based Satanic cults operate and how they get their money and power.

YaHuWaH has told me that they will be exposed. Pray that the TRUTH does come out and that the general public is not so dumb as to buy into this story the news media is peddling about how Mollie died. I think most people would agree that something is amiss and they just can’t put their finger on it- but it is not setting right with the general public. We all want to see justice for Mollie and I believe she is in heaven now and that these evil people will be exposed. Let’s all pray that that’s the case.


P.S Where the hell is the cellphone and the fitbit?


June 1st, 2018

Sorry to have been gone for some time now. As you well know there are seasons for different things in a person’s life and I have been working full time and pursuing some personal goals of my own. Someone emailed today though who is having a hard time with being attacked spiritually that is from a Masonic family background. The higher Masons are Satanists so that’s what she may be dealing with here. I intend to dig deeper to find out. Yahushuwah said to go after the lost sheep  and rescue them. If you are in a similar situation, just know that YaHuWaH will not leave you stranded alone by yourself but will send people to help you if you belong to Him. His sheep hear His Voice, Remember? and that means His sheep hear Your Voice too! That’s part of the good news! YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IF YOU BELONG TO HIM.  Help is on THE WAY and


He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6) (Not LIGHT-The Light bringer is the Day Star or Lucifer!  I.E. Dawn=Venus). This is a prime example of the Mandela Effect and brainwashing of the masses by you guessed  who?

Satan- that’s who!

Happy New Year! The Deep State is in Deep Doo Doo.

11/22- Liz Crokin on the numerous Sealed Indictments and pedophile/child sex trafficking arrests.

11/9- Mueller is going after Pedophiles. Portland cadaver clinic tied to DC Pedo ring and up to 100 sealed indictments. More updates on Pizzagate.

118/17- 31 Sealed indictments in Washington DC now. Pedophiles are going down the swamp drain…

11/6- The Swamp is being Drained! Podesta’s arrested along with Hillary Clinton. Media Blackout. Trump safely out of USA. Saudi Pedophiles arrested also with connections to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

11/3- Censorship of YaHuWaH’s Message and plans on the Internet

10/25- Las Vegas Shooter’s brother arrested for child “pizza” porn.