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Inspirational Music

Happy Father’s Day to all the Rebel Dads! Be a “Forever Man”…

6/12-Groove Tonight! We Need a break!

I saw a UFO two nights ago, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied with that. ┬áThis video inspired

me from that event. (Plus it’s a classic hit song).

4/8- Happy Passover!

2/14-Happy Valentine’s Day from YaHushuWaH- Our Forever Man!


12/20/16- A Prayer of Thanksgiving for the World for this Season. The Word of YaHuWaH.

To: the Elect of the United States of America From: YaHuWaH

7/18/16- Cleveland RNC Convention-preparing the world for Yahushuwah ha’ Meshiach’s return.

Nothing like it folks! The world is watching and people are here from all over the planet!

The Elect are here making a statement for our soon to be coming king…

The TRUMPet is sounding…Listen to the voice of the messenger. Donald J Trump.

Your not alone- A message to the Elect

Sarah Palin and Trump go Country


Did Prince die of Chemtrail Flu?

Prince has spoken out about chemtrails publically. Did the Illuminati do him in?