4/29- Google is censoring & demonetizing conservative YouTube Channels.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt needs to resign.

4/24 Meet Craig Sawyer- Vigilante fighting Pedogate. Visit Vets4childrescue.org

4/24- Is Trump “Nuts”?

4/22- The Word of YaHuWaH- The Sign of Jonah-Judgement is coming!

Please note we do not celebrate “Easter” and the Messiah’s name is not “Jesus” but the message comes through loud and clear regardless… REPENT!

Isn’t it time to Lock “Her” Up?

4/17- Who really is Jared Kushner? Meet the silent player in the White House.

4/10- Celebrate Passover- Not Easter!

4/9- Fire Kushner & Ivanka, OMG!! They are friends of Huma, Dicaprio, the Clintons, and Soros, etc.. The Enemy..

4/8- Happy Passover!

Mike Cernovich exposes Deep State blackmail tactics