1/21/2021-The Inauguration was a fraud and pre-recorded.

1/18/21- Don’t freak out if you see a Biden Inauguration this week. It’s a Fraud.


1/16/21 We got this!!

1/16/21- WTF is going on?

Meet the next Pope- Peter Turkson from Ghana?? No from TROY, NY

Dr. Joseph Marotta- of Medicus Christi

Dr. Joseph Marotta- of Medicus Christi

Actor-Is this you Peter?Peter Rabbit- just in time to play the Easter bunny!

Actor-Is this you Peter?
Peter Rabbit- just in time to play the Easter bunny!

The False Prophet?

  the False Prophet?

Peter Turkson is a fraud and so is Dr Joseph Marotta from Troy. I worked with John Marotta from Latham/Troy when I was in high school and that whole family is Mafia. My family is Illuminati from that area. This is a hotbed for THULE. This is a Medical Satanic cult hotbed par excellence. I know he’s gonna get the popeship cause he’s ILLUMINATI. My dad taught at Russell Sage and Sienna College and he was up to his ass in this shit. My dad was a Hospital Union president in Schenectady. All of Dr. Marotta’s staff for his so called 501C3 Medicus In Christi — Latin for “Doctor in Christ” Board of Directors have roots at Sienna College. Turkson went on to study Theology at a seminary in Rennsalear, New York, where he moonlighted as a cleaner in a bank supposedly, leading to a ludicrous brush with the law. A friend of his in the city, Dr Joseph Marrota, an orthopaedic surgeon, recalled that a passer-by had spotted him roaming through the closed bank and called the cops. “It was 8 or 9 o’clock and they wanted to know what he was doing there,” Marrota told the New York Daily News. “He told them the truth, that he was cleaning the bank. They were going to arrest him and he had to call the cleaning service. He almost got taken away.” Turkson probably was robbing that bank back in the 70’s! Or he was never there and this is a cover story. They are probably covering for his ass one way or another! This guy has to have been MOB and probably worked his way up in the NYS THULE Society Medical Satanic cult.

I wonder if he knew Uncle Rocky? Most likely.  Silly Rabbit…Tricks are for kids!

12/20 Anything can Happen! Hold on to your MAGA Hats!


11/6/20- Oh boy !! Are we in trouble now!


The USA is under Communist attack folks!! Between the Bullshit COVID Lockdowns and the fake Bullshit election and MSM fake news reporting of it we are witnessing, we are seeing the DEVIL and his minions working at their best. This was a highly orchestrated takeover. What a mockery has been made of the United States citizenry and dumb ass gullible public. This is the end of the United States, folks. I hope all of you stupid people who voted for the Chinese controlled Democratic party and pedophile network participants are happy. Let me be clear, this is a highly orchestrated Chinese Communist and Globalist Corporate, High TECH Takeover which has infiltated our government and are running the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and have also funded the Blue States public officials and legal systems. The whole election is a FRAUD and does not reflect the will of the American People. I’m disgusted at the American People who have bought into this absolute crap and are willing to destroy the country and destroy our future as a nation and our livelihoods.

IF you voted for pedophile, pro abortionist Joe Biden may you rot in HELL.


It’s time to rise up folks and fight for your Liberty. Or are you too lazy and just want to watch your netflix and sports and lose the whole damn country?? Oh, they are gonna take it all and gut you financially. It sickens me to see grown ball- less men bowing down to this crap and going along to get along when they know damn well it’s all a hoax. The MSM is running the show, and feeding the BS to the masses – being directed by their Chinese owners and Corporate Billionaires and High Tech controllers.

Get the fuck off FACEBOOK and TWITTER for CHRIST’S SAKE!! You dumb asses that are on there all the time are contibuting to this takeover of our country. You people are PATHETIC! It’s time to grow some balls and stand up for justice or we won’t have a country left!! YOUR entire future and future for your children depends on it!! Get you asses off the fucking couch and go to these criminal lying, cheating polling places that are still up for grabs and fight for what’s right.

It may even be too late…. And the country deserves it with all the baby killing that’s been going on for years..




BI- 2 sides ( in two camps, 2 faced liar. )

DEN- a lair for a wild creature ( a trap)


PEL- Permissable Exposure Limit. What they have been telling us they are going to do. Giving legal notice.

OSI-Operating Systems Network. Madame Speaker for the Global “Network”.


9/11. Emergency Alert! The COVID CRAP Aren’t we done yet with this Hysterical Hype Nonsense?

I think the scariest part of the whole “PAN” demic is how the public sheeple have bought into this total bullshit. I work in healthcare and I’ll admit back in the beginning of the year they had us all buying into the SARS 2 virus and how deadly it was and how you needed an N 95 mask and other proper PPE to protect yourself. The real eye opener came when they started to incentivize the diagnosis of COVID for financial gain. Anyone that died from any cause but that tested positive for COVID got a COVID diagnosis and/or cause of death on the death certificate. The data was skewed from the get go due to financial coercion to do so. Now it just appalls me to see the terrorized public totally brainwashed and wearing the useless dumb ass masks everywhere and not challenging the utterly ridiculousness of the whole thing. The masks are useless, but it’s not about the virus anymore. It’s about control. It’s about mind control and social engineering. It’s about destroying our way of life, our livelihoods, and our Capitalistic economy with the devastating shutdowns and lock downs of private businesses and schools. It’s about total tyranny. Its about the Satanic Luciferian Globalist Agenda. It’s about the MARK OF THE BEAST. They want to justify everyone having to be “COVID free” and the MARK will ensure that you’re not a health risk to others. It’s using Medical Tyranny to promote their Satanic agenda. The mandated vaccine will be the MARK folks. No doubt about it. It is laced with messenger RNA and nanochips that can be interfaced with 5G technology to control and monitor everything you do. The mRNA can rewrite your DNA. They want to dehumanize the population. The devil hates mankind you see. The Satanists along with eugenicist, Bill Gates (The “Gates of Hell” spoken of by YaHushuWaH) are throwing genetically engineered COVID-19 patent 666 in our faces. They are that blatant about what is going on. It’s no more the “occult” or hidden evil. It’s out there in broad daylight and they don’t care if you know their evil plans because they feel they have this wrapped up in a nut shell and the masses will just follow that pied Piper (PAN) right into their own destruction and most will go willingly. It’s just very sad and pathetic. Where are the the TRUE REDEEMED of the LORD?? Surely, I’m not the only person out there that can see through this BS? Where the fuck are YAH’S ELECT? Let the redeemed of the LORD say so… WE are redeemed from the LIE and the father of LIES.

And COVID 19 is a LIE. It’s the biggest HOAX ever to be pulled on Mankind.

The Name above all names!

9/29 Yom Teruah

Shout unto YaHuWaH with a voice of TRIUMPH!