11/28 Jill Stein is a Complete Idiot

11/23- Hillary turns into a f’ing Zombie post election.

Podesta, Pizzagate & Pedophilia

Do you have any inside information to add?

These Satanists are alive and well in Washington, DC.

We need to expose these bastards for who they are!

11/12- Paul Joseph Watson Rants about leftist election backlash

11/12- Steve Molyneux on the Insurrection & Domestic Terrorism being propagated in the USA.

11/11/16- Dick Norris Talks about Trump’s Election as President

11/9/16-The Word of YaHuWaH to the Supporters of Hillary Clinton. “Move On UP”. Get with YaH’s program for the USA!! You want a Party! You Got One! The REPUBLIC LIVES on!

11/9/16- We did it! Trump wins!

11/7- George Soros the “Puppet Master”

Who’s ¬†pulling all of these strings? Hillary? ¬†Naw…..

11/3-NYPD divulges Clinton emails have connections to child trafficking and prostitution ring in Washington DC.

These Satanist perverts all need to be jailed for life.