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4/24 Meet Craig Sawyer- Vigilante fighting Pedogate. Visit

4/21/15- Another Vatican Perv Bites the Dust

Bishop Robert Finn

Bishop Robert Finn

(CNN)Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Robert Finn, who remained on the job for years after becoming the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic official convicted in connection with the church’s long-running sex abuse scandal, the Vatican announced Tuesday.

Finn, who led the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri, was found guilty in 2012 of failure to report suspected child abuse.

The case was tried by a judge instead of by jury because prosecutors wanted to protect the young victims’ anonymity.

Finn was convicted of one count but not a misdemeanor charge he’d also faced. He was put on two years’ probation but was not forced to spend time in jail or pay a fine, according to the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Two charges against his diocese were dropped.

At the time of his conviction, Finn said, according to CNN affiliate KCTV: “I truly regret and am sorry for the hurt these events have caused.”

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said the conviction and penalty, which included starting a $10,000 fund for sexual abuse counseling and mandatory training for church officials on how to report abuse, would have positive ramifications.

“We can be assured now that if an allegation of child abuse comes to the attention of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, there will be no hesitation to report it immediately to the proper authorities,” Baker said.

Prosecutors: Diocese didn’t tell police about child porn for months
The case against Finn revolved around his diocese’s dealings with Shawn Ratigan, an Independence, Missouri, priest who pleaded guilty in August 2012 to five child pornography charges.

Church officials found disturbing images on Ratigan’s computer but didn’t notify police until nearly five months later, prosecutors said.

In those interceding months, the priest kept on working.

And Finn kept his job as bishop, even after his 2012 conviction. The official website of the Catholic diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph still listed him as its bishop Tuesday morning.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who took over the abuse-shaken Boston archdiocese and has become one of the Pope’s point men in the United States, has acknowledged the inconsistency that someone who wouldn’t be allowed to teach Sunday school was still running an American diocese.

“It’s a question that the Holy See needs to address urgently,” O’Malley said in a “60 Minutes” interview in November. “There’s a recognition of that … from Pope Francis.”

Candida Moss — a professor at Notre Dame, a Catholic university in Indiana — said it “doesn’t look very urgent” that a decision came down only now, nearly three years after the conviction and five months after O’Malley’s comments. Several factors may have played a role in the delay, including views from lawyers or power players at the Vatican, who may be reluctant to cast blame at high-level officials who don’t report allegations quickly enough to government authorities.

But the timing of the announcement may make sense given that it comes weeks after Francis came under fire for the installation of a new bishop in Chile, Juan Barros, despite protesters’ claims he was complicit in sexual abuse cases there.

“It kind of shook Francis’ reputation,” said Moss. “Having this resignation and putting right one of the more visible injustices on this, especially in the U.S., I think this is a typical Francis way to reinstall confidence.”

Watchdog group: ‘A good step,’ but more needed
Now that the case has been addressed, the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese has a new leader: Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann.

Under the Pope’s directive, Naumann will be the Kansas City diocese’s apostolic administrator, in addition to his regular responsibilities in Kansas, until a permanent bishop is appointed, according to an announcement on the diocese’s website.

“I pray that the coming weeks and months will be a time of grace and healing for the Diocese,” Naumann said in an open letter to parishioners. “All of us, who are privileged to serve in leadership for the Church, do so for only a season. It is not our Church, but Christ’s Church.”

Moss, the Notre Dame professor, predicted that the shuffling at the western Missouri diocese will be “very well received,” though some may question why it took so long.

“It’s not just that it’s late,” Moss said, “but it’s that Francis could have been more explicit.”

To that point, the co-director of asked for more elaboration than the Vatican’s one-line announcement that Francis accepted the resignation “in accordance with … Canon Law.”

Anne Doyle, from the watchdog group that documents the Catholic church’s abuse crisis, called Finn’s removal “a good step but just the beginning.”

“The pope must show that this decision represents a meaningful shift in papal practice — that it signals a new era in bishop accountability,” Doyle said. “… What no pope has done to date is publicly confirm that he removed a culpable bishop because of his failure to make children’s safety his first priority. We urge Pope Francis to issue such a statement immediately.”

PS>>>> Like Francis is going to do anything!!He is one of the biggest liars out there!

We have already identified him as stage actor Jonathan Pryce in a previous post.

Meeting every Sunday outside Christ Church in Hampstead London (10:30 am)

If your in London here’s your chance to make a difference.

Isaiah 1:31. Update on Baby Lisa Irwin case, ISIS, and Raytheon TOW Missile systems.

Flax (TOW)

Flax (TOW)

And the strong shall be as TOW, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.

“Tow” is a fiber of the flax plant stem. It is the weight of cotton, but has longer, stiffer fibers. It can be reused. In the early days of muzzle loading guns, “tow” was wrapped around the ramrod’s jag and used for cleaning the bore. Cased sets of antique rifles and pistols  included a hank of “tow”.  “Tow” is easily combustible and is recommended for tinder in starting fires with flint and steel. It is light brown in color.

Pronunciation: neh-o’-reth
Origin: from 05287
Reference: TWOT – 1388b
PrtSpch: noun feminime
In Hebrew: trenh 1, trenl 1
In NET: thread 1, yarn 1
In AV: tow 2
Count: 2
Definition: 1) a strand of flax,tow (as shaken from flax when beaten)

from 5287; something shaken out, i.e. tow (as the refuse of
see HEBREW for 05287

I don’t understand what this has to do with Lisa but it does.

Lisa as we said before, is ISIS incarnate now.

Flax is used to make Linen and Damask fabric. Expensive  Egyptian “threads”…She has been on my thoughts of late so something is up with Lisa Irwin…I do believe she is being used in high children’s fashion  as I said before. I also believe she is a pawn being used by Raytheon/Thales and has been genetically and mechanically manipulated and engineered as an AI being along with her spiritual ISIS identity.

They are probably using some kind of carbon nano  FLAX  “thread” implantation to do so…

Now for the ISIS connection…

TOW  is the US Military’s guided missile systems produced by Raytheon Corporation which means “light from the gods”. A Luciferian Company.

About TOW

  • The tube-launched, optically-tracked, wireless-guided (TOW) weapon system, with the multimission TOW 2A, TOW 2B, TOW 2B Aero and TOW Bunker Buster missiles, is the premier long-range, precision anti-armor, anti-fortification and anti-amphibious landing weapon system used throughout the world today.
  • The TOW weapon system is expected to be in service with the U.S. military beyond 2025.
  • TOW is in service in more than 40 international armed forces and integrated on more than 15,000 ground, vehicle and helicopter platforms worldwide.
  • Raytheon has delivered more than 675,000 TOW missiles to U.S. and allied warfighters.
  • TOW is recognized as a preferred heavy assault anti-armor weapon system for NATO, coalition, United Nations and peacekeeping operations worldwide.
  • Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Mass.


FBI note> you might try looking for Lisa in Waltham, Mass….or Dulles, Va.

I’m sure they will be moving her around a lot though… It will take an act of “God” to find her.

Only YaHuWaH can deliver her at this point…

And by the way… YaHuWaH is “God”….


ISIS- Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- NOT!!! A Spiritual Study of ISIS- Queen of Heaven, Whore of Babylon

ISIS-The Whore Of Babylon

ISIS-The Whore Of Babylon

You gotta be kidding me… We have been talking about ISIS for a long time now and spiritually she is known as


She is the arch enemy of YaHuWaH. We talked about the Syrian connection to ISIS with her mother being DEMETER. (THE FISH GODDESS) . The connection runs through Greece and Rome as well. ISIS was worshipped by many names. Semiramis, Ceres, Venus, Fides, … just to name a few. You think this is just a coincidence that they named this terrorist group this? No! It’s all related! The Roman Catholic church worships DEMETER/ISIS still, and has just switched the name to Mary now- The new name for the Queen of Heaven. Likewise, the Syrians worship her as well.

We’re going to do a review of the articles I have written pertaining to all of this as it now becoming clear to me that the one World Religion of the Antichrist will be once again the worship of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN- ISIS. SHE IS Part and parcel with HA SATAN- THE SHE-GOAT.

The articles we need to review are all listed under the NEW CATEGORY “ISIS”.

Please note the connection also with the baby “MONA” LISA IRWIN CASE also.  YaHuWaH is putting together all of the puzzle pieces now and the whole scenario is starting to come together for me and I hope it does for you also. SATAN  was/is  a Hermaphrodite having both male & female personas. We talked about the whole Venus/Phosphorus/Hesperus thing also, and the Vatican connection as well. The Diana/Artemis, Horus/Set (her son), dichotomies. We see it in the Mayan culture also. The FOUR BEASTS OF DANIEL CHAP 7 are describing these 4 facets of the same beast (HA SATAN) I think. We discussed the four beasts at length, but at the time I didn’t realize that they were describing FOUR ASPECTS and Manifestations of SATAN over different time spans and cultures. Well maybe, maybe not. This remains to be exposed. He was a CHERUBIM before he fell and if we look in Revelation we see that Cheribim have  FOUR FACES.

I’m still looking through a glass darkly as are you, but  time will tell and the TRUTH will PREVAIL.

YAHUSHUWAH is the TRUTH &  ISIS/Semiramis  is his ENEMY.

She is a chameleon. Able to shape shift and present as FEMALE/NURTURER/MOTHER GODDESS.

The Queen of Heaven- Her name is ISIS and her VATICAN funded “Islamic” terrorist group bears her name. She built the Tower of Babel and She is

the Whore of Babylon.


5/11/14- Baby “Mona” Lisa Irwin FBI Lead- Mona Lisa Couture for children.

We told the FBI to follow the ISIS / Mona Lisa lead. This company makes couture clothing for children with the MonnaLisa Name. It is a Bologna, Italy based company. The Belle Isis roses are another lead. I would tell the photographers  to be on the lookout for Lisa being used as a model for this company. You might get their child model portfolio roster to see if any look like Lisa. She’s probably in their modeling school being groomed.

 Company Information:


9.00-12.45 13.45-17.30

(GMT+1) Tel. +39 0575 9850677


Preschools in Bologna:

International School of Bologna
Via D’Azeglio, 55
Tel. 051.6449954
For children age 3 to 11 years.

Kinder Haus/Kinder College
Via Cino da Pistoia, 7; Via dell’Osservanza, 88
Tel. 051.581344

English and bilingual programs from preschool through middle school. There is also a Steiner School in nearby Casteldebole offering preschool through middle school and an additional preschool class in the Bolognina area.

Giardino d’infanzia
Via di Vincenzo, 37
Tel. 051.359453

Scuola Steineriana “Maria Garagnani”
Via Morazzo, 4/4
Tel. 051.6415398



5/10/14-YaHuWaH is in the Whirlwind- Kansas City Get Ready!

Kansas City Police were complicit in the abduction of Baby Lisa Irwin by aiding and abetting the CIA/DARPA and by covering for the handyman that took the child out of the home and arresting him on other charges, giving him a false alibi.

The Mob Doesn’t Rule.

YaHuWaH does.

Kansas City needs to REPENT.


Lisa Irwin Case Update 12-7-13 (This info was given to me by YaHuWaH as well)

Rosslyn Castle

Rosslyn Castle

Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of RosslynQPM (born 31 March 1958) is a Commander in the London Metropolitan Police Service, in which he uses the professional name Peter Loughborough (from the subsidiary title, Lord Loughborough, which he bore as heir to the earldom prior to his succession in 1977). The Earl’s lands include the world famous Rosslyn Chapel.

He was educated at Eton College and the University of Bristol. He joined the Metropolitan Police in 1980. Since 2003, he has been head of the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department(since renamed Protection Command). He received the Queen’s Police Medal in the 2009 New Year Honours.[1]

He married Helen Watters in 1982 and they have two sons and two daughters.[2]

  • Jamie William St. Clair-Erskine, Lord Loughborough b. 28 May 1986
  • Lady Alice St. Clair-Erskine b. 1988

An actor, with the stage name Alice St Clair,[3] Lady Alice played Catherine Middleton in a US TV film about the 2011 Royal Wedding.

  • Hon. Harry St. Clair-Erskine
  • Lady Lucia St. Clair-Erskine.

This family was instrumental in placing Lisa in  the custody of surrogate parents through Scotland Yard.. (Knights of Malta). The Illuminati actress Lady Alice lives in NYC. Lisa is in the hands of the Illuminati elitists. This does not mean she is not being abused, however. I’m sure she is. These Satanist pedophiles will totally mold her with their Nazi Monarch programming into what they want her to be. Forget the birthmark. I’m sure it’s been surgically removed a long time ago. I thought Jamie may have had the child for a season. I will continue to ask YaHuWaH where she is. He is very much in tune with Lisa’s situation, and has his emissaries here on Earth working to expose these scum bag Satanists.

We need to all call these elitist bastards out and throw their sick asses in jail where they belong.

Nobody has the right to steal someone else’s child.


Baby Lisa Irwin Case-another player- the deceased Cardinal Foley 12-2-13 Update

crystal paperweight

This guy was also involved in getting Lisa out of the country. He liked little girls you see, and was a very friendly guy. A decoy.  He also shared the same Birthday as Lisa 11-11. The Illuminati managed to bump him off one month to the day of his Birthday on 12-11-11. A glass paperweight (crystal skull? ) was presented to him after the Satanic ritual in Ventotene, Italy  was completed as a souvenir. It holds the soul of Lisa Irwin. I believe that it was confiscated after his death though, and the black pope probably has it now or some other higher up for safe keeping. Lisa has the soul of ISIS living in her now. The demon was ritually invoked during the high magical ceremony on Halloween and over her Birthday. I’m not sure how they do it,  but that’s what they did, with their Vatican sorcerers. If you find Lisa you will still need to find the crystal skull or paperweight that her soul is imprisoned in. That’s another FBI lead right there. (Swarovski crystal custom order for the Vatican or for Foley.)

YaHushuWaH came to set the captives free. LITERALLY. He is able to deliver her from this sorcery. Believers need to pray that the magic will be reversed, and that the ones who are responsible will pay with their souls instead. The magic shall be returned on their heads seven-fold. Foley paid with his life, but there will be 6 other Vatican deaths of high officials before the curse will be broken and Lisa freed from their captivity.

YaHuWaH will not be mocked.

He cares about all the little children.

Justice will be served.

He cares about Lisa Irwin.


Postscript> The FBI needs to send somebody to the children’s Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican undercover.  Lisa may be present. Christmas is a high Satanic Holiday. Remember Jon Benet Ramsey and Lacy Petersen?

12-1-13 Baby Lisa Irwin Update- FBI Lead!! “ISIS” parenting groups!

Anything connected to ISIS should be a red flag in dealing with the Lisa Irwin case. Here we have an Illuminati “Parenting” company infiltrating the Satanically owned Boston Hospital Systems and preying on the unsuspecting public at large. These people are evil folks. Illuminati Witches. Get your children away from this crap…Lisa may have been taken here by a surrogate handler for training. It’s a front group to get real familiar with your children. It’s how these Satanists operate.