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8/5-Fire Mueller Now!

5/30- CNN- The Network of Satanists and Pedophiles

3/16- Navy Seals support Trump. Roger Stone being attacked/death threatened.

March 25th -11am- March on Pizzagate/Pedogate in Washington, DC. Lafayette Park.

The chant will be Pizzagate is Pedogate. Investigate!

Or Investigate Pizzagate, etc…

3/2- David Seaman’s Update. Calls out Steven Colbert, David Brock, and Podesta, and Elefantis Pedophiles

2/9/16- Bill Clinton, Obama and Trump on Immigration

It’s just common sense folks…

2/5-Organized Crime Trying to Overthrow US Government

1/14- CIA Planning Trump Overthrow

Pizzagate Researcher being Harassed by Google/YouTube

12/10- More Pizzagate Research