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8/2- Why Sodomy in Satanism? Pedogate, Hampstead update with Ella Draper. (mother of Alisa & Gabriel Dearman)

R- Rated- not for children.

6/25- Prepping for Hard Times to Come

5/14-Happy Mother’s Day Hillary

2/6 “Ma” Ga Ga Channels Satan at Superbowl Half Time Show.

The whole thing has to do with the pinnacle experience in the bible and the temptation of Christ. Satan tells Jesus to jump off the pinnacle and he will give him the world- Remember? Well SHE jumps off… Duh?? Matt 4:5

Also Lucifer gets cast out of heaven right from the get go so his followers follow suit.

Also a huge METEOR?? crosses the US sky at 1:30 am. This was a portal opening for a demonic entity to enter into our realm. Maybe Satan himself. We are approaching the midnight hour.

The half time show was subtle and covert and thereby even more dangerous.
Trashing Trump was not their agenda. Summoning in the demonic entity was.

9/4 The Clinton Crime Legacy

8/25- Best TRUMP Speech ever!!

8/10- Hillary Clinton Campaign Enters the Twilight Zone

8/5-Hillary Clinton is insane according to experts.

Cruz steps down, CIA daddy linked to Oswald. Hillary’s next.

April 19th Temple of Baal to open in NYC

If you live near Times Square you need to get out and find out where this Satanic Hell Hole is planning to open and put a STOP TO IT!!