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9/30/17-Yom Kippur

4/12/15 Are you ready for this???

Petri dish babies
YaHuWaH is about to blow my mind with this teaching.
I don’t understand how the pieces all fit together but they do!

We are going to go back to the original “SIN” in the bible. (SIN=one of Ha Satan’s Collective names).
The result of that SIN was that “EVE” (not her Hebrew name by the way- but given to her by SET as in Sun SET=SIN) was told that she would suffer pain in childbearing. Now why was that??

Also her SEED would be at enmity against Ha Satan’s SEED. Here we have TWO RACES of biological entities on the planet. Natural birth and UN-natural birth. The UN- (UN- get it?) birth being PAINLESS…The hybridization and genetic manipulation program unbeknownst to the woman going on under cover.

It’s still her SEED but it’s being HARVESTED.

Okay, So we have TWO RACES simultaneously being fabricated here. I want to talk about one person IN PARTICULAR now that illustrates this concept as it will BLOW YOUR MIND as it pertains to what is being referred to as the MAGOG WAR in the book of Revelation.

TUBAL-CAIN. Everybody questions why the hyphenated name?? Well it has NOTHING to do with his metallurgy skills per se…Only in the capacity of molecular biology and enzymatic co-factor reactions!!

He was a HYBRID. Tubal is another name for an ECTOPIC preganancy. The egg was not where it should have been!! It was outside the BODY!! It was mixed with CAIN’S sperm. Tubal-Cain was a son of Japheth but he was a petri dish baby! The bible says Naamah was his sister. SO??

Naamah appears in the Zohar as one of the mates of the archangel Samael (SATAN). She, along with her cohort Lilith, causes epilepsy in children. After Cain kills Abel, Adam separates from Eve for 130 years. During this time, Lilith and Naamah visit him and bear his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind.

Okay, so we have the two races being formed. Natural Adamic and Satanic. The Satanic ones bringing PLAGUES on the Earth in the form of Genetic anomalies and malfunctioning beings. This is only the beginning, folks


It is BIOLOGICAL HUMANS vs TRANS or ENGINEERED HUMANS (Satanists) and I’ll prove it!!

More to come…

The Death, Burial , and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meschiach)

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

The Crucified Christ-Rubens

YaHuWaH wants me to set the time table straight on the order for the occurrence of these events. Many believe “Jesus” was crucified on a Friday which just does not measure out for the three days that he had to lie dead in the belly of the earth.

If we review the events leading up to his crucifixion we will easily see that our Savior died on Thurs. Morning at 9AM. The Jewish “day” begins at 6pm or sundown. We know by the scripture that Mary Magdelene went to the tomb on the FIRST day of the week (SUNDAY), early before sunrise,  and found NO body in the tomb– so the “LORD” had risen sometime on SUNDAY.   (after 12 midnight Saturday evening, but before sunrise at 6am Sunday morning.)

Working backwards that means he was “DEAD” (body was dead and buried) on Saturday day, Friday day, and Thursday day. Another way of calculating this is that he was “DEAD” Thurs evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening if you are using the SOLAR calendar. (Saturday evening would go till midnight, so he arose sometime between midnight Saturday and 6AM Sunday morning!)

They were in the Garden of Gethsemane on WEDNESDAY evening when he gets betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrested. They were eating the Last Supper on a WEDNESDAY. This was NOT PASSOVER! Passover was two days ahead on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. (Jews in Jerusalem celebrate TWO DAYS for PASSOVER and YaHushuWaH was to be the PASSOVER LAMB!) Another reason he had to die on the Thursday so as to be prepared for the FRI & SAT PASSOVER feast days which would begin at 6pm Thursday!

He spends Weds. night being accused and tortured and they sentence him at 3AM Thursday morning. All of the crucifixion happens AT NIGHT. The SUN should have risen the next morning at 6AM but- IT DIDN”T! YaHushuWaH is on the “Tree” being crucified at 6AM-9AM. (there was no “Cross”.) The “TREE” represented  the TREE of LIFE. It was in the shape of a “T” not an “t”. (Stauros=POLE). Romans crucified people on a “T” shaped structure- NO CROSS!

Darkness is over the whole area till 9AM Thursday morning!! That is when YaHushWaH gives up His “Holy Spirit” (no Ghost!) and his physical body succumbs to death. GOD CAN’T DIE FOLKS! This furthermore shows us that we are NOT our bodies.  It was unusual that it was dark outside according to scripture, so it should have been daylight when he died. (If he died at 9pm this would not have been the case!)

They spend Thursday day preparing him for burial and entomb him before 6pm on Thursday.

Hence, he is in the belly of the earth

THREE  LUNAR ” JEWISH DAYS”- Thursday eve, Friday eve, and Saturday evening,        AND

THREE SOLAR  “GREGORIAN DAYS”- Thursday day, Friday day, and Saturday day.

I hope this clears up the confusion. YaHuWaH knows how to count…..

It’s too bad people, scholars and the “CHURCHES” don’t.


June 3-4th, 2014 -Come Celebrate YHWH’s Festival of Shavuot !

Shavuot  celebrates the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai to Moses. It is the Jewish PENTACOST because it occurs 50 days after PASSOVER. The Jews counted 49 days after Passover until this day and called it the Counting of the Omer as it coincided with the BARLEY harvest. When the disciples were together in the upper room this was the FEAST they were celebrating. This was when the Ruach Ha’Kodesh was given after the ascension of YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meshiach to heaven. It was also the first day that a WHEAT offering could be made unto YaHuWaH.

5/26/14- Memorial Day- The Oration of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Isaiah 1:18

Come Let Us Reason Together

Come Let Us Reason Together

I just want to send a personal message out there today for all of the Elect of YaHuWaH. I don’t know about you,  but things have been pretty silent and calm here with me for the past few days. I don’t know what is brewing, but I don’t like the fact that Pope Francis is in Israel. That shill is EVIL. They are wanting to set up a one world religion now (Chrislam) which we have all been warned about.

All RELIGION is man-made.

Anything that has a COLLECTIVE, COMMUNISTIC, mentality is not of YaHuWaH. God made us as INDIVIDUALS. We all have unique fingerprints, ear biometrics, and retina’s. We are all entitled to our own thoughts, ideas, creativity, and expression.

Political correctness is NOT OF GOD. You don’t go along to get along. These radical leftist extremists preach TOLERANCE and yet they are the most INTOLERANT bunch of hypocrites  out there!

YaHuShuWaH (Jesus) was NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, and you shouldn’t be either! He came down on the establishment of his day. Sure he preached love thy NEIGHBOR – but “HIS NEIGHBOR” had qualifiers. He gave the parable about the GOOD SAMARITAN to show that it was the essence of the person’s intent of their heart that made them YOUR NEIGHBOR. If they wanted to rip you off, steal from you, one up you, look down on you, force you to conform to their ideology, etc… then, THEY ARE NOT YOUR NEIGHBOR. PERIOD.

YaHuWaH wiped out many cities in the past. Was that unloving?? Hell no… They were reprobates to his WORD and INSTRUCTIONS about how they should be living their lives. They didn’t have any regard for their Creator or his TORAH, and they manufactured their own gods to suit their own agendas. Mankind has been doing this for thousands of years.

The Roman Catholic Church is probably the worst (The Whore of Babylon), along with Mohammed and Islam. Combining the two will make HELL ON EARTH for sure. That’s Ha Satan’s plan. There just doesn’t seem to be any getting around it. Your not going to be raptured off of the Earth unless you are part of his Elect… Even then, that is circumspect. YaHuWaH did promise  to make a way THROUGH the TRIBULATION. He said he would spread his wings over us like a mother hen. He would COVER US.

I’ve been watching CNN pretty frequently since the whole MH370 jet disappeared, and the whole scenario is pathetic. They have to create most of these dramas to have a job. A lot of stuff is just plain staged. Life is actually pretty mundane for most of us, while it’s entertainment to them. Something to watch. Just like the Romans liked killing for sport. Pretty much nothing has changed.

The majority of people are content with being in the Matrix. It’s not til they get older, that they  realize -Hey wait a minute! WTF have I been being played for all my life? What a fool I am! I go to work everyday (or NOT). I pay my bills, buy their crap, eat their GMO food. Get their engineered  diseases, go to their doctors, buy their drugs…(OR alcohol). Pay for their real estate which they own- not you.( If you do own it outright, they will make damn sure to try to steal it back from you through eminent domain, government regulations, EPA, etc…)

You gotta laugh and give this shit up folks…IT’S TEMPORAL.

They want to KILL YOU if and when you stop producing for them and paying in to their system. Now they are totally overloading the system with indigent who don’t produce anything. That’s to finish off the rest of you who are. To make you angry as hell to fight over your shit which you worked so hard to get and these lowlife haven’t done anything to deserve anything. Level the playing field for the middle class so it’s totally wiped out and the 1% elitists at the top have it all at your expense.


I don’t know what the answer is, except that our World Governments are totally out of control,  and they run the governments behind the scenes. When I say THEY,  I mean the DEMONIC PRINCIPALITIES governing our planet. It’s all a test to see where your priorities are.


do you love what He can do for you? Most people want HIS STUFF or a GET OUT OF HELL FREE PASS .

It’s time to get SERIOUS with our Creator folks. DO WHAT IS RIGHT! CLEAN UP YOUR ACTS. Be CONSISTENT in your life. BE HONEST and TRUTHFUL. YaHushuWaH is the WAY OF TRUTH. You can’t be living a LIE and think you are pleasing God.  AND

if  YOUR TRUTH is inconsistent with GOD’s TRUTH (HIS WORD)  then guess who needs to change? DUH?

The word MEMORIAL stems from two words. MEM and ORIAL. Mem as we discussed in a prior post about the Kabbalah comes from the Feminine Ruach Ha’ Kodesh side of YaHuWaH’s Tree of Life. The WATER/EMOTIONAL  SIDE. Orial is to Orate speech, to proclaim,  and is verbally driven. The AIR/INTELLECTUAL SIDE.

The Word of YaHuWaH today is Isaiah 1:18.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. It’s time to REPENT!


Time is running out…Make this day a Memorial to Yourself.

This is the day I gave my life back to God.

His name is YaHuWaH. Every knee shall bow at that name.

Yah Bless and Keep Your Children.


The Urim and Thummim- God’s First Laptop (Breastplate) Computer!

red pill and a shopping cart

YaHuWah is so awesome! He showed me this mystery today and I was floored to say the least! Everyone thinks that the Urim and Thummin were two articles of divination that were inserted into the high priest’s breastplate. Well NO–OOO. The breastplate itself was a COMPUTER! The gemstones would emanate colored lights of various spectral frequencies. It was a language of LIGHTS- kinda like morse code only with flashes of different light colors and frequencies, each meaning different things. It was a celestial communication with YaHuWaH. Only the HIGH PRIEST could interpret the code as he had the Urim and Thummin to do so. So what was that?? They were computer programs! The “DISCS” has to be inserted into the breastplate to be able to decipher the code. Now whether they were physical discs or not doesn’t really matter. Personally I think the discs were downloaded into the priests DNA and stored in his HEART. When the body of the priest put on the Breastplate, then the computer would work properly and God’s will could be determined properly. If the discs were physical there would be the chance that someone could steal them for their own  illicit gain. That was why the priests were so reverenced. They alone had the specific encoded DNA to properly wear the breastplate computer of the most HIGH ELOHIM.  The breastplate itself is a “Laptop” version if you will, of God’s mainframe computer in Heaven. The throne of God also has the same technology being made up of the same jewels but on a much larger scale of course. The priestly caste were the descendants of the ELOHIM so they alone had the specific DNA downloaded to them to be able to communicate to their ancestors.

In Nehemiah 7:65, the word states that they were not to eat of  “the most holy things” until a priest STOOD UP WITH URIM AND THUMMIM. In other words, the priest was unique and possessed these two qualities or items on his person. It was something bestowed on the person by Almighty God himself to serve as a direct spokesperson for him on the earth in matters of sovereign judgement and moral and ethical decision-making according to his will. Even today, UR means that it came from SUMERIA and it is a computer program used today. The Thummim is much more vague…I think it was EDIBLE.

Perhaps there is some correlation to TOM THUMB. This was a children’s fairytale about a thumb sized PERSON. There are many such references to such people’s across history and across continents. Could these be the Thummim? King Arthur supposedly had Tom Thumb in his court. Furthermore Tom Thumb was always getting SWALLOWED by something. Being so small he could be INGESTED. It’s my theory that the THUMMIM was ingested. It was “The things most holy” that get eaten. Perhaps a psychedelic drug. They were like the little scrolls that we see getting eaten throughout the bible where then the recipient has full knowledge of the WORD and God’s plans. Kinda like a divine PILL. The RED pill in the MATRIX that OPENS THE THIRD EYE so that you can see into the higher realms and discern TRUTH from the MATRIX LIE all around us. 

You couldn’t, however , have one without the other and be in the will of YaHuWaH. People can be drugged out on all kinds of stuff and be as demonic as can be! You had to have the TEMPLATE program of URIM to rightly discern the TRUTH. The THUMMIN was just a gateway drug if you will to open the chakras, specifically the HEART chakra where then the URIM could initiate the computer program of YaHuWaH.

HAH! Our God Reigns Superb!

How do you computer geeks (Amorites)  like that one??



Psalm 118- Happy Passover! His name is YaHuWaH!

4/14/14- The Passover-The Destiny of Malaysian Flight MH370


Over the course of this past month the events of March 8th have been revealed to me by YaHuWaH. We discussed from the beginning the diversionary plan to subvert the flight to Diego Garcia by the Saturnian Rothchild Cabal to hijack the 20 Freescale scientists and the weaponized RFID nanochip cargo. We discussed the crew and their complicent cooperation with this plan along with the US military.

YaHuWaH had the plane confiscated in midair over Penang, Malaysia using a cloaked mother ship commandeered by Micheal. The plane was basically sucked up to 45,000 ft. by the ship. The passengers were rendered unconscious at this point and Michael took over the command of the plane. They used a download from DELL, Panang  to help direct the plane and navigate it to a safe pickup location.  All cell phone service was jammed. The cargo was unloaded and taken to NM via a fleet of smaller craft and dumped at  White Sands Military base in NM and exploded with thermite to irradicate the weaponized nanochips rendering them inactive and benign. (some had biologicals attached to them as well).

Some say they eye witnessed the plane flying low over the Maldives also. They did dip down to a lower altitude over Diego Garcia and re-piloted the plane to dispose of the bodies of the 12 crew members and 20 scientists to show the Army who was boss here.  (the Popping 300 object disappearing debris field). It had been the Military’s intention to dump the plane as they now have scripted in the Indian Ocean after they got their payload off .  The 207 remaining passengers were to have been a sacrifice to Isis (Goddess of sailors) . The plane was, however, then picked up and taken back on board  the celestial ship. I was told the destination was the Valley of Vision for the 200 passengers and the 7 MALAK that were aboard the ship. There are future plans for the 777 jet as well. The 200 are in training for YaHuWaH’s plan to lead China to a saving knowledge of him in these last days. They will be the Lords over the Valley of Vision.

The Valley of Vision is the Silicon Valley. They are either there or on a ship hovering over there, or in a parallel reality. They did stop over Hawaii for refueling for the 777  jet and obtained new passports/identification for the plane and passengers. (Got this info from Psychic Keith Watson who saw 3 Islands and a curve). The 200 are safe and will be returning to Earth sometime over the next 20 years. The 7 Malak will not be returning. They are the seven angels that reside over San Franciso Bay. Those are their thrones or dominions  here on the EARTH. I believe Angel Island will be a introductory point to the 200’s  integration back into society and quite possibly they will be given jobs working in the Napa Valley. They will learn how to gather grapes as they are being trained as Reapers.

We talked about Isaiah 22 and the judgement on San Francisco with a great Earthquake. We also talked about Nancy Pelosi, Bloomberg, Blackstone, Jacob Rothchild, and Bohemian Grove as being part of the reason for YaHuWaH’s judgement of the USA Pacific Coast with their liberal hedonistic, homosexuality, Babylonian practices and Transhumanism agenda. We also discussed the Main Stream Media’s Satanic Rituals to try to spin the search to Perth, Australia so as to justify the millions of dollars to spend for the Vatican so they can map the energy ley lines for their Satanic Rituals. Their use of Mnemonics, Harmonics,  and Mass Mind control techniques of the unsuspecting masses. They are also into TREASURE HUNTING big time and we will discuss this in our next post.

The PASSOVER is all about coming out of Egypt and being delivered by the Savior from all this insidious evil. The passengers of MH370 have been given a rare opportunity and have been freed from our 3D Matrix cabal run by the Illuminati Satanists, Draconian Greys, Freemasons, and Saturnian occultists. YaHuWaH is just getting started. He is in control and


Those people are in a much better place they those of us here. They have been transported  into a new and better parallel reality. They have been delivered out of EGYPT.



4/12/14. YaHuShuWaH turns the Water into Wine. He who has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Families of MH370.


He chooses only the finest grapes.


The Black Cube (BOX) of MH370=Saturn/Satan Worship. PANdora’s box. The Lord of the “Pings”. BLACKSTONE/BLACKROCK.

We do not follow the belief that Helios the Sun is God or that Saturn is God either.
Rather, they are both creations of YaHuWaH from the ancient past prior to our account in Genesis.
These Heavenly Wars are described in our bible as glimpses of the original fall of Lucifer.

The emphasis on the Black Box on MH370 (Which is NOT BLACK, by the way), is a direct reference to Luciferian/Saturnalia cult worship. High Free Masonry also and the Kabba of Islam. They are doing a Satanic Ritual now concerning this Flight, to try to fix the situation that YaHuWaH circumvented.

Whatever will be on that BOX will be a LIE. Satan is the Father of LIES. CRONUS/SATURN is 666.
It will not be the box from the MH370 plane.
Saturn has a HEXAGRAM on its North pole and the EYE OF SAURON on it’s south pole.
(The all seeing eye).

The Satanists are furious and wanting to open a PANDORA’S BOX over this incident.

I don’t know the whole of what is going down but the MEDIA is absolutely complicent
in propagating this LIE for the global SATURN WORSHIPING ELITISTS.