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June 1st, 2018

Sorry to have been gone for some time now. As you well know there are seasons for different things in a person’s life and I have been working full time and pursuing some personal goals of my own. Someone emailed today though who is having a hard time with being attacked spiritually that is from a Masonic family background. The higher Masons are Satanists so that’s what she may be dealing with here. I intend to dig deeper to find out. Yahushuwah said to go after the lost sheep  and rescue them. If you are in a similar situation, just know that YaHuWaH will not leave you stranded alone by yourself but will send people to help you if you belong to Him. His sheep hear His Voice, Remember? and that means His sheep hear Your Voice too! That’s part of the good news! YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IF YOU BELONG TO HIM.  Help is on THE WAY and


He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6) (Not LIGHT-The Light bringer is the Day Star or Lucifer!  I.E. Dawn=Venus). This is a prime example of the Mandela Effect and brainwashing of the masses by you guessed  who?

Satan- that’s who!

Happy New Year! The Deep State is in Deep Doo Doo.

12/19- Who is Q? The Whistleblower Extraodinaire!!

11/22- Liz Crokin on the numerous Sealed Indictments and pedophile/child sex trafficking arrests.

11/9- Mueller is going after Pedophiles. Portland cadaver clinic tied to DC Pedo ring and up to 100 sealed indictments. More updates on Pizzagate.

118/17- 31 Sealed indictments in Washington DC now. Pedophiles are going down the swamp drain…

11/6- The Swamp is being Drained! Podesta’s arrested along with Hillary Clinton. Media Blackout. Trump safely out of USA. Saudi Pedophiles arrested also with connections to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

11/3- Censorship of YaHuWaH’s Message and plans on the Internet

10/25- Las Vegas Shooter’s brother arrested for child “pizza” porn.

10/9-NFL go to Hell! Harvey Weinstein -you can join them there! and… The Las Vegas Lies.