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The President of the USA can NOT be indicted. Give it up assholes! The American Public is tired of this BS and paying your f’ing salaries.

6/17-Two True Patriots ! Laura and Jack.

Thanks Guys for taking a tremendous Stand against the EVIL RADICAL Left.

Laura and Jack stormed the Shakespearean  Anti- Trump Assassination play in NYC.

6/15- Pedogate and the Washington, DC Scalise Shooting Connection

5/27-Deep State to be Exposed and Blown Wide Open this Tues. The swamp is going down the toilet for TREASON….

5/20- Time to drain the DC swamp Trump

OPM (HR-John Stephano) to fire 800 Sched. “C” Trump Whitehouse Employees 0n Monday 5/23!

5/18 – Mike Cernovich latest news

5/14-Happy Mother’s Day Hillary

5/12- Anthony Cumia We Love You!

This guy cracks me up!  Love him!!

5/11- New FBI “acting” Director McCabe is a Clinton Schill. Keep draining the swamp Trump…

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