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8/25- Best TRUMP Speech ever!!

8/17-George Soros- Public Enemy #1

8/15- Hillary’s Health has gone to Hell

Secret Service spills the beans on Hillary’s deteriorating health. She has Parkinson’s Disease which causes seizures triggered by flashing lights.

8/10- Hillary Clinton Campaign Enters the Twilight Zone

8/6-“Dead” FBI agent arrested with silencer handgun at Trump Tower.

On top of everything else the glock gun had no “stamp” (No serial number) so it would be impossible to trace. It NEVER had a stamp. Now folks the only way to get a gun like that is by a Presidential, Justice, State ¬†or FBI Dept special order. Go FIGURE!

PS To top it off this guy’s last name is BUSH!

7/30- The Clinton Crime Syndicate

Roger Stone discusses planned RNC Cleveland planned Shannanigans

The City of Cleveland was sued over this and has now backed down and will be granting permits to Trump supporters who wish to peacefully rally in Cleveland . Time and place TBD. Stay tuned.

4/23-The End of Days Has Begun

Who is Mystery Babylon?

The Savior’s name is Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach

April 19th Temple of Baal to open in NYC

If you live near Times Square you need to get out and find out where this Satanic Hell Hole is planning to open and put a STOP TO IT!!