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Ancient Assyrian Lands Ruled by Semiramis -The Queen of Heaven-(Whom YaHuWaH Detests)

I’m posting this as we will be using this as a reference tool for other posts to come.

Semiramis was said to be the mother of TAMMUZ also.

She was married to Poseidon (Ninus or Nimrod), the founder of Nineveh.  He killed her first husband, Oannes,  in a battle and took her to wife as part of the spoil.  She had many lovers and was a Harlot. She had a thing for a beautiful Armenian King named Ara (Ara the Beautiful) and actually invaded Armenia when he refused her advances. He was killed in a battle by mistake, and she faked his “resurrection” to get the support of the Armenians. The mountains of Ararat were named in his honor. She built a palace in the cliffs there as well. This historical site will play a role with the Assyrian “Anti-Christ”  of the book of  Revelation.

Ancient Assyrian Lands Ruled by Semiramis