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March 25th -11am- March on Pizzagate/Pedogate in Washington, DC. Lafayette Park.

The chant will be Pizzagate is Pedogate. Investigate!

Or Investigate Pizzagate, etc…

2/23- Meet professional investigative “Pizzagate” Journalist David Seamans.

Support David with your prayers and finances as he has taken on the Satanic Pedophile Cabal. As a Survivor of SRA myself (Satanic Ritual Abuse), I feel ¬†David is putting himself in harm’s way, as these people are EVIL and dangerous to deal with. Exposing them means ¬†opening himself up to their harassment and possibly worse.

Thanks David for all of your determined work to take these criminals down…

2/14-Happy Valentine’s Day from YaHushuWaH- Our Forever Man!


1/23- One of the Pussy’s behind the Pink Hats is A Muslim Extremist who is pro Sharia Law. You can’t make this crap up folks! This bitch needs to be arrested for sedition.

12/6- Podesta, Pizzagate and Fake News Commentary.

11/9/16-The Word of YaHuWaH to the Supporters of Hillary Clinton. “Move On UP”. Get with YaH’s program for the USA!! You want a Party! You Got One! The REPUBLIC LIVES on!

10/20 Anthony Cumia tells it like it is

10/2-10/3 Yom Teruah- The Feast of “Trump”ets

To: the Elect of the United States of America From: YaHuWaH

8/5-Hillary Clinton is insane according to experts.