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Three Days Of Darkness – Sept 26th, 2013? NASA Expert Whistleblower says so!!


Postscript> This date is being pushed back now to Nov. 13-14th? We are getting help from “good” ET’s. (I.e. Anunnaki  Nibiru  mothership)

They can only push it back so far though.  See my post about the “drill”  scheduled for Nov. 13th-14th.

You need to try to get underground if possible.  Not in a DUMB though. That’s too far underground.  Pyramids are good also.

If the Earth stops spinning, there will be huge tidal waves. Get off the coasts!  Also you must be 150 miles from ANY NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.

The cores will melt down in 72 hours.  They cannot maintain them much longer than that. FEMA, the NSA,  and the TSA will gridlock  you in the

cities. You need to get out of the cities!  You must be at about 1000 feet above sea level.  NORTH is the best choice.