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Shattering the Matrix with James Bartley, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Reptilian Hosts and Hybrids.

This audio is not for the novice. This is designed for those working in the field of SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Black ops military involvement in the Demonic “alien” agenda that has been being orchestrated here on planet Earth for millenia.
This is the overlordship of Ha’Satan, and how he operates here on the Earth. The Matrix is designed to cloak and conceal this insidious plan and device to keep the masses enslaved.

WARNING- not for the novice…Rated X for MATRIX unveiled.

Constantine, Mithraism, Apollo, & Christianity

6/7/14- Message for MH370 victims and their Families- Psalm 71

June 3-4th, 2014 -Come Celebrate YHWH’s Festival of Shavuot !

Shavuot  celebrates the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai to Moses. It is the Jewish PENTACOST because it occurs 50 days after PASSOVER. The Jews counted 49 days after Passover until this day and called it the Counting of the Omer as it coincided with the BARLEY harvest. When the disciples were together in the upper room this was the FEAST they were celebrating. This was when the Ruach Ha’Kodesh was given after the ascension of YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meshiach to heaven. It was also the first day that a WHEAT offering could be made unto YaHuWaH.

Get Happy!

With all the killing, pain and suffering in the world that’s going on
and they are gonna make a big deal about this? Gimme a break!
King David danced butt naked before the Lord!

5/14/14- A message to Queen Elizabeth- Isaiah Chap 47.

5/11/14- Baby “Mona” Lisa Irwin FBI Lead- Mona Lisa Couture for children.

We told the FBI to follow the ISIS / Mona Lisa lead. This company makes couture clothing for children with the MonnaLisa Name. It is a Bologna, Italy based company. The Belle Isis roses are another lead. I would tell the photographers  to be on the lookout for Lisa being used as a model for this company. You might get their child model portfolio roster to see if any look like Lisa. She’s probably in their modeling school being groomed.

 Company Information:


9.00-12.45 13.45-17.30

(GMT+1) Tel. +39 0575 9850677


Preschools in Bologna:

International School of Bologna
Via D’Azeglio, 55
Tel. 051.6449954
For children age 3 to 11 years.

Kinder Haus/Kinder College
Via Cino da Pistoia, 7; Via dell’Osservanza, 88
Tel. 051.581344

English and bilingual programs from preschool through middle school. There is also a Steiner School in nearby Casteldebole offering preschool through middle school and an additional preschool class in the Bolognina area.

Giardino d’infanzia
Via di Vincenzo, 37
Tel. 051.359453

Scuola Steineriana “Maria Garagnani”
Via Morazzo, 4/4
Tel. 051.6415398



5/10/14-YaHuWaH is in the Whirlwind- Kansas City Get Ready!

Kansas City Police were complicit in the abduction of Baby Lisa Irwin by aiding and abetting the CIA/DARPA and by covering for the handyman that took the child out of the home and arresting him on other charges, giving him a false alibi.

The Mob Doesn’t Rule.

YaHuWaH does.

Kansas City needs to REPENT.


Trance Formation of America-Mass Mind Control in America-Cathy O’Brien

Illuminati Whistleblower Donald Marshall on Human Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, and Microchipping

POSTSCRIPT> The Elect can NOT be KILLED folks. If you are an ELECT, you are an ETERNAL BEING chosen of YaHuWaH. This guy is an ELECT and he doesn’t know it, but they do! Like I said, they know us from birth. Most of us do have clones also. The ELECT are CREATIVE. These Vril beings do not have any Creativity. They can only copy. I myself am a MONARCH MK ULTRA and was used extensively as a sex slave for the Illuminati. I had my memory restored when I also got into my thirties. That is pretty universal. Like I said, the ONLY WAY OUT is through the DOOR OF YAHUWAH…THE WAY…Through his shed blood being grafted into our DNA. Our MESSIAH and SAVIOR, YaHushuWaH!