Bohemian Grove- A modern day TOPHET- Isaiah 30:33


The Most High has led me to this chapter in Isaiah concerning a place called Topheth or Tophet. It was a disgusting place where children were sacrificed to Molech and where the bodies of criminals were thrown and burned also. Basically it was a garbage dump and it spread pestilence also throughout Jerusalem. Well, we have our own modern day version in San Francisco, CA called Bohemian Grove. Basically our political leaders and global elitists, including Obama, (who is the Prince of Persia of Bohemian Grove) regularly attend this venue every summer to perform a ritual called the Cremation of Care to a giant Owl. Nothing has changed for hundreds of years. There is nothing new under the sun. These pagans are still committing idolatry to this day by paying homage to this monster. YaHuWaH has assured me that he will destroy America for this Obamanation if we don’t repent as a nation. The slaughtering of the innocents will lead to the dessimation of America. It breaks my heart that our beautiful America has become a dung heap in the sight of the Almighty. The only reason he has not destroyed America is because there are still ELECT in the USA. As it was in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, he spared the land for a handful of true believers. If you are still attending a 501C3 church on SUNday, however, ..Sorry…You don’t make the cut. Most were called out last year from the Babylonian church system. I pray HIS MERCY over the remnant that is still intact, however. We shall JUDGE these evildoers at the White Throne Judgement. Yahushuwah Ha’mashiach will not lose even one of HIS ELECT.

You can also forget sweet Jesus (another lie). The Savior of the world’s name is Yahushuwah and his name means YaHuWaH’s Salvation. Je suis means of a pig or swine! Or of ZEUS! Do you honestly think our savior was named that!! THERE IS NO LETTER “J” IN HEBREW!! Come on people..Give it up! It’s a tradition of man as is CHRISTMAS, New Year’s (pagan Saturnalia) and EASTER…all PAGAN. PERIOD!! PLEASE! ENOUGH! It could cost you your Salvation for crying out loud!

There is no other NAME under heaven whereby we must be saved.

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