The Two Pillars- Boaz and Jachin -The Entrance to the Temple of YHWH

Boaz and Jachin

Soloman had these two bronze pillars constructed by Hiram Abif an artisan from Tyre.(The freemasons love this guy). They were very tall (35 cubit or 15 cubits in two different accounts). I’m thinking there were TWO sets of these possibly due to the discrepancy. The tops had 5 cubit filials with a wreath and chains containing the Lily flowers or pomegranates wrapped around them. They named the towers Boaz and Jachin as they were a form of monument to them. (Actually this is idolatry as well). Boaz was placed on the left or Northern side and Jachin was placed at the right or southern side of the doorway. This in itself was confusing as depending on whether you were coming or going the sides would have a different orientation. HELLO?? Are you coming or going into the Temple? This is Mirror magic. Depending on how you look at the scene no two people will see the same door. I think it is safe to say though that Boaz was the head (northern side) and Jachin was the Tail.(southern side). Head =intellect, lofty, while Tail= sensual, base.  

Now Boaz we know from the story of Ruth. He was the Kinsman redeemer. Ruth was rewarded with his kindness because of her faithfulness to Naomi. He took her under his wing so to speak, and looked out for her and gave her a LIFE in a place that was NOT her home. He brought her into his family…LEGALLY.  He was a type of our Messiach and what he has done for us as well by his death, burial, and ressurrection. Ruth still had to take him up on it. In fact she and Naomi instigated the whole affair. If it were up to Boaz he’d still be getting drunk down at the threshing floor…ALONE.

Now the other guy,  Jachin…His name means Hyacinthe. A different type of flower that has both male and female reproductive  parts… HUM..Where have we talked about that before? (see my post the Tree of Life). He was bisexual (androgynous). His flower was not the Lily, but his seed was the Pomagranite. Pomagranates were know as the Fruit of the Dead in bible times as it stemmed from ancient Egypt. It was thought they had 613 seeds and probably did at that time before they got genetically messed up with cross hybridization. 613 was the # of the geomara from the Talmud. Here we go again with the serpent seed.The Lily on the other hand was said to be arrayed better than Soloman and was the garment of the priesthood. (Matt 6:25-34). I think Jachin was Joachim. It’s a mistranslation. Joachim was the “father” of the virgin MARY. Her mother was St. Anne or (Hannah). Hannah had Mary late in life and some accounts say she too was a VIRGIN. Hello??? The priestly decendency came through the FEMALES. Nothing more is mentioned about Joachim and yet they build a fricking column with his name on it?? What the hell for? Mary was given into the priesthood from birth by Hannah her mother. She was never tainted by the evil society. Her mother must have died and hell knows where the dad went, but she turned to her mom’s  sister (Sobe’s)  daughter (Elisabeth-her cousin) for guidance and help during her pregnancy. Uh..where’s the father…Joseph who?? We’ll get to him too… because he is none other than Joseph of Arimethea. More to come… Selah.

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