More on PAX- Illuminati (Ploominati) bobblehead demos “PAX” Weed Vaporizor.

Here we see the in your face bobblehead with complete role reversal dress (Groucho Marx look?) blatantly blabbing about getting high on her triple XXX  (SEX) weed on her way home from work. So that means she is an habitual pot smoker with THC in her system while at work.
The “WEED” is put in the “OVEN”. “Lo, an empty OVEN is not a good OVEN!”

DUH??? Guess who the weed is?? Need I say any more?

The masses are asses indeed!

I guess you’ll all be in “Ploom Heaven” when YaHuWaH fries your asses in his oven at the End of the Age!

The  “San Francisco  based” company,  Ploom, Inc,  is run by two Stanford Grads with connections to JTI, Inc. Japanese Tobacco, Inc. There is no record of the incorporation on the California Secretary of States website. This is a GLOBAL company run by two Illuminati Shills. They even are so in your face about it that they call themselves the “PLOOMINATI!”

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