4/21/14 -Happy Anniversary Suckers. Boston Bombing Hoax.

4/21/14 -Happy Anniversary Suckers. Boston Bombing Hoax.

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  1. We live in a great country that allows everybody to express their opinions. I understand your concern with ‘big government’, but your theory about Boston being a hoax couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a Boston local, having three victims from my town, and knowing doctors who worked on victims, you couldn’t be further from the truth on this one. The marathon hits home and Im doing my best to not get angry, but the title of your article leads me down that road. People died, people lost limbs. Please, come to Dorchester, knock on the door of Martin Richards parents and call them suckers. I’m doing my best to not cast judgement as I also believe in a critical thought process, but you are doing nothing to promote logical and analytical thought.

  2. Seriously? Again, I’m glad I live in a place that allows you to express your opinion, no matter what I think of it. No, I don’t know the Richards family personally, but I am extending a personal invitation to you to go and meet them together.

    • Here is an example for you. Aaron Baggish, MD. Supposed Medical Director of Mass General Hospital. Tried to “Save” Krystal Campbell with CPR.
      Look up Mass.gov Board of Medicine licensure. He is NOT LISTED. He is NOT LICENSED. He is a FRAUD.
      Aaron L. Baggish, MD
      Associate Director, Cardiovascular Performance Program
      Dr. Baggish is Associate Director of the Cardiovascular Performance Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center.

  3. I did the simple search for you on healthcare providers on mass.gov….http://profiles.ehs.state.ma.us/Profiles/Pages/PhysicianProfile.aspx?PhysicianID=70463

  4. As a highly trained and board certified surgeon with a valid Massachusetts license, do you accept he is not a “fraud”?

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