Ebola- Coming to a town near you?? Is Medical Martial Law Eminent?

Emory University Hospital is in violation of OSHA Standards to bring Ebola into their facility.
They are not a Class IV biological facility. This is AGAINST THE LAW. WHO authorized this transfer of these patients?? They should be held accountable to the American public. ANY secretions from an infected person are highly contagious !(Blood, Urine, Vomit, Feces). Stabilization of the patients can not be performed without blood work being performed. (i.e. venipuncture, IV therapy, centrifugation, and specimen processing on an auto-analyzer putting technicians at risk). Furthermore, studies show that this virus CAN be transmitted via the air. They are LYING to us…These greedy pharmacology PHD’s wanting to gain access to the patient’s sera to “PLAY” with it and do RESEARCH is f’ing criminal. They should all be jailed. If they wanted to treat the two patients, they should have been taken to a CLASS IV MILITARY underground biological facilty…NOT a public hospital in a major metropolitan area.

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