5/5-Cinco de Mayo


I decided to go out for dinner tonight because I have a history of having fun on this night when I was single and living in Orlando. We would go to Bahama Breeze and sit on the deck sipping Margaritas with my friends and have a real nice time, enjoying the scenery , music, the stars, and the food. Well now I’m 60 years old and I am in Kansas City, MO. What a culture shock! I wanted to see where we are at as far as society goes,  as I don’t go out much now except for work, and errands, etc…  I’m pretty much a home body…

And now I know why… The place was an absolute zoo. I waited 20 minutes to be seated amongst a bunch of lowlifes. Once seated, I got a basket of stale thick , cold chips and salsa. The fascinating part though was that the waitress was super nice pushing that slop.

I continued to be entertained by the table of ten next to me who were totally obnoxious. The conversation went from LGBT rights, to the bible, to Nazism…. And these were the millenials at the table who thought they were being intellectual. The older farts just stuffed their faces and let their kids act up. The kids were slobs and they all had to have their cell phones in their faces to entertain them. The one millenial girl with the nose ring was the loudest, and had to monopolize the conversation while her boyfriend groped her at the table. It was entertainment I wasn’t expecting. I thought I was going to listen to a Mariachi band or something.

I watched Donald Trump tweet himself eating a  Taco Bowl at Trump Tower and gave him credit for trying to get in on the festivities. Meanwhile Vincente Fox was on Fox News talking about the f’ing Trump WALL.

Who could ask for more on Cinco de Mayo?





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