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2/5-Organized Crime Trying to Overthrow US Government

1/22- Draining the Swamp in Washington, DC (“Pink Pussys”- that goes for you also)

I’ve been in D.C for the past three days for the Presidential Inauguration and The Rally  for TRUMP was great but this “town” and it’s Citizens are way OFF BASE.

Here’s why… Just what does DC mean and stand for?

PS. The “Pink Pussy” witches are out in full force here this weekend as well. PINK as we know from an earlier post of mine about the rainbow,  is the color for Satan.  (Madonna, Cher, and Katie Perry along with Hillary were all in town…Hillary’s here for the orgies with these other perverts-not to make amends or support TRUMP)

These dumb ass women have been totally duped into a Satanic Cult which promotes abortion, man hating and downright nasty unfeminine butch behavior under the guise of free speech and women’s rights.





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Who’s  pulling all of these strings? Hillary?  Naw…..

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