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Live 4- part Radio Interview with Patti Brassard and Pete Santilli 8-13-13.

Guerilla Media Network

Guerilla Media Network -episode #494. Just google this and type the #494 into the search box. The first 30 minutes is just bullshit.

Forward it to half way mark to get to the interview part. (32:30 mark). Turn off the live stream at the top left.

This will floor you. Patti says the government is all underground as we speak including the Vatican and British Monarchy, Congress and Obama. That’s why they closed the embassies this week, They are in the DUMBS. (Deep underground military bases reserved for the elite, NWO bastards.) They want us dead up here on the surface. They know what’s coming and have been planning for 50 years….. Folks you need to get 200 miles inland and 200 miles from any Nuclear reactors. The grid is going to go out here shortly.