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Pagan Easter (Nimrod, Ishtar, Ostara, Asherah, Semiramis) Rites vs The True Passover Lamb

Baal- Peor and Ashtoreth Worship

Notice the OREO COOKIE he is standing on. This is once again the Black on White Illuminati encoding. This guy may look black on the outside but he is as white as that Oreo filling on the inside working for his Illuminati handlers. Also note the spinning “WORMHOLE” of women. Another signature of Baal-Peor on a 5D level. The Spiral Portal. It was also the way Lucifer found his way “IN” by perpetrating the  “Fall of Mankind” through the beguiling of the wOman through  Her Orifice.

Postscript> Note the PB letters on the Insignia. An Illuminati reversal reference to BP or Baal Peor. The Lord of the Opening.