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5/10/14-YaHuWaH is in the Whirlwind- Kansas City Get Ready!

Kansas City Police were complicit in the abduction of Baby Lisa Irwin by aiding and abetting the CIA/DARPA and by covering for the handyman that took the child out of the home and arresting him on other charges, giving him a false alibi.

The Mob Doesn’t Rule.

YaHuWaH does.

Kansas City needs to REPENT.


12-1-13 Baby Lisa Irwin Update- FBI Lead!! “ISIS” parenting groups!

Anything connected to ISIS should be a red flag in dealing with the Lisa Irwin case. Here we have an Illuminati “Parenting” company infiltrating the Satanically owned Boston Hospital Systems and preying on the unsuspecting public at large. These people are evil folks. Illuminati Witches. Get your children away from this crap…Lisa may have been taken here by a surrogate handler for training. It’s a front group to get real familiar with your children. It’s how these Satanists operate.