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Bruno who? Giordano Bruno- New World Order Laureate

We all know who Mars/Aries was. The god of WAR. Bruno Mars gets his name from these two entities. He was used to usher in the ritual magic to establish the NWO Global Plan using hermetic magic to do so. Giordano Bruno was a Hermetic magician. Here we have the Peace/War Dialectic being played out by the Illuminati Kabbalists to implement their NWO agenda. His descendant, Lori Bruno, is still alive here in the United States and is considered the “Grandmother of all Witches” ┬áin the United States. She has ties to NASA.

They want your KIDS, folks… This is about MASS MIND CONTROL. Bruno was a master adept at MEMORY Manipulation.

See my post on the MUSES- mNEMOsyne. (MNEMOSYNE-The art of memory magic).