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What is the Hegelian Dialectic? Mass Mind Control Techniques. PAX- the latest false flag operation of the NWO.

The Illuminati plays both sides of a problem that THEY cause. They then tout their “Savior”  or legislation as a solution to the problem. In this way, they corral the masses into the programming that they intended from the get go, letting the masses think they have made a “CHOICE” in the matter when in reality they had NO Choice. It was scripted from the onset.

The Pax Storm is the latest False flag setup by the NWO geo-engineers. Let’s see what “program” they try to implement  after this, that will control your civil liberties. Shut down the roads?? For your SAFETY?? Ration food? Bring in the federalized National Guard? They will CREATE a shortage to implement re-distribution most likely or control your free movement when storms are BREWING…

Storms that they BREW by the way…

The Warlocks are hard at work… Coming to a town near you!

Postscript> For this teaching your MUST READ THROUGH the previous three posts  and the Illuminati slave Pax Vaporizer demo to get the proper perspective on what is going on and what the NWO folks are doing.