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8/1/14- Message to the Elect of YaHuWaH- The Signs of the Times

A timely message for the Elect from Minister Bennett. Ye are the children of LIGHT.

Wrap up for 6-16-23 It’s Coffee Time! (Ephesians 5:14)

coffe cup

I wanted to tie up some loose ends as to where we are at right now. As we have seen from all the Illuminati lies being fabricated on our National media you can see that we are in the GREAT DELUSION period in the Book of Revelation. Even I get caught up in their lying stories from time to time. The NSA spying story about Verizon is the latest one out there. Of course they are spying on us and have been for eons. They have alien technology to do so. They have also propagated their false RA  LEGIONS on the unsuspecting public to draw millions into perdition. The whole culture—-at least in the USA is Babylonian. We were raised in it and have not ever had anything but living under their MATRIX whore beast system.

That’s not to say that YaHuWaH’s arm (THE BRANCH) is too short to deliver you. It’s not. It’s up to you and your relationship with Him. I’ll tell you what though, He is a VERY JEALOUS Elohim. He will not tolerate any false idols in your life including family members, spouse, friends. job. money, whatever occupies the majority of your time. I’ve been having to travel here recently and it throws me off with GOD and I don’t like that. Nothing compares to being in His presence and learning at his feet. I guess that’s why thousands thronged to see and hear his son YaHushuWaH as he was the embodiment of the Father.

In my most recent posts, I’ve been working with His Mazzaroth to try to identify the Four Horseman of Revelation. Now mind you these four are servants perpetuating evil -they are NOT ELECT of  YaHuWaH. They are workers of iniquity for His divine plan. They are the fallen angels that will bring about the changes associated with each one we read about in Revelation. Thus far I have identified three of them. Barrack Husain Obama, The Dalai Lama, and Angelina Jolie.  These three represent the Watchers from the West, East, and South, respectively. We still have not worked on the North Watcher yet. Obama is a Muslim, The Dalai Lama is a Tibetan Buddist, and Jolie is a Satanist. They all serve Ha Satan collectively. Jolie is an interesting character being a prime example of how Lucifer can pose as an angel of light. He was very beautiful,  you know.

The three’s main message is World Peace contrary to what YaHuWaH proclaims. They want peace under the United Nations Beast System which they work for and promote. Obama of course is a war monger so this is a total lie. The three are most likely hybridized cloned persons without human souls. There is no Salvation for them because they aren’t human.

Not everybody can be saved you see…If they are not HUMAN- Ha Adam– they are a different RACE Genetically. When YaHuWaH took out the earth the last time there was only Noah and his family that had not been genetically altered. There now remains just a REMNANT on the earth once again. The 144,000. That’s it. It doesn’t mean we are all Jews either. We aren’t now. Originally we were from the 12 tribes bloodlines but after Nebachenezzar dispersed those Israelites we were scattered all over the world. You could be one of his ELECT 144,000 and not even be “religious” or a JEW.  You’d have to be able to SEE THROUGH the Lies though. The ELECT can not be deceived. It’s not possible according to scripture. It will be close though. YaHuWaH has to keep slapping me awake and reminding me it isn’t real. It’s a hard pill to swallow. (Remember Neo in the Matrix?)

So where do we go now from here? Well YaHuWaH has it in for the ISLES I was told. I didn’t realize how many cultures and religions in the world are on islands. It was mind blowing. So many you can hardly count them. But HE CAN. These are the SEA PEOPLES, I was told and there is some connection to them and the Pelasgians. These are the Dagon, Marduk, fish worhippers that YaHuWaH hates. The Mer People (Mermaids, Furies, Sirens) fitted into this category as well.  Hollywood  touched on this with the movie ARGO and the Disney “Little Mermaid”. Argo was the name of the ship that Jason and the Argonauts sailed on to get to  the GOLDEN FLEECE. There is a connection here with this one and the Angelina Jolie Black Horsewoman but I don’t yet understand how the Fish worship (Poseidon, Dagon, Triton, etc..) connects to the BLACK HORSE. The balances she carries has to do with FAMINE. Here we have FISH and a BLACK HORSE in one character. POSEIDON?  Pisces Austrinus was the mouth of the GREAT FISH and Fomalhaut is the star signifying that Watcher from the South. It’s still a mystery to me but it will enravel here as we move into it more. Semiramis/Demeter/Ceres, of who Jolie is the incarnate,  was a child of one of these gods. I think it was Cronus. Her child Persephone was taken from her to the underworld and stolen by Hades. She is the Babylonian QUEEN OF HEAVEN that YaHuWaH detests.  She is the goddess of AGRICULTURE. She is a pawn here to play a role. Ultimately, they are all working to bring about YaHuWaH’s divine plan.

He is OUR CREATOR and our JUDGE. Peace is not in the equation… Sorry. We had our chance…

Well, I just wanted to try to let you know where YaHuWaH is taking us here by exposing what is going on. Don’t believe anything you see on TV. Radio is bad too, but you can find some truth there still.  Hollywood will let you know in advance what they are focusing on. I think their big thing now is the Transhumanism agenda as they know their time is running out and they want immortality now at any price. Their destiny is Hell (Sheol),  as they all sold out to Satan to get the fame and fortune here in this lifetime.  Well time’s about up…It’s 11:58pm.  Are you going to wake up and smell the coffee?

YaHuWaH’s in the kitchen and he’s got a cup with your name on it!

Get out of bed and go have a cup with HIM.

Arise O Sleeper! (Eph5:14)