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Jerusalem Here We Come!

abomination of desolation

YaHuWaH has been speaking to me about going to Jerusalem. Now I’m not rich Okay? I bought the guide book two days ago at Barnes and Nobles and I’m looking into it. I was talking to a realtor a while back as well, but it seems the land there is astronomically priced out of the ball park. We will however be given it once YaHuShuWaH returns, as it belongs to the ELECT.  At any rate, I’m going to try to maybe plan my first trip there for this summer. Now I also understand that we will be given a New Jerusalem at the end of the millennial reign here on Earth. A new heaven and a new Earth all together. That will be really something to see. In the meantime though, our home is Jerusalem according to the word of YaHuWaH. I know I’ve been pretty much a gypsy my entire life (A Levite probably) as we don’t have homes, and yet I’m a homey kind of person. I’m down to one storage unit full of furniture. Bare minimum right now, so if I need to go to Israel it won’t take much to discard or sell this stuff. That may be what’s going to happen. I don’t now yet. All’s I know is that time is running out, YaHuShWaH will be coming back in our lifetime and I want a front row seat when he does! How about you? I will keep you posted as to what I find out. I’ve always been a scout and have traveled extensively throughout my life. I’m also a good bargain shopper so if I find a nice locale where English speaking expats could gather that would be at the top of my list as well. Well, I will be traveling next week also, so I may not be on top of the blog like I should be. You have to understand that it is dangerous to talk about this stuff. They come after you when you do. I try to stay one step ahead of them as should you. It is a spiritual war. All I know right now is that Jerusalem will be coming to the forefront here soon and I’m supposed to be there. If you are interested in going to Israel you can email me at Maybe I’ll get a group together that wants to go this summer. Wouldn’t that be fun? Take care and I’ll keep you updated. Shalom.

The Word Of YHWH for 2/3/13 – Jeremiah 50:19



“And I will bring Israel again to his habitation, and he shall feed on Carmel and
Bashan, and his soul shall be satisfied upon mount Ephraim and Gilead”.

YaHuWaH is telling me to plan a trip to Israel. I’ve never been, but that has to be the closest place to heaven that we can be this side of his returning to the earth. Now I’m not interested in any canned tourist trap trip. I’d lke to go set up shop over there, as that is our true home that was promised to us as his ELECT.  Specifically, the area mentioned above in the book. I’d like to set up a farm over there possibly and a community for true believers so we don’t feel so isolated in this world. Even if you just wanted to come over for a week or two you could get a feel for the real homeland without all the artificial crap. I’m specifically gonna look into the Mt Ephraim, Mt Carmel areas around Bethel for doing this because this is where the word says we belong and this is where, I (Dvora),  also belong. Has anyone ever been to this area? I don’t believe this is your typical tourist trap itinerary. I would hire a private guide to scout the area with me and then offer up ideas to other investors who might be interested. I don’t even know if something like this is legal or viable but I’m going to look into it. This would be for English speakers who may want to eventually expatriate  to Israel. If you know Hebrew -GREAT! I don’t as of yet. I would require though, that you believe on Yahushuwah the Son of YaHuWaH if you want to be part of this community. I’m going to check with Kathleen Petticord of International Living to see what she knows about Israel. I took her expat course a while back, but nothing clicked for me with that. Some of you I’m sure have been to Israel. I haven’t in this lifetime but I’m sure I’ll recognize things if I were to go back. If anyone has been to this particular area (i.e. Mt Ephraim, Bethel, Ramah, Mt. Carmel, Gilead) please email me at I’d love to hear from you. I will most likely be setting up a website soon so that I can open an online business to help support my ministry as this is what YaHuWah is leading me to do. I would love to have a place we Endtime Elect  English speaking believers can call home for good. I’ve been a gypsy for way too long. How about you? Wouldn’t you love to retire in Israel? You’ll get a front row seat when our Savior returns!  How exciting is that? Shalom.