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Illuminati Whistleblower Donald Marshall on Human Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, and Microchipping

POSTSCRIPT> The Elect can NOT be KILLED folks. If you are an ELECT, you are an ETERNAL BEING chosen of YaHuWaH. This guy is an ELECT and he doesn’t know it, but they do! Like I said, they know us from birth. Most of us do have clones also. The ELECT are CREATIVE. These Vril beings do not have any Creativity. They can only copy. I myself am a MONARCH MK ULTRA and was used extensively as a sex slave for the Illuminati. I had my memory restored when I also got into my thirties. That is pretty universal. Like I said, the ONLY WAY OUT is through the DOOR OF YAHUWAH…THE WAY…Through his shed blood being grafted into our DNA. Our MESSIAH and SAVIOR, YaHushuWaH!