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Who is Michael? He is Here! Michael is Standing up!! (Boeing 777-Malaysian flight 370) is a sign from YaHuWaH.

Postscript>  DON’T CLICK THE BOX  IN THE VIDEO> There is about a 10 sec delay.
We all know that  there is no ” JESUS”  but rather our Prince’s  name is YaHuShuWaH and he was the human incarnation of Almighty YaHuWaH here on the earth in our history of Israel. His mouthpiece is the Arch Angel or Malak (messenger) “MICHAEL” or One who is like EL. The author of the video seems to think the two are one and the same. We do not.

He is in charge of the heavenly host and leads the war against Ha Satan as one of 7 Archangels or Malak.   Please review my post on MOAB. YaHuWaH has told me HE is here to take out MOAB prior to YaHuWaH’s  earthly appearance or 2nd coming during the Magog War which we will ALL witness in our near future. (next 12 years).

The 777  (fighting against 666) Boeing stolen airliner  Malaysian (MALAISE= initial feelings of SICKNESS)  FL 370 will be used for this purpose 370 days from the day it was taken.

Michael is here to protect the ELECT emissaries  (the 144,00) who are incarnated here to initiate the Endtime 2nd ? (NOT!) coming of  YaHuShuWaH Ha’ Mashiach. (He has been here more times than 2!)

He will not allow us to be taken out by directed Microwave Electronic Satellite RF chip technology warfare which was invented and patented  by  FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTORS along with Vatican/DARPA financial and DEMONIC dragon  technological backing.

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED and YAHUWAH will not be defeated.