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The “Bright” Morning Star VS the Daystar

SiriusThe KJV has really created a lot of confusion around this issue mixing up Satan and Jesus and leading people to believe that they might be one and the same. HEAVEN FORBID!! First off, the term “LUCIFER” just means shining one so there are MANY LUCIFERS out there both Good and Bad. That is why we are to try the spirits to see if they are of OUR Elohim. In order to do this, you need to know THE WORD-(Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach), and more importantly you need to know how to rightly divide it. SATAN knows the Word! It’s a good idea to get out of the habit of saying Luciferian meaning the Devil. HA SATAN, as well, is a COLLECTIVE of the 72 fallen angels which where originally cast down to the earth, inbreeding with human females and starting their own serpent seedline. Yahushuwah refered to the evil one as SATAN so we should do so also. Now the hebrew words used describing the two beings-one good and the other evil, are two different words. The one for SATAN means DAYSTAR or dawn bringer. The greeks referred to him as PHOSPHORUS. It is the planet Venus.In the evening Venus can also be seen and the greeks referred to this as Hesperus or VESPERS. This is SATAN worship. The Mayans also tracked VENUS.
On the contrary, the BRIGHT morning star is the brightest star in the sky…ALWAYS.
It is SIRIUS. It is a real STAR, not a planet. Venus being closer just gives us the ILLUSION of being the brightest. SATAN is an ILLUSIONIST-hence the master of the MATRIX.
He is the TRICKSTER or MAGICIAN if you understand Tarot. The Heirophant is the TRUE ROYAL PRIEST in the major ARCANA. Sirius is the DOG STAR also. The great HUNTER (constellation ORION) has the dog at his heels. His faithful servant. Sirius is actually a binary star system. Sirius A and B. I believe the other represents the Ruach Hakodesh, which has given her light now to the body of believers. Sirius B was the larger of the two originally (SOPHIA? TIAMAT? Queen of heaven?)and supposedly exploded millions of years ago and is now a white dwarf. Sirius A is our Meshiach. The one and only BRIGHT MORNING STAR. I hope this helps clear up the CONFUSION. We KNOW who the author of that is! Selah.

12-21-12 The End of an Aeon-not the End of the WORLD

Yahuwah’s galaxy is a giant time clock. Everything is cyclical. We are now past the eleventh hour and on friday we will be starting over. The clock is going to be reset. Time’s up! From what I have been researching the electromagnetic poles will shift. Depending on what side of the equator your on, you should have 3 days of darkness (North America) or three days without darkness. (South America). This is due to our  sun releasing a solar flare from the gravitational pull of the galactic alignment. This alignment has NEVER OCCURED BEFORE in the history of the planet. Sirius will complete it’s procession of the equinoxes and will be in direct alignment with earth and all of our planets and also with the star Alceon which is the sun that our sun orbits in our milky way galaxy.  (Yes our sun moves.. duh they never taught us that in school) This could be very devastating and the earth could actually stop rotating and then reverse directions after 3 days!  You will either lose your memory or regain past life memory and knowledge. We are electromagnetic beings. Without any magnetism you will be totally disoriented. Up will be down, etc…The sun will rise in the west and set in the east. There could be mass earthquakes, volcanoes, grid failure, and reactor meltdowns. This could be hell on earth essentially. Mass hysteria.  I’ve been praying for the Lord’s mercy for our country but I feel we are pretty much toast as a nation and rightly so. He has sealed his elect and we will not be harmed if and when these catastrophies let loose. I keep going into denial about this as much as the next person. I hope this won’t happen but history says it will and so does the bible.  The troops have been preparing for this and they know what’s coming. They just aren’t telling us. The pulse releases protons that can melt the core-just like they showed us in the movie 2o12. I do not feel there will be a flood however because Yahuwah promised he would never flood the earth again with the rainbow as his covenant. These Ark people are off base I feel. Yahuwah can do what he wants and how he wants to do it. He does mention fire and brimstone, wormwood, plagues, a whirlwind, earthquakes, and hail though. But NO FLOOD. He does say the waters will be turned to blood in some cases though and will be BITTER. (i.e contaminated). Sunamis could be on the coastal areas but this is not a flood per se.  What is a life without TIME? What will that look like? There are no plans, constraints,  goals, schedules, jobs, electricity, phones, etc.. You just ARE. You just exist. Hello? What will you do? How will you survive?. The only way you survive something like this is to utterly depend on YaHuWaH for everything. Not your church, your family, your friends, the government … NOBODY… It’s just you and HIM. Can you stand in his presence? Will you be found worthy to do so? Let’s pray that you are. Father I ask that anyone reading this blog be found worthy to withstand the evil that is coming upon the face of the earth and that you will cover them with your wings as you told me you would me. He has promised to protect and  feed us in this desert for we are his spiritual Israel.  The pre-trib rapture is a lie. You better get on your knees. -Selah.