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Yom Kippur- Oct 3rd sundown -Oct 4th sundown – A Holy Day of Fasting

Time to Meet with YaHuWaH- Board Meeting called- Sept 13th-14th Yom Kippur.

yom kippur

Tonight begins the holiest of days- The Day Of Atonement. Most will have a huge feast this afternoon prior to the 24 hour fast which begins at sundown tonight through Sat Night sundown. This is a time of refection and true repentance towards YaHuWaH and where we have fallen short of his Torah Instructions for our lives. Boy, was my life a mess. I can see now how I went with the flow of society and got messed up with the NORMAL way of doing things. Being a Christian for over 30 years for one before he pulled me out of that LIE.  This is not a JEWISH HOLIDAY! This is a YaHuWaH holiday. If you love God and know his name and honor Him, then you should Honor his command to meet at this time with Him. There is nothing more awesome in my book than spending time with HIM.

If you can’t spend 24 hours with God, then how the hell do you think you’ll want to spend eternity with him. Hum?  YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO! You won’t belong there! Salvation is only for His CHILDREN. It is not for everybody. If you are not one of HIS CHILDREN then you need not apply or worry about Yom Kippur.

I plan to read the book of Jonah tonight. Why don’t you join me? This was a guy who tried to run away from YaHuWaH to do his own thing. He was stuck in the belly of a great FISH for three days and nights. Well you better get the heads up about this one, because the three days of darkness is right around the corner. The FISH symbolizes mystery Babylon, as well, as we have been talking about Nimrod and Semiramis who are alive and well on planet earth. The FISH also represents  our pagan Christian society which is based on these pagan Greco-Roman and thereby Babylonian beliefs and practices.  YaHuWaH would have destroyed Nineveh right then and there if Jonah hadn’t gone and warned them.  Jonah actually gets pissed because He doesn’t.  Well you can read it for yourself, and I’m sure YaHuWaH will have something just for you if you do! He’s so awesome.

Curl up in your pajamas with your bible and have a pajama party with God!

It’s the most fascinating time you can have, when He begins to talk to you and show you the great mysteries of His Universe.

Don’t be late  tonight!    YaHuWaH will be  waiting!

Maranatha & Shalom.