11-14-12 Lunch is served…

I’ve been traveling the past three days trying to find my niche with the LORD most High. I actually met a true believer today in the mountains of NC no less! Way off the beaten path …but YaHuWaH has our footsteps ordered. It’s so neat to see this working in action. At any rate I’m settled in tonight now by the fire listening to brother Zeph Daniel’s  report for today. I thoroughly enjoy listening to him so keep up the good work brother Zeph. (The Zeph Report). I watched the history channels “The Men that made America” last night. It was a really informative show about  Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, Vanderbuilt, and Henry Ford and how they made their fortunes. They truly were astute capitalist business men, but they took the other extreme being totally unchecked by anyone. It was amazing the wealth they accumulated and how they battled against each other with a healthy spirit of competition to out do each other and one up each other. It really was what made us great as a nation. They were able to raise huge sums of money and had no government regulations at all to contend with. They did as they pleased basically. Maybe our government needs to realize that they need to back off small businesses so that this country can flourish. I just went through this myself with my company in GA as I got regulated right out of business so I couldn’t compete with the state and municipal government. Government is taking over everything so that we can’t make a living. They are getting into all kinds of businesses such that the individual can’t compete. Ya can’t beat City Hall ring a bell? We need to dismember City Hall in my book.
We need to do away with NON-PROFITS all together. What a scam. There is no such thing as a NON-PROFIT or they wouldn’t be able to stay open.PERIOD. Municipalities are another scam. they don’t pay taxes either. Well there’s NO FREE LUNCH and quite frankly I’m sick of paying for your fricking LUNCH. Make your own damn Lunch.
Well on a spiritual level now we need our daily bread. Especially now. I really need to spend MORE time with Yahushuwah than I do. It’s like my favorite thing to do and I look forward to seeing what He is going to show me today. I need to feed on the WORD our FOOD. Hell our physical food is noxious now and toxic to us for the most part. I can’t even eat most of it or I throw up lately. What the hell are they putting in it? I just sent for a new weight loss program called primal burn. It’s probably a scam, but I do believe the hormones and fructose corn syrup and sugar in the food now are like poison to us and account for a good deal of it. I think even the bottled water has shit in it also. I know the plastic does. It’s pathetic and supernaturally EVIL. I remembered that Satan tempted Yahushuwah to turn stones into BREAD. I guess the Matrix is REAL. They both knew that reality could be manipulated to serve either one side or the other. Nothing is set in “stone”. haha…literally. I guess that’s where praying over our food makes sense because we are infusing spirit into the food and changing it biochemically to produce energy for us even if it’s a piece of crap on the plate. It makes it GOOD in our own eyes for us. Well I need to settle in and get some MEAT and chomp on the Word of YHWH.  I haven’t really eaten in a few days and I’m starved!

Bon apetite!

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