The Resurrection Of Yahushuwah and Apoptosis- How HE did it..

Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach conquered DEATH. We all know the story of the resurrection. Well I am a medical professional by trade. I am doing my continuing education for my licensure this year on IMMUNOLOGY. Cells can die via TWO PATHWAYS. When most people die normally the cell pathway is NECROSIS. The cell becomes polluted with its own TOXINS and the cells NECROSE. The chemistry changes so that life can no longer be supported. The cells BURST and irreversible tissue damage ensues. On the contrast APOPTOSIS can cause cell death also but it is much cleaner. The cell  just gets encapsulated and then eaten by phagocytic cells or macrophages. They are not ruptured. Well what if they can then be regurgitated? Kind of like Jonah in the Whale but on a microscopic level? The cells are still intact as are the contents. No matter or chemistry is lost. It was just moved and put in a holding tank..i.e. macrophage. If the Macrophage doesn’t destroy it it could theoretically be retrieved at a later time! Scientists are spending billions of dollars studying these pathways… Well now we know why!! Can they find the key to eternal life? Can they conquer death as our Savor has? I was told THE KEY. When Christ spoke about VIRGINS he is not talking about sex AT ALL.. He is talking about BIOCHEMISTRY!!!! Virgin B and T cells. These cells are fundamental to these pathways. VIRGIN cells have never been activated for any specific pathways. They are VIRGINS. They will follow the SIGNAL biochemically that is triggered in their receptors on their cell surface.When ACTIVATED they will respond with the correct arrangement and follow a cascade of biochemical reactions. ( MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE). Only the true virgins that possess the ability to “HEAR” the signaling will comply and follow the pathway… THE WAY… Isn’t YaHuWaH AMAZING?? These dumb ass scientist actually think they will be able to TRUMP GOD. How any of them can actually blatantly deny HIM is Blasphemous. They KNOW he exists and that they are REJECTS!!! That is why they are desperately trying to find the WAY and manipulate it to their advantage. There is a also a Memory Cell component in the body’s immune system that recognizes previous cell invaders and TAGS them for DESTRUCTION before they can get their grips in and hurt the healthy cell. “I have ordained you from your mother’s womb” can be translated as I have provided you with an innate method of antibody recognition in your cells to fight off evil invaders that would seek to destroy you. YHWH has designed us to be DESTROYERS at the cellular level of TOXIC invaders to both our own bodies and the world at Large. There is no conflict between science and creation. The only conflict comes from those who are not and never will be equipped to pursue THE WAY because they lack the VIRGIN CELLS that will be signaled by the Masters VOICE at his second coming and thus initiating our RESURRECTION into our eternal and glorified bodies just as He did 2000 years ago!! Selah.

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