What is a mikvah?

The Most High Elohim has had me doing this ritual bathing every night since I switched to Messianic Judaism back in August. I didn’t even know why I was doing it and I came across this word about it in Judaism. I recently quit mainstream Christianity and came out of the whore 501c3 Babylon church system. I now worship on Saturday and even lost my job over it. At any rate, it’s supposed to be done for priestly purification, conversion to Judaism, and for BRIDES before their wedding night! How cool is that? If you touch a dead or menstruating person is another reason, also or if anyone has a plague. Well those three didn’t apply for me personally. It’s supposed to be a natural running stream (the water needs to be moving and not stagnate) but I don’t have access to that, so I’m in the bath tub pretty much every night. It does seem to be helping me to heal on a lot of different levels.

We talked about the Ruach HaKodesh being the river of Life recently or the wellspring of life. I wanted to explore these wells some more as this was a super big deal to the ancient jews. There are wells all over the holy land. Supposedly, the “Fountain of Life” originated in the Garden of Eden. Well we know that the Logos is the Water that washes & purifys us,  but the well that holds it and supplies the water is the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. The feminine aspect that is neglected in the KJV. That’s right. That’s a SHE. The Holy Grail or cupbearer. The WELLSPRING. I’ve been getting a lot of Rhema about the walls and wells lately (see my past posts). YaHuWaH is rebuilding the Holy temple as we speak. The New YaruSalem. There is something to that Mt. Gerizim also I believe. I think the Samaritans are some of  the actual original descendents (see the Samaritan Pentateuch). The whole Levitical/Aaronic Priesthood thing, has holes and flaws in it, is too legalistic,  and is run by the Masons/Mormons,  I think. Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach called them out on it as well,  calling them a brood of vipers and the devil’s children. Funny, how He talked to Samaritans and spent time with them and even wrote the parable about the GOOD SAMARITAN. He’s telling us -hey- these literally  are the good guys here… (He steered clear of the religious clans also even during his time and they hated him)


I just feel the WELLS are very significant and if I get more revelation on this I will continue to share it.

Be a sparrow and dive right in. The water is refreshing!

(Aren’t they adorable?)

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