Rolling in the Deep

This is sorcery. She is dressed as a witch. She is sitting in front of the Veil (The Holy of Holies) and the sea of glass.  We have the spirit dancer in the next scene (Kokopeli) drawing the circle to invoke the spirits. We see the centaur archer in the hieroglyphs and the miniature table model of Sodom and Gomorah? being set on fire. (The pillars of salt). The Shroud of Turin is tacked to the wall.  She is the Whore of Babylon who is wanton because her lover (The Christ) did not choose her, despite her seductions. They could have had it all. Instead he has beat her despite the scars he has on his hands. She has sown to the world system and he has not. He has given her to the BEAST.  (she says beat=beast).  Notice the water vibrating representing the crystalline matrix of harmonics used in the magic. Smashing of glassware is also indicative of mirror magic. Is also represents the smashing of the potter’s vessels ie. US ! We are his workmanship made from clay vessels. There’s huge imagery and subliminal messages here. See what else you can find!
P.S. Ms. Adele is none other than DREW BARRYMORE! Man is the public stupid….

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