Gilgal= “Rolling in the Deep”- The word of YaHuWaH for 12/9/12

It’s all starting to be made clear to me. Gilgal was/is a portal. The Ark of the Covenant opened it up by being encamped there in the tabernacle. Gilgal means rolling away, to encircle, or a whirlwind. This was and is very high technology. YaHuWaH traveled in a whirlwind by day and pillar of fire by night with the Israelites. It’s becoming more clear to me that He was using scalar wave technology. The references to “rolling” such as rolling away the stone at the tomb were done using frequencies and harmonics. So was the resurrection. So was the parting of the seas.  So was the construction of the pyramids. Joshua was told to encircle Jericho six times and on the 7th time to sound the trumpets. They had managed to set up a wave pattern by their marching. YaHuWah knew that after the pattern had been set up, that  by throwing that last surprise frequency in the mix it would upset the harmonics and cause the collapse seeing as everything is vibrating in space at its own frequency. The references to pillars are the” walls” I was being given information about in my earlier posts.  When He constructs a portal from a higher dimension, there is a surrounding layer that forms a wall electromagnetically. It’s like a force field. The angels (and demons)  are able to come through the hole that is formed in the interior of the tunnel or “wormhole”.  The Hadron collider at Cern is trying to duplicate this. Satan has to copy or steal from YaHuWaH. He is incapable of creation on his own.  Wormwood is HIS COPY. He is wrecking havoc creating black holes in the planet causing destructive consequences.  The Satanists know this and they don’t care.  They are “Rolling Dice in the Deep”. They know time is almost up.  The song has very DEEP SPIRITUAL connotations and that’s why is sends shivers in you and hits the primordial instinctive level and speaks to all of us.  The DEEP is not water… It’s SPACE… It’s our galaxy… It’s also our SOUL…Our Collective Consciousness . The song is actually an affront to Yahushuwah who is the one who gave  it all up..i.e… the Material World…. The Matrix…to Redeem  your Lost Souls…Souls that are being scalped and harnessed and beaten. On a universal scale, the deep is the center of the milky way galaxy. On 12-21-12 we will be in THE DEEP. Will a portal be opened for good or evil? What’s happening deep within you? Are you prepared to Meet your Maker?  Rolling in the deep goes to the core of our very being! Hold on cause this “Space Mountain” roller coaster ride is about to take off!

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