The Census- 1 Chronicles 21


SATAN=CENSUS. Everytime we see this being done in the bible it’s not a good thing. I have recieved 3 of these damn things this year prying into my businesses. Asking very personal questions about income, equipment, employees, etc. This is part of the TI harassment we discussed earlier. Satan  wants to know, so he can DESTROY you and STEAL from you! In the book of Chronicles, David had to REPENT for taking a census which SATAN put him up to! Once Satan has this knowlege about you, his familiar spirits can get to work to try to undermine your success and EXPLOIT YOU. Knowledge is POWER.  It’s what the parasites do best. Like I said, they NEED YOU to feed off of!! They need your person, your talent, your income, your livelihood, your very soul in order for them to have a reason to exist! YaHuWaH does not want ANYONE keeping score on you! That’s why SATAN was labeled the accuser of the brethren. He has to stick his f’ing nose in your business and smear, defame, steal, and extort you to gain his power on earth! Fortunately, Joab saw the error in David’s decision and exempted the Levite priests and Benjamites from the count w/o telling David. He knew it wasn’t the will of YaHuWaH. David got to choose his punishment. ( Who says YaHuWah doesn’t bring sickness?) He struck them with a pestilence over three days and allowed 70,000 people to die for this offense. He sent an angel to do this and would have killed even more, but HE had compassion on them and stayed the sword of the destroyer angel. It was after this and at this very site- a THRESHING FLOOR, that David decided to build an alter to YaHuWaH for HIS MERCY.  He paid the man in gold to confiscate all his belongings and business and took over the premises to claim the land as sacred and to  pay homage to YaHuWaH.  This location was the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite,  and to this day this is where the Temple Mount supposedly lies and where Soloman’s palace was later built.  Shalom

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