All is vanity- Ecclesiastes Chap 1.

life__s_a_stage_by_painted_bees-d4fkxeoSeeing as I’ve been out of work I decided to clean out my file folders. Kinda tidy up my life and get my self in order. Well what a bunch of BS I wasted 40 years of my life on! I went through mortgage papers, school transcripts, doctors reports, bills, loans, etc… an endless mountain of crap. The Preacher got it right. It’s ALL VANITY… a waste of our precious time!

Furthermore it’s all a REPEAT! Hello?? There is NOTHING, I say NOTHING new under the sun! Microchips, spaceships, stealth, cell phones, computers, genetic engineering etc…The WORD says its all been done BEFORE. It says our memory has been wiped clean so we can’t remember it. Well I do… I have past life memory.

The WORD says the sons of man have a JOB to do here! I found my calling… and YOURS!! We are to seek wisdom concerning all the things that are being done under heaven. PERIOD. That is our calling. (v.13.). The bene elohim (the ELECT) are here to EXPERIENCE SORE TRAVAIL on the earth to exercise the manifestation of wisdom. The crooked will NEVER be made straight. (so much for leading some sinner to GOD) and that which is wanting (lacking wisdom) will not be numbered (among the ELECT). Grief and Sorrow in your life are in direct proportion to the amount of Wisdom and Knowledge you possess. Hallelu YAH! I’m really pretty fricking miserable these days acording to the world’s standards and yet I’m closer to Yahushuwah than I’ver ever been.

The bene elohim (ELECT) are angelic beings here to gather WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE so that we can administer Justice during these End Times. My Life is over here on Earth. The Mayans did hit it right. I have awakedned to the realization of who I am and why I’m here…FINALLY. I have NO FUTURE HERE. PERIOD. Other than to Expose evil, and Radiate and proclaim TRUTH that is why we are here. WE ARE THE RESTRAINERS. We are absorbing negative energy from the planet to aid the cyclical transition between AEONS. It blows my mind that it took me 57 years to figure this shit out. The MATRIX keeps us so damn BUSY and entertained that we don’t figure out what’s going on. It is all a stage and we are the players. I guess that’s why the Greeks and Romans were so into theatre. Thay had access to better records and books than we do! WE are in the DARK AGES here!

So where do we go from here? Well I’m heading for the HILLS! Literally. I feel this is the word for the ELECT to get alone with our Elohim and work on your healing and direct relationship with HIM and he definitely said HIGH PLACES or HIGHLANDS so we might be seeing some more coastal devastation here shortly. No worries. YaHuWaH has our back if you are his Endtimelect. Shalom.

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